Sunday, December 8, 2013

Will you shoot Americans?

.  Will you shoot Americans? My friends, as a nation we are being degraded...militarily, economically, and morally.  What I say is what I believe...but cannot prove, unless it's documented somewhere.  So, here's a few things you may not know or want to believe: you've heard about the massive purchases of ammunition by the Department of Homeland Security, and it's been mentioned by me.  Any idea why they need all that ammunition?  First, you'll be told that it's for training purposes...and that's a lie.  The bulk of the ammunition purchased was for hollow-point bullets which are made that way for one purpose and one purpose inflict as much damage to whatever it hits, as possible.  Depending upon the source you listen to, the DHS purchased enough ammunition for a 30 year war, or another source will say that they have enough bullets to shoot every man, woman and child in the United States ten times!
Still another report will tell you that they bought up all that ammunition so that private citizens would not have it, when push came to shove, and the government started rounding up all the now-disarmed civilians.  The American population is the most-armed population in the world and if people are smart, they will have been salting away ammunition for whatever guns they possess.  My purchases, for the weapons I own, are enough to hold off marauders, if it comes to that.  A theory put forth is that some sort of "event" will take place, the president will declare martial law, suspend the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and other documents that restrict the powers of government.
            The current president, according to my thinking, wants to be president-for-life, or king, or some other title that will keep him in office until he completely destroys this country.  The military, as has been reported, is being deliberately purged of any high-echelon officers that will not follow orders...especially if that order is to fire on American civilians.  The old saying, where's there's smoke there's fire is applicable in this situation.  There's just too many former high-ranking officers telling the same stories.  They have been fired or relieved of command because they didn't pass the so-called litmus test.  Are you old enough to remember what December 7th 1941 was?  If you do remember, then you also remember that America was the fortress for the free world.  We made things, great things, for war, and then for peace.  That is being threatened now by the current president who has a not-so-secret agenda to make this country into something resembling Iran or Somalia. 
            Maybe this is just the ramblings of an old man who remembers what America was like.  In truth, I may be an alarmist, or a conspiracy-theorist, but for my own well-being, I'll make sure that I err on the side of common sense and that common sense tells me that something is taking place...something that I don't like to think about, but I must...and maybe you should be thinking about it too.
            Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A present for the American people.

A present for the American people.
            As we head into the holiday season, it seems only right that the American people get a present.  After all, they have been giving, these last couple of decades and, really haven't been getting much back for their investment.  Maybe it's just my imagination at work again, but it seems as though, during World War Two, we were king of the hill, and it's been going downhill from that point on.  So, let's think about what we, as Americans, could give ourselves, as a present.  What would we want?   Certainly we want peace in the world...but are we going to get it?  The short answer is no, and the short reason is two words...greed and power, and so long as those remain as desirable to some people, the world will not be at peace.  Oh, wait a minute...there is ONE solution to that.  Islam.                                                                                
Islam, the religion of peace, says that the world will be at peace when it is the one remaining theology in the world.  Unfortunately, in order to achieve that peace, they will have to murder a goodly portion of the population of the world.  They have been at that task for almost 1400 years and during that time they have brought peace to regions merely by slaughtering all of the inhabitants of that region...and those that they did not slaughter, they made slaves of them.  What civilized society deems to be heinous crimes are condoned by their holy book, the Quran.  As far as I know the other big-time religions have made modifications down through the ages, so that they would be in keeping with the times.  Not so Islam.  The book, as written by their prophet, is proclaimed perfect and therefore nothing in it can be matter how much it goes against modern mores.
What else would the American people want as a present?  How about a return to “the good old days”?  That’s not possible, since we don’t have time travel…yet.  However, there ARE things that we could bring forth, again, from those days…things like patriotism, industry, trust in government.  Let’s look at these things for a bit.  It makes me cringe when I hear from so-called singers absolutely demolishing the national anthem.  If they cannot sing it, as it was written, and as it should be sung, then turn down the request.  How many people anymore get tears in their eyes when they hear a good rendition of America The Beautiful, or when the flag passes by?  Why are we more interested in sports than science?  Where are the mental giants that we will need to survive in this century?
            As I said, during World War Two, we were king of the hill.  We supplied arms to our friends, all over the world, and with their help, we defeated two of the best military groups in the world at that time.  We made things…good things, things that the rest of the world wanted.  We had the best workers, building the best things, dreaming up the best things to sell to the rest of the world.  Now, “made in the USA” is a rarity, and it doesn’t make any difference whose name is on the product.  Now, if we want to make things, and I’m pretty sure we do, and we can…those jobs are not around.  We have become a part-time nation, and that’s a sad commentary on America.   It seems to me that a little common sense, and plain talk, would go a long way to straightening out the road we’re on. 
Trust in government?  Not now, and the general feeling of distrust has been growing for a long time.  Presidents, administrations, members of congress, judges…all have been slowly, but surely, rotting on the vine.  That sort of rottenness doesn’t happen overnight, or even during one or two terms, but so long as we have “career” politicians that rottenness will continue to develop.  The old saying is that a fish rots from the head down…does that suggest anything to you?  It was Sir Walter Scott, way back in the 1800’s who said “oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”.  Think about that.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

If you are reading this, pay particular attention to this, from the Declaration of Independence: "...that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among those are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  ...that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it and to institute new government...".  So, take a moment and think about that.  Is the government treating us right?  Is the government looking out for our best interests?  Is the government sworn to protect us, and will they carry out that oath?      The man who occupies the White House, is he acting in the best interests of the United States?  Is he following the oath of his office, to defend this country against enemies foreign and domestic?  Have his actions strengthened, or weakened, the country? 
            My own opinions are that he is foreign-born, that he is working through an agenda, and being manipulated to bring about the downfall of this country, both economically and militarily.  The American people should strongly consider changing the government when election days roll around.  That's just one of the people's choices, and we should exercise it.  Career politicians, or ANY politician that puts party before country, should be ousted from his or her office.  Don't give me the story that every OTHER member of Congress is corrupt, but MINE is wonderful...that doesn't fly  anymore.  The voting record of any politician, especially members of the US Congress, should be available to any citizen, and THAT is when you find out where that person's loyalties lie.  There is a Latin phrase that some label as the unofficial motto of the US Navy and this is it; NON SIBI SED PATRIAE, and it means NOT SELF BUT COUNTRY.
            If you are honest with yourself, you know that Americans will never give up their guns.  You know that part-time work doesn't pay what full-time work paid, and that more and more Americans are HAVING to go part-time because of actions taken by the government.  You know that our armed forces are facing deep cuts, in personnel and equipment...both of which are having disasterous effects.  You know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if we don't turn the country around, we are going the way of France and England...once major players in world politics, now something much less.  You know that the dollar is in trouble around the world because our government does not know how to handle money...they didn't learn that lesson as children because they were not brought up in a time of want.  People in congress today, for the most part, grew up in an America that was strong and they are not prepared for what has been dropped on them.
            So, if you can't change America by yourself, find another person that thinks like you do...and tell them to find one.  One by one, and when you get to be a crowd, you CAN change things.  No, not a mob...a crowd, such as showed up in Washington during the shut-down.  One last thing; if you're honest with yourself, you know what has to be done...just do it.
Larry Usoff, U.S. Navy, Ret.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Some more random thoughts

   Some more random occurs to me that very few people get teary-eyed when the flag is carried by, or when a good rendition
of the National Anthem is sung.  Are we losing our heroes?  Being an emotional sort of person, it gets to me when it becomes necessary to talk about patriotic things.  There's no shame in having moist eyes on Veteran's Day, or Memorial Day, or if you visit a monument that holds some meaning for you.  Losing someone, anyone, is a crushing blow, and it is that much more horrific if it is a relative, and especially if it's a young relative.  Someone, and I don't know who, once said that it's young men that fight the wars that old men start.  Yeah, that's generally the case but perhaps with the advent of technology, it might turn out to be robots and drones.
            My father, who was a pretty smart guy even though he never got past third grade in formal school, used to say that you had to stand for something, or you would fall for anything.   That portion of this country that elected the president, twice, illustrate that perfectly.  They didn't stand for honesty, dignity, or patriotism...they fell for smooth talk, a cool-looking dude, and outrageous promises.  We were told that America was to be fundamentally changed, and that was about the only true thing the president ever said.  He told us exactly what he was going to do, and the electorate that fell for it is now not sure that they like the change that took place.
            One of the "freedoms" we enjoy, at least for the moment, is freedom of speech...but that is coming under fire...but I digress.  Everybody says you can't yell Fire in a crowded theatre, but that's not exactly true.  You may shout fire in a crowded theatre, but you better damn sure be ready for whatever happens after that.  So, in other words, you can say anything, but be responsible for the consequences.  As an example of how we might be losing that particular freedom, it seems that this president has an extremely thin skin and when detrimental things are said about him, no matter by who, he goes after them.   The so-called mainstream media is quick to label dissenters as racists, right-wing wackos, and the like.  You've heard me say this before...if the president's lips are moving, he's lying.  Period.
            A quick note about Obamacare.  The way it is set up, it's like the government are cowboys and they are herding the cattle(that's us) into a corral, and that corral is socialized medicine.  Once in the corral, you know what's going to happen...they'll be split up into smaller herds so they can be handled more easily.  Eventually, that cattle will probably be branded...but we'll call that as registering as a Democrat.   You should know that you can also consider that herd as illegal aliens and that they are destined to be given amnesty by a government that expects them to vote Democrat.   Simply put, Obamacare makes you pay more, for something you don't want, and you get less.  Period.
            I heard the other day that a couple more electric cars burned up.  I'm sure that sooner or later, and I believe it will be much later, electric cars will be perfected and they'll be able to charge up by plugging into an electric socket.  Ok, now let's go behind that plate on the wall and see where that electric power comes from.  In my estimation a large chunk of power plants are fueled by coal.  Kill the coal industry and you may be putting that electric car, and it's charging station, further down the road.  Nobody wants to get out from under the middle-east oil gangsters more than I why would we be killing off a power source that we have a lot of, in this country?  Why are we not opening up the pipeline from Canada, which is a friendly country, the last time I checked.
            One voice, even one as irritating as mine, doesn’t make a lot of difference overall, but, if you read this and agree with it, why don’t you get at least one other person to read it?  It’s a really simple plan, but eventually that voice will get louder and maybe, just maybe, we can put this country back on the right track.
Any comments?  We want to hear from you, to know what you think, so take a minute or two and send us a comment.  Thanks.
Larry Usoff USN, Ret

Monday, October 28, 2013

America...and reality.

America...and reality. 
            If anyone doubts that we have a person(or persons) in the Spite House, that have no grasp on reality, they only have to listen to what he says.   While the rest of the country is backing away from the so-called "Affordable" health care program, the The Snake-Oil-Salesman-In-Chief continues to be delusional about his government-dictated health care scheme and he's more than willing to throw millions of Americans under the bus to salvage his ObamaCare disaster.   Barack Obama took to the airwaves on Monday, the 21st of October, to address the problems with his health care scheme... but he didn't apologize... he didn't say he was sorry... he didn't even have the courage to admit his government takeover of health care is a disaster.   Calling ObamaCare a "good product" that is "exceeding expectations," he repeatedly lauded the phantom accomplishments of his scheme to destroy our nation's health care system and transform our great nation.          Even House Speaker John Boehner took notice: "If the president is frustrated by the mounting failures of his health care law, it wasn't apparent today. Americans are looking for accountability, but what the president offered today was little more than self-congratulation. Either the president doesn't grasp the scale of the law's failures or he doesn't believe Americans deserve straight answers."   Lately, it's been difficult for me to face reality when it came to some things, but this is reality, folks, and reality bites!
            Have you been following the emasculation of our armed forces?   We are getting down to the point where we'll have to do what they did prior to our entrance into World War Two.   Back then, the army was SO badly equipped that troops used broomsticks for rifles, and automobiles for tanks!  We may be a technologically wonderful military, but if you don't have people that can comprehend that troops need to train, need to have current equipment, then we're going to be the most-easily defeated technologically wonderful military on earth.   Get rid of the bean-counter mentality in the military.   Stop firing anyone that disagrees with you.  Be aware that we are spiralling downward...maybe into oblivion.  There was a time, and it wasn't that long ago, when the United States was looked up to as the best country on, we are almost universally despised, distrusted and disrespected.   It doesn't take a genius to see that we're facing a harsh reality...but the current administration would have you believe that everything is hunky-dory...and that's not reality.  Maybe we should question what WE think is reality, as opposed to what the government wants us to believe is reality...and, by the way, this trip into Never-never Land has been going on for a long time...maybe 40 years in my estimation.
            Here's another bit of reality for you; there are thousands and thousands of miles of roads in this country that are in desperate shape.  Add to that the hundreds of bridges that need to be replaced and you're looking at a LOT of construction work...enough to keep tradesmen in this country working for years!   So, you may ask, why isn't it being done?  Why aren't the tradesmen hard at work?  One of the answers may be that we don't have ENOUGH skilled tradesmen because that sort of work has been outsourced for years, so nobody here is going into those trades.   My working background includes a lot of years as a carpenter and in the remodeling business, and based on that experience, I can tell you that technology has almost killed off the craftsmen.   That could be a good reason why, when you call for a person to fix something, or build something, it really costs an arm and a leg!  Supply and demand, that's what runs the world, believe it or not.  If the supply for a skilled craftsman is low, and the demand is can bet the charges will reflect that.   Ask the folks that live in either the tornado alley or the hurricane path...when they go to get supplies, you can be sure that the prices have gone up, and will continue to go up until the supplies are exhausted.   That, my friends, is reality.
            As I said, reality bites, and since most of the country is now resigned to their "fate", don't look for a resurgence in patriotism, military prowess, integrity in government...none of it.  Wake up America, reality is calling.

Monday, October 21, 2013

WHAT HAPPENED? Some random thoughts.

 What happened?  Some random thoughts.
            Suppose the chief justice, John Roberts, had not cast his vote the way he did, on Obamacare.  Would we have the mess that this law has created?  Now, the question in my mind is...what do you suppose was the argument given to Roberts, that made him vote the way he did.  Someone once told me that it was a good thing to be in the middle on discussions…sort of straddling the fence.  Then, another person spoke up and said that if you straddle the fence you probably will get something up your butt.  Sounds logical to me.
            Even though, as a US Senator, the president was against things that he’s now FOR, people don’t seem to understand that…I wonder why that is?  Could it be that the “cool factor” overcomes all sorts of logic and integrity, and blinds some people to the obvious faults of the occupant of the Spite House?  At no time in my memory can I recall this country ever being against most of the things that made it great…oh wait, it’s not the country, it’s the administration.   The current occupant of the Spite House, is an incompetent, petulant, thin-skinned, narcissistic, lying, probably foreign-born, puppet, being manipulated in order to bring this country to its knees...and between apathy and ignorance, he will succeed.  THIS AIN’T MY AMERICA!
            What are they teaching in our schools today?  Obviously, geography, history, and penmanship are not being taught because if you ask college kids today about history they give you a blank stare.  Ask them to write something and you’ll get a printed message, sometimes with nonsensical abbreviations, because that’s what they use on texting!  Is it any wonder that our country is sinking to the level of a second, maybe even a third-tier, nation?  Cursive writing, which we old folks called handwriting or penmanship, isn’t being taught in a lot of American schools…and that’s sad, believe me.  Nothing is more welcome, at least to me, than a hand-written note of thanks or condolence.
            There’s something stupid going on in this country…well, actually there’s a lot of stupid things going on in this country, but a “trans-gendered” bathroom, where boys and girls use the same facility, in a high school, is just going beyond any sort of reason.  Political correctness is ruining this country!  Florence High School, in Florence, Colorado is allowing boys, who claim they are trans-gendered, to use the girls facilities, and the boy says his rights trump their privacy!  Where are the parents in this?  Where are the school officials in this?
Where is the common sense in this?  THIS AIN’T MY AMERICA!
            There seems to be an awful lot of high-echelon military officers that, for reasons unknown, have suddenly lost their minds and commit acts for which they get fired.  It strikes me as odd, because the ones that are left are sycophants to His Eminence, the president, the Muslim-in-chief, The Imposter, The Petulant Child.   General Martin Dempsey, as I’ve said before, is a derriere-osculator of the first magnitude, more intent on keeping his job than keeping the country safe.  He would, I believe, fire every flag-rank officer that wouldn’t go along with all that the current occupant of The Spite House would ask.             
            The FBI, which officially stands for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, should be called the Fink Battalion of Idiots.  In his book INFILTRATION by Paul Sperry, he details the absolute failure of the FBI to prevent the tragedy of 9/11.
When you read the account of how they fumbled, covered up, and ignored, you cannot help but be outraged…and then to let the head honchos get away with a clean bill of health, that’s adding insult to injury.  As a matter of fact, there’s a bunch of people that have caused this country to get a black eye, and that’s the least of it…and none have been fired, much less go to jail, where some of them belong! 
            So, what are YOU going to do about the mess that we’re in?  If you read these blogs, let me know and comment…otherwise they’re going to stop.
            Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired.      

Monday, October 14, 2013


This ain't my America!
            Today I watched what was probably a platoon of baton-armed police in Washington DC, the capitol of the United States of America, forcibly try to keep veterans from going to someplace in the district.  Although I didn't live through the experience personally, I know a lot of people that lived through the years just before World War Two, in Germany.  What they have described over the years sounded exactly like what I saw on TV today.  THIS AIN'T MY AMERICA!   A government, driven by the most spiteful person ever to claim the title of President of the United States, and to succeed in inflicting pain upon Americans, to either prove a political point, or to gain a political advantage.   THIS AIN'T MY AMERICA!
            Our first president, George Washington was offered the title of King, and he turned it down because he, and the other Founding Fathers, knew what life was like under a king, under a person who had little or no regard for his subject.  Washington said, "A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government."  He knew that ignorance and apathy would allow a despot to gain control of the government, and that the Republic for which he and others had pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, could be stolen away.  We, the people, are responsible for what happens, and what has happened to this country.  What we have now...THIS AIN'T MY AMERICA!
            It seems that almost any display of patriotism is either frowned on by officials or, as has happened many times already, it's been made illegal!  There are places where American flags, even when they are displayed inside the house, if they are visible from the street, may be against some homeowner's association's by- laws.  Open-air monuments, even those where there is NO security ever, have been barricaded, or as one guy put it, those are "barry-cades".  This wannabe-dictator has even closed off portions of the ocean!  You cannot drive near enough to Mount Rushmore to take a decent picture, and it's obvious that the closures are selected
to inflict the most pain on my fellow countrymen.  I salute the veterans who went to war, gave their lives, or came home wounded...and then are treated rather shabbily by a president who is, in my opinion, the most despicable of men.  THIS AIN'T MY AMERICA!
            On the show I sometimes refer to a Latin phrase which is the unoffical slogan of the US Navy.  It is Non Sibi Sed Patriae, and it means Not Self, But Country.
and if more of us thought of the country first, and ourselves second, and our political affiliation last, we would have a chance of regaining the glory and the prestige
that this country once had.   To see once-magnificent cities, like Detroit, become like war zones in Europe following the war, because greed overcame integrity and
cronyism overcame common sense and courage makes me ill.   Our current president has shown that he is not the man for the job but acts like a little kid when the game doesn't go his way, so he wants to take his ball and go home.  Frankly, I wish he WOULD go home...wherever that really is.   What's going on now, when history is written, people will say "how did you let this happen?"   I say it again Folks, hoping it will bring you to your feet.  Like that actor in the movie "Network", go to the window, stick your head out and yell "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"...because THIS AIN'T MY AMERICA!

Monday, October 7, 2013

"Spitting into the wind"

            I have gone back through my blogs, and through some of my earlier shows, and when you consider the vast audience that is out there, I'm amazed that more responses don't come in.  My opinion is just that, my opinion, and while it's based on things that are printed or said, it's still my opinion.  Why don't YOU out there have more to say about what goes on in the country?  Is it too much trouble to write your elected officials...or could it be that you're tired of getting a form-letter for an answer?   They DO listen, eventually, and they DO answer, eventually...but you have to get their attention.  There's a story about two farmers, Clyde and Henry.  Clyde sold his mule to Henry and one day when they meet Henry says, "Clyde, how did you ever get that mule to do any work?"  Clyde responds, "Well, you gotta walk around front where he can see you and then you whack him between the eyes with a piece of 2x4."  Henry is aghast and this and says, "Doesn't that hurt him?"
Clyde replies, "Yep...but you gotta get his attention first."   You can't walk up to a Senator and whack him one, even though you think he deserves it, but telling them, in no uncertain terms, what you are about, and asking for a reply, addressing THAT concern, will probably get you a decent answer.
            There's a lot in this world that I don't understand, and one of those things is that administrations, both sides of the political fence, seem to be more intent on what's good for the party, rather than what's good for the country.  Term limits would put an end to career politicans, and that would be a good thing.  Another good thing, for the country, is for us to revere the men and women of "The Greatest Generation" because, as one vet put it, "...if it wasn't for us, you would all be speaking German now."   The attempted closing of the World War Two memorial, by a government that doesn't seem to know much about appreciation, was just appalling to me.  Kudos to the people who opened the barriers, and some of them were those very same elected officials that we gripe about.  It's just beyond my understanding that the men and women who sacrifice so much for us are not treated with the utmost dignity and reverence.  Maybe there should be a political party comprised of veterans and their families.  That would encompass both sides of the political fence, but stressing neither.  It could be that these folks would have the clear-headed
idea to put country first.  I have a saying over my desk and it says "Non Sibi Sed Patriae" and translated from the Latin it means, "not self but country".  I read somewhere that the veterans of WW2 are dying at about one thousand a day, and we need to know, and honor them.
            There is SO much duplication in our government that it boggles the mind as to how ANYTHING gets done...or done correctly.   No one in Washington seems to be aware that people are lying, under oath, to members of congressional hearings, or if they ARE aware, they don't seem to care.  We don't have, or shouldn't have, an elite "class" of people in this country.   We are a classless society, regardless of what you might hear or read.   So much is said about "the middle class" that it makes me ill to think about it.  Go around and start asking people what class they belong to and you're going to get some mighty strange looks and answers.   Most Americans probably think they could be doing better, and that some people might have more stuff than they do...but then, there's others that probably have less too.
Should we break ourselves into little groups so that we can be identified that way?  If you ask someone to describe another person, odds are they'll start their description with what that other person does...but that is not who that other person is, is it?
            I don't pretend to have all the answers...I don't even pretend to have ANY of the answers, but I'll still ask the questions.  So you, reading this, do you have a question that should be answered?  Do you have an answer to a question that other folks might have?  Let me hear from you and maybe we can work something out on some of these questions and answers.
            Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired

Thursday, October 3, 2013


I saw a cartoon the other day that just bowled me over with its honesty.  It was a picture of Attorney General Eric Holder, at a podium, with the seal of the Department of Justice in the background.  The caption read "The Department of Just-Us" which, of course, is exactly the way it works now.  He has lied to Congress, and been caught at it, and didn't even miss a night's sleep over it.   The DOJ, under Holder's direction, is suing the state of North Carolina over voting requirements.  It seems that the state wants to require a picture ID in order to vote.  Well, what is the problem here?  We have to have a picture ID to buy alcohol, to get a plane ticket, to buy a gun...just about anything, so what's gotten his back up?  I'll tell you.  He is claiming that its racial discrimination because black people can't get picture ID's,
The DOJ plans to ask a federal judge to place four provisions in North Carolina’s voting law under federal scrutiny for an indefinite period of time.   The suit would claim that the North Carolina statute violated Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act and would seek to have the state subject to federal pre-clearance before making "future voting-related changes."     Additionally, the DOJ suit also takes aim at the law's requirement that voters present government-issued identification at the polls in order to vote. The North Carolina state board of elections recently found that hundreds of thousands of registered voters — mostly the young, poor, elderly, or minorities — do not have a state-issued ID.   By the way, according to a North Carolina website, it only costs $10 to get a picture identification card.  I'm pretty sure that's within everybody's budget since it's a one-time charge.  Analysts wonder, however, why the administration did not take such “appropriately aggressive action” five years ago against efforts to hinder voting at Philadelphia polls by members of the New Black Panthers.   And while the new Black Panthers continue to go unpunished for intimidating voters at the polls, Attorney General Holder has targeted the June Supreme Court ruling that attempts to free specific states from selective scrutiny as “deeply flawed."
            How's this for a brilliant idea?  Let's have Muslim-free zones.  They'll be just like Sharia-controlled zones, only in reverse.  There will be package stores and bars, movie theatres, restaurants that serve pork products, and music will emanate from all sorts of places.  Women will wear mini-skirts, if their figures warrant it, and men will be clean-shaven for the most part and, most important, people will bathe on a regular basis.  Goats will not be objects of desire, inbreeding will be frowned upon and religious worship will be on a voluntary basis.   Headgear will consist of hats, baseball-style caps or other appropriate coverings, but will definitely not be a towel or sheet wrapped around the head.   Rape will be considered a heinous crime AGAINST  a women, not one perpetrated BY a woman, and certainly not requiring 4 male witnesses.  Testimony in court will have equal weight for men and women and, in cases of inheritance, women shall recieve their full share and not a half-share as under Sharia law.  Honor killings will be considered as murder and the killer shall get a fair trial, something that the victim certainly did not.   If, for any reason, Muslims see this proposal as being discriminatory, that would show that they are above-average in intelligence, but should stay out of the Muslim-free zones anyhow.  While no harm would come to a Muslim who happened to find himself or herself in a Muslim-free zone, they might be OFFENDED by the amount of freedom being bandied about.  Oh, wait a Muslim woman would be allowed out of the house unescorted, so we needn't worry about them.
            I'm not much of a movie fan, and very few make an impression on me...but I'll tell you one that did, and does.  It's called V For Vendetta and although it takes place in the United Kingdom, it could very well take place here...and might, if the people will just wake up and see what's happening to America.  Briefly, it's the story of an over-powering government...much like our current government, with a lot of Big Brother thrown in.  One man decides he's had enough and begins to harass the government, to the point where they notice him, and want him taken care of because he's about to spill the beans about Mr. Big, who is a really bad guy.  If you have not seen this movie, I suggest that you rent it or buy it...and watch it a couple of times.  It's brutal in spots, but it is not gratuitous brutality...just your ordinary brutality.
            If you read about some comments?
Larry Usoff, US Navy, Ret.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"America's Last Hurrah"

            Slowly.  Ever so slowly I'm coming to the idea that the president is a couple of cards short of a full deck.  He looks at the world through some sort of weird contraption that shows him that everything is white puffy clouds and blue skies...when, in fact, America has been made the laughing-stock of the world.  When he was asked about whether he was wrong, or everybody else was wrong...he said everybody else was wrong.  Does that strike you as a man that has a grasp of the situation at hand?   Dithering, and when he made a decision it was the wrong one, and that just piles on the concerns about his mental state.   In a taped interview he says a red line can't be crossed...but it is, and then he denies ever making the statement.  His overt, and covert, assistance to Muslim groups, many of whom have been identified as terror organizations with direct connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, tilts the balance to one side, and that side of the scale is pro-Muslim
            Muslims are in the government.  Many are in key positions, perhaps even advising the president.  Any flag officer who had any sort of a backbone has been forced out for one reason or another.  Those that are left are, probably, the cadre the president might count on, should an armed conflict break out inside the United States.   The big question in my mind is whether the armed forces would fight their countrymen.  As a backup army, so to speak, there are about 70 agencies that are armed, nearly as well as the military.  The president made mention of that army in a pre-election speech in 2008...and now he's creating that shadow army to go with the shadow government.   We are going to be leaving the battlefield in Afghanistan, and in my opinion, it will revert back to what it was, and we will have wasted lives, money, and materiel.   For what?
            I read somewhere that there's about 275 million guns in the hands of private citizens in this country...and that's a lot of people to speak up for the 2nd Amendment.   Still, the anti-gunners, most of whom have concealed permits or are protected by armed personnel, would have the public give up their weapons...make the whole country a gun-free zone.  Now I ask you, if you're a bad person looking to do some damage with a firearm, where are you going to go.  The obvious choice is to go where no one can shoot back at you, right?  The facts are plain...where gun ownership goes up, crimes go down.  The NYPD has just had their hands tied because they can't stop and frisk anyone, so Mr and Mrs Tourist are walking to their car and they get mugged.  They report it to the police with a full description and the cops say, "Oh yeah, we just saw him...but we can't stop him and frisk him to see if he's got your stuff on him."  Crime is steadily rising in NYC...and will continue to do so until somebody comes to their senses and reverses that stupid order.
            Money, money, money...that's the big sticking point in Congress, isn't it?   Maybe if the politicians get out of the way of free enterprise, do the right thing and abolish the IRS, crank up the pipeline and other revenue-generating ventures, our economy might quit dragging its feet and start walking briskly...before it's too late.  Listen, even as a private citizen, you and I can do things for the country, instead of to the country.  Make a pest out of yourself writing to your elected officials.  Make them understand that you don't want form letters back, you want answers to your questions, and then pepper them with questions about why they are/are not doing this or that.   If they don't want to do what you elected them to do, get them out of there in this next election.
            My friends, we may not be the big dog for much longer.  The next big dog that comes along will bite us in the neck and we'll be finished as a world power.  We owe everybody, and we don't make enough to pay it all back...ever.  We no longer have staunch allies, and going it alone is not an option for a weakened military.  Wake up and smell the coffee...that's all you may have left after the bad guys eat our lunch.
            Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our President vs. the United States of America, Part Two

As I write this, the day after the remembrance of a heinous attack on America, both in 2001 and 2012, it occurs to me that we are doing some wrong things.  Logic is a good thing and very difficult to argue against, so let's apply some logic to some of our current problems.
            First, we are worried about Iran getting a bomb, right?  Nah, not to worry.  They want a bomb?  Let's give them one.  We can send a high-flying drone over there, armed with a delayed-explosion nuclear weapon, and drop it right on their main "laboratory".  Oh sure, there's going to be damage, and there's going to be people killed...but they will be killed there, and not here.  Do I value our lives more than Iranians?  No, but it's logical to get them before they even start to get us...and if we are hesitant, they WILL get us.  Let's get this country off its knees and on its feet.
            Next, there's the matter of our current president.  I believe him to be working against this country, in every way, shape and form.  Let's put together a panel of experts, discover what we can about the man and, as I believe him to be foreign-born, impeach, indict and incarcerate him.  If he is not who he says he is he must go to jail...for a long time.
            Ok, what's next?  We have an economy that's in the tank.  We have a military that, while technologically quite good, is seriously under-manned, so we can kill two birds with one stone one this one.  Build up the military services, providing jobs for those going in, and for those supplying the goods.  Also, let's quit buying materiel for our armed forces from other countries.  It's been shown that some Chinese-supplied stuff is inferior and doesn't hold up.  Get the government out of private sector business, and you'll see lots of things happening that need to happen, but are not now getting done.  There are thousands of miles of roads in this country that need rebuilding, along with hundreds of bridges and dams.  We have the people and we have the know-how.
            Kill the IRS.  Period.  Base the tax system on money spent, not money earned.  I like THE FAIR TAX because it IS fair, and it's simple.  When you buy something on a retail level, you pay the tax.  Period, end of story.  When the IRS disappears you'll see a flood of money coming back into this country, and it won't just be our money, but foreign investors as well.  Also, we have to stop selling off pieces of this country to foreigners.  It is not good practice and while I have nothing against them owning a house or two, I have to draw the line when they buy huge chunks of land, or whole towns...and that has happened.
            We have to pare down big government.  The founding fathers never meant for Congress to be a career, so let's get them out of there after two four-year terms, and that goes for everybody in the federal service.  The ONLY exception would be for the armed forces.  They could remain in the service for 20 years and get retirement, or 30, if they are in good shape and necessary.  Our veterans need, and deserve, the finest care they can get, and if that means we have to clean house at the Veteran's Administration, so be it.
            If you think these ideas are worth considering, either let me know or, better yet, let your elected officials know what you think.
            Larry Usoff, U.S. Navy, Ret.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our President vs. the United States of America

Let me say, right off the bat, this is about several things that I think I understand...but that a lot of Americans do not.  We have a black president, and that is a good thing because it does show that it can be done.  On the other hand, the president is an incompetent, lying, probably foreign-born, idiot.  He has surrounded himself with people that think like he does...and he does not like the United States.  I believe that his Attorney General, Eric Holder, has no idea of what he's supposed to be doing because he's doing the opposite.  He was held in contempt of Congress and didn't lose 20 seconds sleep over it.  Granted, the current president inherited a couple of wars that may, or may not, have been warranted, I'll leave that to history...but he has made it all worse, much worse.  The general thinking in this administration is that they can lie to the public, about everything, and the public will buy it.  Congress has become so wussified that there aren't enough real patriots to make a difference, and that is obvious, because of the mess we're in.  Our Constitution was made inconsequential by Congress in their willingness to allow the president to sidestep it.
            Although I'm a Republican and a conservative, the problems that this country faces are not the fault of either party exclusively...and the problems are huge!  As a nation, we are laughed at, scorned, dismissed as a paper tiger...and it can't all be laid at the feet of this president, but he's a big part of it.  How far back do we have to look to find our America?  My guess is that we have to go back to somewhere around 1945 or 1946 when we were the top dog in the world and no one, but no one, would have dared to take us on!   Back then we had patriots, thousands of them, men and women that had fought for this country because it was the right thing to do.  The thinking then was that if it was good enough to live here, it was good enough to fight for.  Now?  No, I think the armed forces have been selectively emasculated for what purpose I don't know.  When this country goes to war, the armed forces don't wear a D or an R on their uniforms...they wear the flag of their country...and they wear it proudly.  The navy I served in was not as technologically great as it is now...but at least the sailors could read, write, and comprehend what they were doing.  My friends who have not retired, have sent me stories of members of their units going to remedial reading and writing classes!
            Service doesn't just mean the armed forces.  The so-called service industries, which used to be called "the crafts", like plumbing, electricians, carpenters, masons, and so on...are aging, and there's not enough young people going into those occupations to keep up.  That's one reason why your service-related bills are going up and up.  The upcoming generations have been lulled into thinking that computers will do it all, and, although they will do a lot, they will never do it all...when they break down, and they do, there will have to be a human capable of fixing them.  By the way, try getting a robot or a computer to build shelving, or fix a backed-up toilet.  While we're here on the subject of many do you estimate the Keystone pipeline would create?  That pipeline should be built for a couple really good reasons, not the least of which IS the jobs.
It's been estimated that, between the Keystone, the activity in the Dakotas, and whatever we can conjure up off shore, we could kick the Arab cartel right in the rear end.  The deliberate delaying of the pipeline, and that's what it is, baffles me, as to why the public doesn't wise up?  Remember, Obama is for Obama, first, last and always.
            Wake up America!
Larry Usoff, U.S.Navy, REt.