Thursday, December 5, 2013

A present for the American people.

A present for the American people.
            As we head into the holiday season, it seems only right that the American people get a present.  After all, they have been giving, these last couple of decades and, really haven't been getting much back for their investment.  Maybe it's just my imagination at work again, but it seems as though, during World War Two, we were king of the hill, and it's been going downhill from that point on.  So, let's think about what we, as Americans, could give ourselves, as a present.  What would we want?   Certainly we want peace in the world...but are we going to get it?  The short answer is no, and the short reason is two words...greed and power, and so long as those remain as desirable to some people, the world will not be at peace.  Oh, wait a minute...there is ONE solution to that.  Islam.                                                                                
Islam, the religion of peace, says that the world will be at peace when it is the one remaining theology in the world.  Unfortunately, in order to achieve that peace, they will have to murder a goodly portion of the population of the world.  They have been at that task for almost 1400 years and during that time they have brought peace to regions merely by slaughtering all of the inhabitants of that region...and those that they did not slaughter, they made slaves of them.  What civilized society deems to be heinous crimes are condoned by their holy book, the Quran.  As far as I know the other big-time religions have made modifications down through the ages, so that they would be in keeping with the times.  Not so Islam.  The book, as written by their prophet, is proclaimed perfect and therefore nothing in it can be matter how much it goes against modern mores.
What else would the American people want as a present?  How about a return to “the good old days”?  That’s not possible, since we don’t have time travel…yet.  However, there ARE things that we could bring forth, again, from those days…things like patriotism, industry, trust in government.  Let’s look at these things for a bit.  It makes me cringe when I hear from so-called singers absolutely demolishing the national anthem.  If they cannot sing it, as it was written, and as it should be sung, then turn down the request.  How many people anymore get tears in their eyes when they hear a good rendition of America The Beautiful, or when the flag passes by?  Why are we more interested in sports than science?  Where are the mental giants that we will need to survive in this century?
            As I said, during World War Two, we were king of the hill.  We supplied arms to our friends, all over the world, and with their help, we defeated two of the best military groups in the world at that time.  We made things…good things, things that the rest of the world wanted.  We had the best workers, building the best things, dreaming up the best things to sell to the rest of the world.  Now, “made in the USA” is a rarity, and it doesn’t make any difference whose name is on the product.  Now, if we want to make things, and I’m pretty sure we do, and we can…those jobs are not around.  We have become a part-time nation, and that’s a sad commentary on America.   It seems to me that a little common sense, and plain talk, would go a long way to straightening out the road we’re on. 
Trust in government?  Not now, and the general feeling of distrust has been growing for a long time.  Presidents, administrations, members of congress, judges…all have been slowly, but surely, rotting on the vine.  That sort of rottenness doesn’t happen overnight, or even during one or two terms, but so long as we have “career” politicians that rottenness will continue to develop.  The old saying is that a fish rots from the head down…does that suggest anything to you?  It was Sir Walter Scott, way back in the 1800’s who said “oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”.  Think about that.

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