Saturday, October 24, 2015



            The recent decision by the White House to leave a small force behind in Afghanistan is, in my opinion, a mistake.   The heading above tells the story…go big, or go home.   Leaving a force behind that is straddled with ridiculous rules of engagement, dealing with tribal personnel that, really, could care less who runs the country because they will fight for or against whoever treats them better.   A smaller force can be picked off one-by-one and that will probably be the enemy’s strategy.   Inside the United States we tell people that if they see something they should say something, right?   Were it up to me I would tell the US field commanders in war zones that if they see someone they should shoot someone.   War, by almost any definition, has to contain an element of what the military calls “collateral damage” and what the rest of us call civilian casualties.

In World War 2 the Navy would sit offshore and send huge shells to whatever area needed to be “softened up”…then the various administrations retired the battleships and heavy cruisers, to be replaced by an assortment of missiles.

            General Curtis LeMay once said that he preferred to “bomb them back to the Stone Age” and for a lot of people in the muddled Middle East, that’s not a big stretch.

ISIS is definitely one of those groups that should be, and could be, carpet-bombed back to the Stone Age.   No other group that’s associated with them, no matter what they may call themselves, is so determined to take the world back to the 7th Century.   They should be accommodated by bombing them incessantly with the B-52’s that are sitting, unused, at an airbase in Tucson, Arizona.   With the technology that we have now, we probably wouldn’t even have to man these bombers so if the planes were shot down somehow, no personnel would be in danger…I could be wrong on that one, but I don’t think so.

            Since I mentioned the Navy, let’s see what’s going on there.   Are we going big there?   What ships are being added to the fleet are smaller, specialty ships, mostly incapable of delivering heavy shelling to pound the enemy.   The administration is slicing and dicing all the armed forces to the point where, according to experts, it would be very nearly impossible to mount a foreign war, much less defend the homeland.  Between the Navy and the Coast Guard they are doing splendid work, but they’re just not as big as they should be.   Go big, or go home…and it looks like we’re going home.

            A potential enemy, Russia, is attempting to re-establish that country as a world superpower and because of our administration’s crazy non-strategy all over the world, they may succeed.   As a matter of fact, the Russians said that our leader has “mush for brains” and that would be my sentiments also.   No one, looking at the big picture of our strategy, or lack thereof, in various incidents, could say that the plans were based on solid experience.   Barack Hussein Obama(and I just LOVE those American names) is like a proctologist conducting an examination…everything he touches turns to crap.   Whatever he says or promises, he then turns around and does the exact opposite, or causes the opposite to happen.   Oh, he did go big on this one thing…Obamacare.   It has ruined what used to be one of the best health care systems in the world.   Now it’s like a painful ingrown toenail…you cannot just let it go on, you have to snip and cut until you get the nail out and the toe can become normal again.

            Go big…and he is going big on importation of so-called “refugees”.   Some of these people, mostly young, able-bodied men, are probably terrorists.   Nevertheless, and many times without warning, groups of these “refugees” are being dumped in unsuspecting cities and towns across America.   He said, at the beginning of his presidency, that he wanted some sort of police/army that would be equal to the US Army.   These “refugees” are most likely that private army being formed right under our noses…and we’re letting it happen.   You will see more and more so-called “lone wolf” attacks on Americans as time goes by, but don’t kid yourself, these are being manipulated from behind the scenes as a way of terrorizing the public.   If you’re out and about and someone approaches you rapidly, waving a knife or a hatchet, what are you going to do?  

            Go big…and here’s a way to do that.   We have thousands of veterans who would proudly serve in some capacity to protect the homeland.   My plan, as an example, would be to station vets at the border with Mexico.   They would be “federalized” the same way the TSA was, and they would have the authority to detain and interrogate anyone crossing the border.   Let them have their own weapons, which I’m guessing about 90% of them already have, and they’d be stationed about 50 yards apart on a 12 hour shift.   They would be on duty 12 hours and then off 48 hours.   They would earn the minimum wage for Federal workers in that same position.   Think about it, this would ease unemployment while at the same time protecting the border.

   Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired


Saturday, October 17, 2015


            You certainly don’t need a definition of insanity, do you?   Is there an Adult reading this that doesn’t know what insanity is, or how it is sometimes displayed?
Let me bring this down to a level that pretty much any of us can understand.   If you work and you earn, for ease of figuring, $100 per week, but you spend $120 a week, wouldn’t that be classified as a form of insanity?  You would want to spend less than you make so you can put some money aside, right?  Alright, continuing on with this example, you’re spending $120 a week, AND you’re borrowing another $50 a week so that you can GIVE some of that money to your friends…doesn’t that also fall into the category of some form of insanity?   Maybe it isn’t enough to have you hauled off to the looney bin, but it sure isn’t good money managing, is it?   Now, let’s look at some real money managing, or in this case, mis-management.   The federal government, under the current administration, takes in an enormous amount of money in taxes…enough, some financial experts say, to balance the budget if it were not for the huge amount of money that we owe, the interest on that money, and the money that we give away to keep the friends that we must continue to buy off.  Ok, you got that picture, let’s look at something else.
            Two “frienemies”, a term that seems to denote countries that are friendly on the surface, but could be and would be, potential enemies if and when war comes.  China and Russia, two countries that we helped save during World War Two, and which we helped to put back on the road to recovery following that war, are now hinting that they could be fighting us in a future war.   Where does the insanity come in here, you ask?  Oh, that’s easy.   Both of those countries have free access to public information on just about every weapon that the United States develops.   They study information which can be found online, in hard copy books and other sources and then they reverse-engineer their own version of that…which is why some of the newest aircraft that these countries exhibit could be clones of our own planes.   While we’re playing nice, and hoping that they won’t do anything, our own armed forces are being cut to the bone.
There’s the insanity in this situation.   It would be the same situation if you knew that you might be burglarized and you gave the burglar the key to the house, the code to the alarm system and whatever weapons you might have.
            Another instance of insanity is this…we are being inundated with so-called “refugees” from countries that have a culture that is diametrically opposed to what we have under the US Constitution.   I believe that this administration, under the leadership, if you want to call it that, of Barack Hussein Obama(Don’t you just LOVE those American names?) is deliberately flooding the country with people who not only think differently about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, than we do, but who love death more than we love life.   Countries from which these refugees are coming are not sending many women and children.  No, they are sending young, apparently able, males, many of whom could be, and probably are, terrorists.   The administration knows full well that these immigrants will eventually gain some sort of identification and using that, will begin to challenge and adjust American thinking.   At this point you should be asking yourself “How can this happen?”   The answer is, again, a form of insanity.   For a couple of generations now, academia has been, and still is, overloaded with left-leaning thinkers who indoctrinate their students in that direction.
            There is no room for discussion, dissertation or desertion from what has become “the party line” as expressed by teachers, professors and even principals of schools all over the country.   When the American flag is banned from school, in almost any form, when certain words and phrases which have been part of our student’s pledges to the flag, the Constitution and the nation, are banned…there’s your insanity.   Couple that with textbooks that lean so heavily in the direction of Islam you might think that the schoolroom was in a mosque!   Our children are being educated, not to become free thinkers, but to become useful idiots who will know only the Islamic way of life, and who will accept it because they don’t know any different.   Ignorance and apathy are running rampant in the United States and it doesn’t bode well for our future.
            Last, but not least, we have an election coming up next year.   The country has been sliced and diced into little groups and each has an agenda that is not good for the country.   There are black groups that want to kill Whitey.   There are white groups that want to suppress, if not kill, blacks.   There are gangs made up of so-called “brown” people that are working with other groups.  There are terrorists in the country already plotting the takeover and future plans.   All the while Americans are mostly interested in everything but national security…and that’s insanity too.
            Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired

Sunday, October 11, 2015


            September 2, 1945, the United States was the most powerful nation in the world.   We had defeated the Axis Powers consisting of the German, Italian and Japanese forces, all considered to be superior to ours…but that was at the beginning of World War Two.   In the space between December 7th, 1941, and September 2nd, 1945 America had become “Fortress America”…out-producing every other country on earth in weapons of war.   In 1940 the US Army was training with automobiles as tanks, broomsticks as rifles and, what rifles they had were World War One vintage.   The Air Corps was flying biplanes that were obsolete a dozen years before and the Navy was sailing with ships that were sometimes 50 and 60 years old.  
            On that fateful day, December 7, 1941, we entered the war officially, although we had been supplying our allies with materiel before that.   Russia, as an example, was sending troops to fight the Germans with no weapons whatsoever, and picking up firearms that they found on dead soldiers.   Britain was being pounded by the Luftwaffe almost on a daily basis and, at that time, the German-invented blitzkrieg and pilotless V-1 and V-2 flying bombs were raining death and destruction on London.   America enters the war, following a near-fatal attack on Pearl Harbor, sinking a major portion of the Pacific Fleet while it was in harbor.
            Americans have, to their great honor, always risen to the occasion, and World War Two was not going to be any exception.   Who would imagine, as an example, that in a building built by the Ford Motor Company specifically to build B-24 Liberator bombers, they would turn out a ready-to-fly aircraft in just under an hour!   General Motors and Chrysler went from automobile production overnight, practically, to building tanks and armored personnel carriers.   The Springfield rifle of World War One was retired and the Garand M-1 was produced in huge quantities and shipped out to the troops, putting them on a better-than-even keel with the enemy’s weapons.  America was able to make so much of everything that we supplied our then-allies with almost all of their weaponry and even aircraft.
            We flew bombing raids over Europe, along with the Brits, on a daily basis.   We built something called The Burma Road to supply our friends in that area of the world.  Along the way we liberated prisoners from concentration camps, prisoner-of-war camps and towns and villages both in the European and Pacific theatres.   In other words, we were the best in the world.  Period.
            Following the war everything went into peacetime mode.  Cars were being produced where bombers had been.  New methods of production, for everything, some learned in the war, were being used for everything from bug bombs to housing systems.
The suburbs grew like dandelions and shopping centers sprung up all over the place.  We were again out-producing everyone even while we helped our former enemies to come back from disaster.   In time Japan would begin rivalling us for electronic goods, while Germany came through with great cameras and optical equipment.  America was on the road to really big prosperity.   Then, along came the Korean war, the Vietnam war, and the peaceniks.   America began to take a turn away from prosperity and became fractured…little groups of anti-this and anti-that, all the while ingesting and using drugs.
            Fast forward to 2001.  We are a complacent nation, only peripherally aware of people called Al Queda and the Taliban.   On September 11th, America was painfully jerked into the real world again.   Soon we would send troops overseas again, and again we would prove to be a superior power…but only for a while.   By the time 2008 rolled around America was tired of “business as usual” with politics and decided, wrongly as it turned out, to go in a different direction…this time down a path to something less-than
mediocrity.   A man, about which very little was known, was thrust upon the national stage, capturing the hearts and minds of people known as low-information voters.   He even garnered votes from cartoon characters and dead people.   He was elected to the highest office in the land…twice.
            Now, in the present time, we are looked at with scorn, laughed at because of our wussified Congress, the less-than-impressive armed forces and the absolute fecklessness of our leaders who negotiate based on what it will say about their legacies instead of what it does for the security of the country they swore to protect.   America has stepped down from the top of the heap and has taken a position at the bottom, or nearly at the bottom.   Our armed forces are being reduced to pre-World War Two levels at the same time that some of our former friends…the ones we kept alive during that war, are making their armed forces much stronger and becoming potential enemies.   The current occupant of the White House has done what he promised…he fundamentally transformed America from the king of the hill, to damn near a third-world country which would have problems fielding a global army.   We have become a weak sister in the eyes of the world.   Wake up America!   Your country needs you…desperately.   Answer the call.
            Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired

Sunday, October 4, 2015


            The recent visit by the Pope in the United States, and Cuba, has pointed up a few things that should be noted.   Here’s a few excerpts from Judi McCleod’s article in the Canada Free Press on September 25th…she says… “when it comes to blaming America, the Pope and the President sing from the same choir book.   But Pope Francis is not entitled to take away from the people of any nation, their sovereignty and very liberty. Yet that’s exactly what he was up to in his praise-heaping address to the United Nations today.   The world body’s long-held intention is to gain control of all world citizens by corralling them into a false utopia called One World Government ,  and Pope Francis is all for it.   Nor is there any mistaking where the UN’s new Agenda 21 is taking us all if we don’t find a way to stop its relentless advance.   Nancy Pelosi’s definition of Agenda 21 that it’s “a comprehensive blue print” for the reorganization of human society should send chills down the backs of freedom-loving citizens everywhere.   “We were told, without hesitation, that Agenda 21 was aimed at destroying free enterprise. That it is was a clarion call for humans to live on less and that Earth could no longer sustain the consumptive appetite of United States of America”, Tom Deweese writes.  “They told us, but so many weren’t listening. It took over 15 years for many to finally understand the agenda of Agenda 21. By then it was firmly entrenched in every government agency, every community plan, and every school curriculum. So much so that many now say it is impossible to combat. That it’s a done deal.”  You remember hearing about Agenda 21, don’t you?  Between it, and Islam’s clarion call for “world peace” one has to wonder what’s in store for the United States.   Oh, by the way, “world peace” to Islam means that everyone has succumbed to Islam, so just keep that in mind.
            The Pontiff’s visit to Cuba is, like our new recognition of that island nation, not a good thing.   This is not going to have the hoped-for results of trade and freedom for
Havana.  The Castro regime, like the Iranian regime, got everything, and the United States got nothing.   In Cuba, as in Iran, there are Americans that should be repatriated back to the United States, but nothing was said about them.   Raul Castro has proven to be every bit as shrewd and vicious as his brother Fidel.   In Miami, where thousands of Cuban exiles have gone, made new lives and prospered, the consensus is that it was a bad deal and Bibi Netanyahu, speaking about the Iran deal, said that no deal was better than a bad deal.   Think about this…both Russia and China are interested in Cuba, and have been sending “stuff” to them for years.   The question is, what sort of “stuff” is it?
Did the Russians manage to re-stock the Cubans with missiles, and keep in mind that it’s only 235 miles to Miami.   For a missile traveling at supersonic speed, that’s the same as a blink of the eye.  Where are you going in the blink of an eye?
            One last thought about the Pope…he represents 1.2 billion Catholics, and there are, according to my research, 1.2 billion Muslims.  Using what they call the womb-bomb, out-breeding everyone else at an average of 5 to 1, they will overtake the Catholics in about 20 years would be my guess.   Why didn’t he say something about that?   Why didn’t he say anything about the daily slaughter of Christians of all denominations wherever Islam is dominant?   Would that have upset the “happy” mood he set when making his tour(s)?
            Eurabia, formerly known as Europe, is undergoing a change.   Islam is making serious inroads in places where they could not reach back in the time of the Crusades.  Somewhere around the 10th, 11th and 12th centuries, the Muslim hordes were running amok across North Africa, jumping onto Europe and, like the Vikings had done before them, conquering a large part of Europe.   They were, at one point, very near the gates of Rome and had they conquered the Vatican we’d be seeing the Caliph flying from place to place instead of the Pope.   You won’t get the real stuff from the mainstream media, I guarantee you…but, as an example Malmo, Sweden, has become the rape capitol of the world!    One of the higher-echelon Imams of Islam has already said that it was more or less the duty of every Muslim male to impregnate European women and increase the Muslim population.   In some places, especially in France and Germany, no police forces may enter these Muslim enclaves for fear they would be killed.
            Here, in this wonderful-but-na├»ve country, the general population is fast becoming a nation of useful idiots with their beliefs that Islam is a religion of peace, their blanket acceptance of whatever pap is fed to them in academia and their obsession(s) with things trivial.   Wake up America…your country needs you…desperately!
            Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired