Monday, January 27, 2014


"The Lone Survivor"
            You might think from reading that title, this was going to be about the movie of that name...but it's not.  The lone survivor in this case, is America.  From reading various things about democracy, freedom, innovation and just about anything else of any sort of nobility, the United States pretty much stands alone.  Oh sure, there are democratic countries in the world...but they aren't, or weren't innovative.  Yes, there are innovative countries in the world, but they didn't give their people the same amount of freedom that we used to have in this land of ours.  What's that you say?  You noticed it says that we used to have freedom in this country, and you wondered why it says we used to?  Think about it for a moment or two.  If you’re about 50 or younger, a twinge might be going through your head, and you can remember a couple of things that have been “changed” over the past few years.  If you’re about 40 or younger, not much has changed, you think it’s always been that way.  If you’re about 20 or younger, one of you may be a lone survivor in some not-too-distant future where you have to scrounge for food, clothing, and shelter.   It may have been the result of an apocalyptic upheaval resulting from a nuclear war…or perhaps nothing more than the collapse of an experimental government…ours.
            If, however, you are 60 and older, you have experienced the early years of the decline of the United States as a world power.  Are you 70, 80, or older?  You are among those folks, like me, who lived through a world at war, and saw your country emerge unscathed…a lone survivor in a world that we took part in destroying, and now we were going to rebuild.  Somebody, much smarter than I could ever hope to be once said that America was the only country that, after defeating an enemy, did not take the country as a war prize, but built it up to be, and let’s be fair about this…we built Germany and Japan back much better than they were before World War Two.  That’s what Americans do…or used to do.  In memory, the war years are with me, the post-war years were splendid and America was still the land of the free because of the brave.  As a nation, we had repeated defeating not one, but two, of the mightiest military machines ever seen.  We won our independence from England that way and we made the world free again in the 1940’s.
            Now, as Lincoln said, “we are engaged in a great civil war”, and make no mistake my friends, it is a war and, so far, it is civil.  But, shall we be the lone survivor in a new and different world where corruption from top to bottom is the norm?  Shall we be the lone survivor in an ocean of hate, distrust, violence?
Shall our great nation, which was once called The Noble Experiment, vanish and be replaced by tyranny, despotism, and yes, even slavery?  You, reading this, are but one voice, but that one voice can influence others, to save America.  You can be part of the rescue so  “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”  Think about it…and do something.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


            Alright people, listen up, and it's not going to be anything you wanted to hear.  You HAVE to impeach this president, fire the administration, and get them all in front of an honest, unafraid, judge.  How long are we going to allow this president to consolidate power way beyond what the Constitution says he can have.  How long are we going to let Congress side-step its duty to make the laws, and cede that to a corrupt administration.  How long are we, and that's you too, going to allow our military to be purged of high-echelon officers because they won't fire on Americans, on United States Soil?  When will you wake up and take a hard look at what is happening to our economic status in the world...we're very close to becoming a second-rate power, maybe even a third-rate one. 
            Militarily we are strong...if you consider only technology.  Our actual, physical, manpower, is being depleted, and believe me, that's not in the best interests of this country.  Have you noticed the police force becoming more like the Army?  You think there's a reason for that?  You bet your bippy there is...the very real possibility of armed conflict on US soil, in US streets, and the Muslim-in-chief wants to know, for sure, that he can depend on this private army.  If you remember, early in his first term he said he wanted that, and he's working mightily to get it.   If you study history, especially the history of dictatorships, you'll notice that there is a definite pattern to what they do.  Dictators need absolute control and they get it...sometimes bit-by-bit as the president is doing now, or maybe in a violent overthrow of the government.  That is not likely to happen here, but the bit-by-bit scheme seems to be working quite well because the sheeple are more interested in American Idol than American Government.  The sheeple are well-versed in whatever the rappers and sports figures are doing, but ask them something about the American Constitution and they draw a blank.
            It's no secret to anyone that knows me that I dislike Islam, and everything that it stands for, so when I tell you that it's making substantial gains in this country, you don't have to look so surprised.   The evidence is all around you, but it's blotted out by whatever is on TV, other than real news, that is.   Believe it or not, there are places in this country that have all-but-succumbed to being a Muslim city, county or state.  Look to Europe, which will soon be Eurabia, to see what will be happening in this country.  True Muslim believers cannot have allegiance to anyone, to any state, to any doctrine, other than Islam.  Face it people, the enemy knows all about us, but we are deliberately closing our eyes to what they are...and what they plan to do.  Know that when they take over, music goes, movies go, all forms of alcohol go,
inbreeding will be rampant, as well rape, honor killings, beheadings and torture.   Women will have the same status as cattle, and I suspect that cattle will fare even better.  All dogs will be killed because Islam thinks they are filthy.  Forced conversions, forced marriages, those will be the norm. 
            Is that what you want?  If not, you'd better get your butt in gear and start doing something to change the situation we are in now.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


            It occurs to me that Washington is getting dumber by the day.  All three branches of the government seem to be completely unaware of the meaning of words which the rest of us understand very well.  Let me give you some words that I don't think they know anything about; accountability, honesty, integrity, loyalty, transparency, and I could go on and on, but you get the idea.   The president lies, the attorney general lies, various members of the IRS lie, various members of BATF lie, members of congress lie...but nobody goes to jail, nobody pays a fine...actually nobody pays any attention to the law!  I should qualify that because if it's something that the president wants, and he can't get congress to go along with him, he just writes an executive order and, voila, it's a law!  His laws...he makes very sure that they are followed, to the letter!  His laws, as far as I can determine, are all designed to bring this country down to the level of a second or third-rate nation, and the sheeple are going along with it.
            Laws are written with so many references that it would boggle the mind of the average person, trying to go back and forth between the law and all the various references...even lawyers have problems reading the laws.  That morass of mindlessness, the so-called affordable health care, is not affordable, the president doesn't give a rodent's rear end about health for the people so long as HIS health program is good.  We had the best health care system in the world before this skinny lawyer and wannabe dictator forced his stupidity on the people.  He told us, five days before the election, that he was fundamentally going to change the United States...and he didn't tell us that we were going to change into a has-been country.  The people that elected him, twice, are uneducated, under-educated, or downright stupid.  Oh wait, I left out the people who had a guilt complex because they believe that a black man HAD to be elected so that we could show the world that we're no longer a country with a racial divide.  That, my friends, is a crock.
            We no longer have the edge that we once had, being oceans away from any potential enemies.  Now, a country halfway around the world can launch a missile headed for a target in the United States and, at best, we'll have a 30 minute "window" in which to try to save ourselves...and what can you do in 30 minutes?  With his hatred for this country, and the constant purging of the military's higher echelons, the skinny wannabe dictator in the Oval Office has put us in an unentable position.  He puts people in places of power and prestige that believe the same way he does, and that's criminal in my opinion.  John Kerry, who is really Lurch come back to life, says he's not stupid, but he signed a document with Iran and gave away the farm.  What does he not understand about the word STRENGTH?   He needs to understand that taqiiya(lying to infidels to further the cause of Islam) is an art with the Iranian diplomats.   They snookered him and made him smile about it.
            Do you get the idea that I'm fed up with this government, and that includes just about every faction, every department, every agency, and both sides of the aisle.  We need to clean house, and fast, or that skinny wannabe dictator WILL have changed us completely.  Stick your head out the window and yell at the top of your lungs, "I'm mad as hell and I won't take it any more!"
Larry Usoff, U.S. Navy, Ret.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


This was sent to me by a listener and it’s good, so I’m using it for my blog.

            I’m not a very religious person but even a backslider such as yours truly can observe and comment on the sick sacrilege of having a president who professes to be a Christian (Jeremiah Wright has gone on record saying Bathhouse Barry never really converted), yet speaks and acts as if he’d have taken the Virgin Mary straight to Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s chop-shop upon learning of her “condition” related to her “reproductive rights.”   Well, if it would’ve been fine and dandy, in the Democrat playbook, to have Jesus Christ Himself aborted, what would be the big deal about Barry Soetoro (or whatever his name is) being given some kind of removal/termination treatment, too, like yesterday?  Oh, I forgot for a second–not all mistakes are allowed to be “taken care of” thusly–only certain kinds of ”mistakes.”   It’s generally accepted that America’s worst sins and mistakes include the historical injustices of slavery and deprival of racial equality, and that various redistributive “social justice” and “civil rights” programs are the way forward; the way to make reparations and compensate blacks as a race for their disadvantaged collective position in our society, and so on.
            The overall attitude is that whites carry a legacy of group responsibility for the general situation of blacks, and therefore must endure, without much complaint, all kinds of costs, inconveniences, and even rampant crime and violence in order to demonstrate a good-faith willingness to share in the burdens and plights of those experiencing residual effects of past oppression, as a polite way of putting it.  Incidentally, black professor Shelby Steele and others have noted, essentially, that maintaining such an attitude and paradigm basically keeps whites in the role of responsible parent, with blacks as dependent children, always looking to whites for the solution to their betterment…so millions of white liberals voted for a charming, utterly unqualified, and grossly dishonest anti-American for president, twice, out of both a sense of ethnomasochistic penitence, and also out of the hope that electing and supporting such a fraud would prove their charitable philanthropy and their trans-racial benevolence.  The inauguration and presidency of Obama, like all affirmative-action programs, was supposed to show how far America has progressed from the bad old days, as well as help to somehow prove that alleged good intentions and “storybook”(as the Great Cornholio, Joe Biden, put it) smooth persona could trump actual character, qualifications, and ability.
            It has all backfired, and badly.   For one thing, the Democrat brand is in a death-spiral, public opinion poll-wise, due to the lies, failure, and regulatory nightmare of “The Affordable Care Act,” Obama’s signature achievement.   With our country’s economy still crippled, in part, from the calamitous, far-reaching effects of Obama’s (as one of ACORN’s attorneys) mid-1990s lawsuit against CITIBank, which wound up forcing them and other major banks to engage in affirmative-action mortgage lending under the Community Reinvestment Act, leading, in part, to the eventual disintegration of all prudent standards throughout the entire financial industry, we still have this tap-dancing charlatan up there jabbering and jiving about “income inequality” and ”affordable this, affordable that” as if freedom were a bad word.   America was supposed to be about the liberty of the individual to succeed or to fail, free from some heavy-handed, so-called authority picking winners and losers.   In keeping with that ideal, Americans in general came to accept that the wrongs of slavery and Jim Crow had to not only be ended, but that certain measures be undertaken to make up for opportunities having been denied generations of blacks–never mind it being almost impossible to find a black person in America who’d willingly trade places with someone in Africa.
            The unfortunate fact is that we (I mean we as a whole country, not we who did not and would never vote for Obama) have elected someone who is provably a criminal fraud of the worst kind, far worse than even Bernie Madoff, in order to punish ourselves collectively, as the white majority, for the American “birth-defect” of slavery.  Melanin and smooth-talk were the only things that really mattered to the majority of voters, or vote-machine-tabulators, depending on whether you trusted the electoral outcome–what with hundreds of precincts in places like Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Miami registering not one single vote for Romney last November.   We now have one-sixth of our entire economy, the health care industry, being destroyed before our very eyes due to our suicidal indulgence in an allegedly “affordable,” affirmative-action, “health care justice” collossal fraud which no society on Earth can long afford.  Obamacare is a malignant cancer upon the land.  Doctors are jumping ship en masse.   Race relations are worse than they were before any of us had ever heard of Barack Obama, and millions of jobless Americans cast their weary eyes toward the horizons and the crowded public spaces, wondering when and where the next attack will come, even as their every phone call and email is tracked and logged by those whose job it was supposed to be to protect us from the likes of those now in power.   We need to stop punishing ourselves, stop aborting our sacred future, and impeach the heathen socialist bastard.  Yesterday.
Larry Usoff, U.S Navy, Ret.