Monday, October 7, 2013

"Spitting into the wind"

            I have gone back through my blogs, and through some of my earlier shows, and when you consider the vast audience that is out there, I'm amazed that more responses don't come in.  My opinion is just that, my opinion, and while it's based on things that are printed or said, it's still my opinion.  Why don't YOU out there have more to say about what goes on in the country?  Is it too much trouble to write your elected officials...or could it be that you're tired of getting a form-letter for an answer?   They DO listen, eventually, and they DO answer, eventually...but you have to get their attention.  There's a story about two farmers, Clyde and Henry.  Clyde sold his mule to Henry and one day when they meet Henry says, "Clyde, how did you ever get that mule to do any work?"  Clyde responds, "Well, you gotta walk around front where he can see you and then you whack him between the eyes with a piece of 2x4."  Henry is aghast and this and says, "Doesn't that hurt him?"
Clyde replies, "Yep...but you gotta get his attention first."   You can't walk up to a Senator and whack him one, even though you think he deserves it, but telling them, in no uncertain terms, what you are about, and asking for a reply, addressing THAT concern, will probably get you a decent answer.
            There's a lot in this world that I don't understand, and one of those things is that administrations, both sides of the political fence, seem to be more intent on what's good for the party, rather than what's good for the country.  Term limits would put an end to career politicans, and that would be a good thing.  Another good thing, for the country, is for us to revere the men and women of "The Greatest Generation" because, as one vet put it, "...if it wasn't for us, you would all be speaking German now."   The attempted closing of the World War Two memorial, by a government that doesn't seem to know much about appreciation, was just appalling to me.  Kudos to the people who opened the barriers, and some of them were those very same elected officials that we gripe about.  It's just beyond my understanding that the men and women who sacrifice so much for us are not treated with the utmost dignity and reverence.  Maybe there should be a political party comprised of veterans and their families.  That would encompass both sides of the political fence, but stressing neither.  It could be that these folks would have the clear-headed
idea to put country first.  I have a saying over my desk and it says "Non Sibi Sed Patriae" and translated from the Latin it means, "not self but country".  I read somewhere that the veterans of WW2 are dying at about one thousand a day, and we need to know, and honor them.
            There is SO much duplication in our government that it boggles the mind as to how ANYTHING gets done...or done correctly.   No one in Washington seems to be aware that people are lying, under oath, to members of congressional hearings, or if they ARE aware, they don't seem to care.  We don't have, or shouldn't have, an elite "class" of people in this country.   We are a classless society, regardless of what you might hear or read.   So much is said about "the middle class" that it makes me ill to think about it.  Go around and start asking people what class they belong to and you're going to get some mighty strange looks and answers.   Most Americans probably think they could be doing better, and that some people might have more stuff than they do...but then, there's others that probably have less too.
Should we break ourselves into little groups so that we can be identified that way?  If you ask someone to describe another person, odds are they'll start their description with what that other person does...but that is not who that other person is, is it?
            I don't pretend to have all the answers...I don't even pretend to have ANY of the answers, but I'll still ask the questions.  So you, reading this, do you have a question that should be answered?  Do you have an answer to a question that other folks might have?  Let me hear from you and maybe we can work something out on some of these questions and answers.
            Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired

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