Sunday, January 24, 2016


            If you were a listener to our radio show which ran for five plus years, or read any of our blogs, you would know that the American public, in general, is not held in high regard.  Various and sundry “interviewers” have questioned random people on the street about things, really basic things about America, and the answers have been simply appalling in their stupidity and lack of knowledge.  For years I’ve been saying that ignorance and apathy are doing more to undermine the stability of this country than almost anything else.  The phrase 'useful idiots', supposedly Lenin's, refers to Westerners saying good things about bad regimes. Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin used the term “polyezniy idiot” or “useful idiot” to describe sympathizers in the West who blindly supported Communist leaders…and America, through its systematic dumbing-down of school children from kindergarten all the way through college, is breeding these useful idiots by the droves.
            In videotaped interviews one can see people, and some of them are college students, willing to sign a petition to do away with the First Amendment and, in fact, the Constitution AND the Bill of Rights…because they don’t have a clue as to what is in those documents, having never been taught anything but a passing reference to them.  Some older people, and you’d think they would have more sense, go right along with these outrageous “petitions”, never giving it a second thought.  The generations coming up after mine, possibly the last real link to World War 2, will probably accept most any conditions that will exist because they don’t know any better, or different.   What, or who, captures America’s interest in this time of political turmoil?
            In those same interviews, knowledge of basic American things was lacking, BUT
asking those same people about sports scores, celebrity marriages or breakups, and the latest movies and the answers come quickly…and they’re accurate.   If anyone needed evidence that We The People are being subjected to a form of “sleeping sickness”, these interviews could certainly provide that evidence.   Speaking of evidence, the subject of Sharia, which is the law of Islam, came up in a few of those interviews.   Sharia is a very harsh form of “justice” which is, in fact, the very antitheses of most “Western” law.  Under Sharia punishment is extreme for what might pass for minor misdemeanors in our Western(translation: civilized) world.   Shoplifting, as an example, which in American courts is a misdemeanor and might warrant a fine, or several days in jail coupled with a method of paying back for the stolen item, under Sharia it gets a hand chopped off.
            Also under the broad heading of stupidity would be the way our government negotiates with other countries…friend and foe alike.   In that regard stupidity DOES        
reign supreme.   Take the Iran nuclear deal as an example.  To a country that is lying to us about their reasons for building nuclear plants, and burying them under about 60 feet of concrete, we sign a treaty for them to go on doing what they’re doing.  They, on the other hand, do NOT sign the treaty.   We allow them to self-police their activities about nuclear plants and we MUST give them 24 days notice before we plan an inspection of their facilities.   On top of all that stupidity, we release billions of their dollars that we’ve had frozen in our banks because they have not been truthful or compliant in the past…and now, with this infusion of so much money we fully expect that they WILL be truthful and compliant to a treaty that they didn’t sign.  Bringing it down to a level that most people can understand…you get a traffic ticket but refuse to pay it or show up in court.  What do you think the judge is going to do…just let you slide on that, or will the bench warrant be issued for your arrest?   It’s going to be the latter, folks, and of that you can be sure.  
            We are, or were, a nation of laws and, for the most part, we understood them and lived by them.  Laws provide regimens that make for harmonious living, standards by which we learn to associate right from wrong.  In a lawless society, which ours is quickly becoming, due in large part, to the Executive branch of the government taking over the duties and powers of both the Judicial and Legislative branches of the government, we are placing ourselves on the path to a dictatorship.   Dictators, no matter how benign they may be, are repugnant to Americans, or should be.  A couple of centuries back we fought one of the world’s great powers in order to be our own bosses.  Now, for the most part, we have ceded our individualism and freedoms to the government.              Wake up America…your country needs you, desperately.
            Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What the hell is going on here?

            Many different federal agencies, as well as some other media outlets and blogs, are saying(and proving) that there are jihadi training camps in the United States.   If you are of a certain age, you might remember the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War Two…and in retrospect it was wrong.  We had complete records of those people because they had been in the US for years, sometimes for generations, and we knew they were alright…but panic overcame logic in that event.

            With jihadi training camps it is an entirely different thing.  They have sworn allegiance to the Moon God, and to their holy book…and that book tells them to act in a manner that the rest of the civilized world finds absolutely repulsive.   No other cult, and that’s what Islam is, no other cult calls for a world-wide domination with three choices for those that are not followers…you can convert, you can pay the jiszya(tax) or you can die.  Period.

            Today we have technology to surveille these training camps.  We have the ability to prove that they are subversive…that they pose a clear and present danger to the United States.  We already know the lengths to which they will go to make their presence and aims, known.  We know that from the shootings, stabbings, beheadings, burnings and mass executions along with the organized rapes, what their ultimate goal is…so why are we not doing anything about it?

            Is there a reason, or a person, that we can point to and say this is why we’re not pursuing this evil within our borders?   If you watch the lamestream media, or listen to the “alphabet” news you will hear what they want you to hear or see…which is pushing the agenda of the administration.   Yeah…I recommend Fox News because it’s as truthful as anything you’re likely to find and it tells me about things that the others do not.  Is it completely, 100% right 100% of the time?  No…but what they say is 100% better than what is spewed out of the others.  

            I’ve asked a couple of law enforcement people around where I am, about these training camps…and the answers they give are startling, to say the least.  They say that the places are private property, mostly zoned for hunting and so there’s very few, if any, restrictions on what can go on there.   Raiding parties are strictly forbidden and getting a person to infiltrate is practically impossible.  This is a place where, if you’re not known by at least three people, you don’t get in and if you do, you might never get out…alive.

Long-range surveillance, I’m told, shows military-style training and weapons, as well as surplus military equipment like armored personnel carriers and the like.

            If push comes to shove, as it very well might, and these vermin move out of their protected areas and start making trouble around the country, the odds are stacked against them.   If you estimate 1 million jihadis in the United States, that’s 1 against a potential 330 million, and about the same number of guns(or more).  Snipers, man your guns and prepare for urban warfare!   Urban warfare is not quite the same as what was done in World War Two, until the troops actually got in/on the continent of Europe, and it certainly was not the type of warfare in Korea, Vietnam or the first Gulf war. 

            Things began to change with the second Gulf war, and continue on in that manner today.  Perhaps a big change in the ROE(rule of engagement) would make a difference in Afghanistan, and you can bet Americans fighting on their own soil would not adhere to ANY ROE’s.   Personally, and I’m no military strategist, I recommend a policy of take-no-prisoners if they are in the homeland.   We know all about the United States so there would be no information of any worth to be gained by questioning them, and they prefer death to life…and we should accommodate them every chance we get.

Prisoners require certain care under the Geneva Convention(which they don’t follow, by the way) and it means that troops have to be away from the battles.

            This Old Alarmist believes that in the not-too-distant future the uncivilized barbarians of Islam WILL be confronting the civilized “Western” world in a massive effort…sort of a do-or-die thing, like the kamikazis of Japan in the Pacific war.  At that time, Americans will have the opportunity to eliminate the worst scourge on the world’s stage since The Plague.   In fact, one could think of Islam AS a plague and you eliminate the disease or the disease eliminates you…take your choice.

            As a start, look up the training camps and see if one is in your area and ask the law enforcement people what they are doing about them…and good luck.

Red Dawn and The Postman

            In 1984 a movie called Red Dawn burst upon the scene and for those that have not seen it, it’s about a takeover of the United States by a combination of Russian and Cuban forces.   A small insurgency of high school kids begins to fight back and, in the end, the invaders are beaten and the United States is victorious.

            Fast forward to 2016.   We are under attack by another foreign enemy, already inside our borders and already attacking our people.  The difference between the film and what’s taking place now is that the attacks are scattered rather than a concentrated force…but make no mistake, the United States IS under attack.   In the film the insurgents, called Wolverines, use hit-and-run tactics to defeat the enemy, just as our enemy is using that against us now.   Americans, by and large, will take up arms against the enemy but, and that’s a big question mark…will the American military stand with the American people or go with the invaders?  

            Russia and Cuba are pictured as the invaders, and that might well come to pass with the leadership that those two countries, allied with the incompetence of our own

Government, but when you add in the world-wide desire for conquest of the followers of the Moon God, then Islam becomes a major player in the game.   Islam has but one goal and that is the world-wide submission to Allah.   There are no countries that will be immune to this scourge.   If you are not a Muslim, you are a dhimmi and forced to pay a tax just to live, you convert or you die…it’s that simple.

            The Postman, from 1994, is another interesting film with a different-yet-the-same story as Red Dawn.  A nameless drifter dons a postman's uniform and bag of mail as he begins a quest to inspire hope to the survivors living in post-apocalyptic America.

The enemy is also nameless in this movie, but the basic story is the same…Americans fighting back against an invading army.   Again, if you want to think of it this way, it’s David against Goliath, and you know how that turned out.  The difference here is that what we might call David is many small, splintered groups, eventually brought together by The Postman.  

            There are no words that my brain can conjure up to express the rage that is building inside me because of the ignorance and apathy of the American people.  A small segment of the public is thinking that they can “sweet-talk” their way out of the problem…but that won’t work.   If the enemy is an alligator, as an example, he may eat you last, but he will definitely eat you.   Another segment is convinced that if ignored the enemy will eventually disappear.   That may be so, but history has recorded appeasement before and it did not fare well for the world.   Still another segment of the ignorant American public believes, or wants to believe, that ink on a piece of paper will force the enemy to behave.  It won’t.

            As I see it, the saving grace for this country is that we have (a) a lot of privately-owned weapons, (b) a bunch of veterans, from all wars, who have seen what happens in war and are determined that it shall not happen here and (c) loudmouth agitators and alarmists like me, who keep bringing the subject to the forefront.   Any problem can be overcome with the proper strategy…but you have to awaken the public TO the problem.  

Years of comfortable living, with a volunteer military has made us soft, to the point where it’s going to take another event like 9-11 to shake us out of our comfort zone…but it will have to be done, if the United States is to survive.

            If you are not a gun owner, you should be.  If you are a gun owner, you should be proficient in the use of that weapon.   Go to a shooting range and learn what you can do with that gun, and learn to use both hands because you may have only one to use at some point.   Be alert because instant jihad is exactly what it implies…a madman or woman, coming at you suddenly, with your death in their mind.  True believers in the Moon God are more interested in death than we are in life, so always know what’s going on around you, and if you have a concealed carry permit…carry!

            There is another, even more frightening attack that the enemy can carry out, without firing a shot.   It’s an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP.  Simply put it’s an event that takes out all or part of the electrical grid of the country.  Now, imagine that you have just survived a hurricane, a tornado, a winter storm or whatever, and you have no power in your city…and may not have for days.  You can rest somewhat easy because you are certain that power will be restored soon…right?  Now, with an EMP, that power may take weeks, months, or years to restore…and how are you going to live?  No lights, no phones, the supermarkets will be stripped bare inside of a couple of days, and you could not even get gasoline to put in your car or generator.   You will try to survive.

            Survival of the fittest is nature’s way of preserving whatever it is, be it animal,  or vegetable…they adapt to changing conditions in order to survive, and we’d better be doing that also or it will be the end of the United States.   No matter who is elected this next time around, there will be a definite choice to be made, and that choice will be, simply put, the survival of the United States.   Never mind the party, never mind the money you may have or not have…it won’t mean a thing.   All Americans will be in peril, even as they are now, so Wake Up America…your country needs you desperately!

            Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Navy boats and Iranian “assistance”

From the Conservative Tribune, January 16th, this headline... Defense Secretary Slips Up, Reveals Obama Admin LED IRAN Straight to Our Sailors

It doesn’t matter if “the 3 a.m. phone call” comes in the middle of the day. Not only will the Obama administration not answer it, but they’ll aid our enemies instead.

First came the fact that President Barack Obama refused to address the arrest of 10 of our sailors by the Iranian military after their boats had mechanical trouble at sea. Then came news that the Obama administration had offered the Iranians an apology for the release of the sailors.   Now comes the disturbing revelation, apparently delivered by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, that the Obama administration tipped off the Iranians that our soldiers were lost at sea and requested their aid.

The news came from Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, during an interview on TheBlaze’s Dana Loesch shortly after Iran’s arrest of the sailors had come to light.

“I understand that (Secretary of State) John Kerry has indicated, look, when he got word, he and Ash Carter called the Iranians to help take care of our Navy guys, because they had some mechanical problems,” Gohmert said.   I’ll give you a second to pick your jaw off the floor.   “When our Navy ships have problems, we don’t call Iran. We call the rest of the Navy. We can call the Air Force, the Army, the Marines, Coast Guard. We don’t call Iran,” Gohmert said.   He also took a swipe at Kerry’s closeness with Iranian officials, noting how the former Democrat presidential nominee had the son of Iran’s foreign minister as the best man at his daughter’s wedding.

“But I guess, you know, if you have relatives that have weddings that involve the people that are in charge in Iran, well, maybe you feel that comfortable,” Gohmert said. “But you know, Dana, there are secrets on every military ship we have … that has no business being in the hands of the Iranians.”   But, hey — the Obama administration has given the Iranians everything else via the Iran deal, why not give them Navy secrets, as well?   This shows just how derelict the Obama administration was in its duty. Not only did they apologize to the Iranians, they actively delivered our sailors into the clutches of their military.   This rot starts at the top — and if Barack Obama can apologize to Iran, he can also apologize to the American people.

And, in a related story, there’s this, also from the Conservative Tribune on January 16th, and the headline is…Navy Capt. Reveals What Iran REALLY Did With U.S. Sailors… Media Completely Silent

To say that Iran made this week difficult for the Obama administration would be a massive understatement.   First, their new BFFs, the mullahs in Tehran, decided to arrest 10 American sailors whose boat had broken down and drifted into Iranian waters. Then, America was forced to apologize to get them back.   Finally, a Republican congressman said that Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Ash Carter had actually contacted the Iranians to fetch the boats.   After all that, Secretary Kerry had the gall to say that the “quick release” of the sailors was due to the improved relations fostered by the Iran deal.   While the administration may be singing “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life,” Capt. Chuck Nash isn’t buying it. The former naval officer and military analyst took to Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” on Thursday to say what he thinks the incident showed.   “This was done intentionally and it was done to further embarrass the United States. And to send the clear message to the Gulf Arabs: If the Americans won’t stand up for themselves, they’re certainly not going to stand up for you. We’re the big dog now,” Nash said.

Nash also said that the decision to release footage of an American sailor apologizing for the incident was made at the highest level — likely by Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.   Once again, my friends, the fecklessness of this administration is being broadcast to the world.   Once again, the clinically delusional madman heading up this country has taken us a few more steps down the path to complete destruction.   One cannot ignore the utter contempt in which the rest of the free world now holds the United States.   We are a paper tiger, torn to shreds by our own incompetent leadership.


Friday, January 15, 2016

Let’s talk guns.

.    My friends, just ask yourselves a question…if you are awakened in the middle of the night with someone breaking into your home, threatening your family, do you want to be armed or not?  It’s been proven, time and time and again, that a good guy with a gun can, and does, keep the crime rate down.   As has been stated many times before, the United States Constitution gives you the right to own a gun…it doesn’t specify what type of gun, how many rounds it can hold or how you have to store it…all of that has been determined, and argued about, in the individual states.

When there is a mass shooting, why does the other side blame the gun?   If the gun was dangerous by itself, it would be shooting people by itself…but it needs someone to hold it and pull the trigger.  The gun is not the problem, the person holding and using it is the problem, and more often than not, they’ve got a screw loose somewhere.

            It is apparent to me, based on the idiotic things that the Muslim-in-Chief has said, what members of his administration have said and what members of Congress have said, that they have little or no knowledge of firearms.   You, a private citizen, are to be denied your Constitutional right to own a gun because “they” don’t want you to have one.  “They”, however are probably being guarded by armed personnel…so where’s the logic in that?   Does that mean that they value their own lives above yours or mine?  I certainly don’t agree with that concept.

            "An armed society is a polite society.", this from Robert Heinlein, a prominent science-fiction writer and the author of “Starship Troopers”.   The point being made here is that bad guys are less likely to pick on someone to rob, to mug, invade their home or car-jack if they know or suspect that the potential victim is armed.  Gun-free zones are what they like best because there’s very little, or no, chance that someone will be shooting back at them.  Gun-free zones should be renamed to “killing zones”, and you needn’t give me any crap about how it would turn into the Wild West, because it hasn’t, and won’t.

            Buying a gun legally is done along strict lines set up by the federal government.  In every case, there’s a form to fill out, which goes to the FBI and they make a background check on the purchaser.  Almost any little thing that pops up can cause the buyer to be disqualified, so “enhancing” background checks is a non-starter because they’re already doing that.  Once a person applies for a concealed carry permit, the background check is even deeper and, once again, anything that pops up could cause the buyer to be rejected. 

            You might think that having that permit entitles you to do all sorts of things, but you’d be wrong.  You cannot let the weapon be seen, that’s called brandishing.   You cannot even let the outline of the weapon be seen, that’s call imprinting.   Both of these, depending upon the state in which you live, could be cause for cancellation of your concealed carry permit.  Carrying a weapon is a responsibility that one should not take lightly.   If you have one weapon, it’s recommended that you get to know it very well.

Find a shooting range and go there about twice a month, minimum, and shoot 50 rounds or so through the weapon.   In a situation where it’s life or death, you don’t want to be fumbling or wondering about ANYTHING concerning that weapon.

            At a town hall event at La Progressiva Presbyterian School in Miami, Florida, Jeb Bush stated, "The federal government shouldn't be involved in gun laws. The country is very different." Bush added, "If you go to a rural area where guns are a part of the culture, to impose laws from Washington that are going to work for New York City, or work in a rural area, makes no sense.   Historically when this happens, the 99.9 percent of the cases of people using guns for their private pursuits, using them legally, their rights get restricted, and it doesn't solve the problems of these isolated sad tragic cases."

            "A free people ought to be armed."-- George Washington, first president of the United States.   "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."-- Benjamin Franklin, publisher of Poor Richard’s Almanac and early American statesman.  "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."-- Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States, and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence.  Three men, visionaries in their own right, who set down on paper, a proper course for the nation to travel.  I believe, with all my heart, that they would be appalled to see the furor over gun control going on now and, as I’ve said many, many times before, this is not about gun control…this is about womb-to-tomb control of your life.

            Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired     e-mail:

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Hello, my name is Larry Usoff, and I'm US Navy Retired.   During the five-plus years that we did an online radio show a lot of people called me an I've adopted that nickname, The Old Alarmist.   When you read these blogs and see the videos(from time to time) you'll probably see things that you didn't know about simply because they're not being mentioned...especially by the mainstream media.