Sunday, November 30, 2014


NOTES ON A SHABBY CUFF #7 “THE NOWHERE MAN” (with apologies to The Beatles).   This man, Barack Hussein Obama, is a caricature of a real person.  He has no background that anyone can look at because it’s all been sealed up tighter than a drum-head.  The first question then is why?  Did he really go to all the schools that he claims?   Did he get good grades…good enough to get him into Harvard?   Was he really a Constitutional lawyer, or a teacher of Constitutional law?  Did he really smoke pot and do crack cocaine as has been mentioned?   Was he, at some point early in his life, “chosen” and manipulated into politics, where it was determined that, if the cards were stacked in the correct manner, he could rise in the Democrat ranks to…dare we say, the Presidency?   Even his birthplace is shrouded in mystery and, despite the release of a “certificate of birth” his claim of American citizenship is questioned.  Many experts in forgeries, as well as experts in “photoshopping” have declared that the birth certificate is a fake.  Alright, if he wasn’t born in Hawaii as claimed, where then?  It was reported that his family in Kenya said he was born there.  If that’s true, then where does that put this man-from-nowhere insofar as the law, his presidency, and whatever else he’s caused to happen?  Personally, the Kenyan story seems more plausible to me, but I could be wrong.  The facts surrounding the Hawaiian story just don’t seem to jibe, and that’s troubling.  The entire administration seems to hold up lying as a virtue and it is the norm.   Truth is now just a word in the dictionary to them.
Five days before the election in 2008 he said he was going to fundamentally transform America, and that’s probably the one promise he’s kept.   The rest of it, the falling of this country from its lofty perch, the decimation of our armed forces, the hatred garnered from countries that once were, maybe, our friends, that has all come about during the period which I’m going to call The American Dark Ages.  That would be from that fateful day in January 2009, to the fateful day coming in January 2016, when the imposter steps down and, hopefully, we get someone who IS an American and wants this country to succeed.   There is a story about a camel which was kept outside of the tent in a very bad sandstorm in the desert.  He pleaded with his owner to let him stick his nose inside the tent so it wouldn’t get clogged with sand.  Of course, in this story, the camel CAN talk, but that’s not the point.  Little by little the camel talks his way into the tent and since he is much larger than the owner, the owner is soon OUTSIDE the tent.   So it is with Islam.
Islam is a lot of things…savage, untruthful, devious, barbaric, backward-looking, abhorrent, intolerant, a cult, and that’s just for starters.  It’s also NOT a lot of things…tolerant, truthful, peaceful, or compatible with anything in the civilized world.
Through its practice of taqiyya, which is lying to infidels, and which they have raised to a fine art, they have been infiltrating the civilized world.   Only recently, a high-ranked Muslim Imam was asked, and allowed, to give the opening prayer to Congress.  If that isn’t the camel’s nose in the tent, I don’t know what is.   Oh wait…I DO know…it’s the textbooks that praise Islam and denigrate Christianity, Judaism, and other religions, if they even mention them.   It’s the TV network Al-Jazeera which spews out its one-sided views of the world’s events.  It’s the United Nations, that once-proud assortment of countries dedicated to peace…and now pretty much controlled by Islamist nations dedicated to the destruction of both the Great Satan (the United States) and the Little Satan(Israel).   It’s the placement, through manipulations, bribes and even, possibly, murders, for the Man From Nowhere, into the White House.
The very thing that holds this country together, the United States Constitution, is being ignored, or worse, by the Man From Nowhere, and his henchmen.   He has eased Islamists into positions in various agencies and levels of the federal government, maybe as a precursor to taking over in a coup…militarily if necessary, but probably through more manipulations and the acknowledged stupidity of the American people.   Not content with taking over the healthcare of the country, and ruining that in the process, he has been instrumental in forging regulations, along with executive orders,  that hamstring the economy, kill incentive, decimate the armed forces and, in general put the United States in a position to be overwhelmed and defeated, reduced to a third-world power…if you want to call that position “power”.
No, this unknown entity that sits in the Oval Office, is not our friend.  He is a narcissistic incompetent, being manipulated by forces, into doing the worst that he can do.   The oath of office that he took means nothing.  Love of country means nothing because he has not lived the American Experience.   His faith, I believe, lies with the Seventh Century pedophile warlord that founded the cult called Islam.   Somehow, we must learn, through proven facts, the truth about The Man From Nowhere.
Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired

Sunday, November 23, 2014



It doesn’t take a genius to see that the United States is losing ground under the present administration.   The president is following the playbooks of Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven, to a T.   Those plans, carefully couched in non-threatening language, show the path that we are following and the ultimate destination is near-oblivion.   Now, having said that let’s gather the remaining patriots together, do some constructive legislating, and turn the country around.   Predictability may be dull for some folks, but knowing what your country will do in almost any given situation, can be a great comfort.   Right now, with our armed forces being converted into a compliant quasi-military unit for the pleasure of the imposter-in-chief in the White House, and not truly knowing which way they will turn when push comes to shove, is disturbing to me.

There was a time, once, when being an American was something to work to attain, if you were foreign-born and came to this country as an immigrant.  Now, under the present administration, it appears likely that our system of immigration is going to be shoved aside in favor of what can only be called amnesty for millions.  Personally, I call it outright stupidity, and unlawful…but then, the present administration has no use for the law, especially the Constitution, seeing it as an impediment to getting what they want done.   Members of Congress, and even this administration, like to say that we are a nation of laws…so long as it benefits their cause, and when it doesn’t, oh well, the president has a pen and a phone and he can make laws, ignore laws, and choose which parts of which laws he will follow.   In case you don’t know, making law is the job of the Congress, but they don’t seem to have had the backbone to enforce that part of the US Constitution.

Another thing that is a question for me…why do we import so many things that we used to make here…and made them better than anyone else?  Walking through one of the stores of the largest retailer in the world, and my guess is that you know who that is, it was difficult to find products that were made in America.   Why is that you might ask?   Let’s see about that.   First, greed plays a big part in the selection of products, both on the part of the consumer as well as the maker.   If you are a maker of a product, and it can be made overseas for less, then you will put a bigger share of the profits in your pocket.   If you are a consumer, you pay less for that foreign-made product and you get to keep more of your money in your pocket.   See how that works?   There is another aspect of this, and it also affects both the maker and consumer, and that’s taxes.   We have one of the most, if not THE most, convoluted and punishing tax systems in the world.   There are so many loopholes in it, due to sharp manipulations by tax attorneys, political groups and even foreign interests, that it looks like Swiss cheese…to them.   To the average taxpayer, however, it looks like quicksand.   It needs a complete change, not just cosmetically, but from top-down and bottom-up.  

Some years back, then-Representative John Linder came up with The Fair Tax.   It was a total of 135 pages, eliminated all the loopholes, and it was FAIR!   It was so logical and fair that everyone who read it knew immediately that it would never get enacted!   We now have some new, fresh, faces in Congress, and it would be in their best interests, and America’s, to enact The Fair Tax as soon as possible and repeal the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution.   Income tax, which is the basis for our present tax system, punishes people and businesses for doing well.   That’s just plain stupid and, in this case, you CAN fix stupid by enacting The Fair Tax.   Just imagine taking home your entire paycheck with NO deductions.   April 15th would be just another Spring day.   The Internal Revenue Service(and that’s “service” like what a bull does to a cow) would be a thing of the past or, at the very least, a much different sort of tax agency.

Give the incoming Congress a chance to get their feet wet, sure…but don’t let them become complacent, or compliant.   Make sure they know that they are there to carry out the wishes and will of the people…those same people that put them in there can also vote them out.   And, on that subject, how about strict term-limits for all members of Congress, like we have for the person in the Oval Office?   That might straighten out some of those that think they have a “career” in Congress.   Just sayin’, that’s all.

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired

Sunday, November 16, 2014


NOTES ON A SHABBY CUFF #5, Last week...

Last week we paid our respects to veterans of our armed forces.  For one, of several days, the country becomes aware of our armed forces...but for the rest of the year, if VA facilities are any yardstick, we treat them like crap.   That makes me mad and, before you ask, yes, I would do something about it.  My plan is very simple...the top five people in every VA facility around the country would be asked to resign.   If they resign, they get no benefits.  If they refuse to resign, they will face a trial and they will NOT be on paid administrative leave.   If they are found guilty of the charges they face, they will be sent to prison.

Other things were going on last week, but if you watched the mainstream media you might have missed some of it.   For starters, did you see that our president was not in the center of the group picture?   It was Putin, of Russia, who had that spot and that indicated that China thinks that he has replaced our president as the more powerful of the two.   Speaking of China, some business people on TV have reported that their economy has toppled ours as the #1 in the world.   That's not good news, especially when it's tied in with the thinking that some other currency, other than the US dollar should be the "universal" currency.   Economics is not my strong suit, but I can tell you that the stuff I buy at the supermarket seems to be inching up in price week by week.

Last week we learned the identity of the man who killed Usama bin Laden.  Details, as much as was revealed, told us that the mission was considered very likely to be a one-way mission.  With any person who dares to be different, possibly in a menacing way, they come to realize that because of what they’ve done they, and their family, have become targets.  Of course, anyone that puts on the uniform of the United States will be, at some point perhaps, a target for the enemy…and more and more that enemy will be unknown.  Even the last Gulf War was able to be classified as a “standard” war where both sides wore uniforms and you knew the enemy.   Americans, and other “westerners” now face an enemy that doesn’t wear a uniform and, in some cases, could look like anybody else.  This new type of warfare is going to take a new type of response and, personally, I like the military adage “the best defense is a good offense” and that saying goes back to Machiavelli and others.

What would be a good offense?  Surely we cannot duplicate the internment of Americans of Japanese ancestry, as we did in World War Two…can we?  We can do surveillance on places we consider to be breeding grounds for radical insurgents, potential jihadists, can’t we?  In most places, yes we could, but not in New York City apparently.  Back in August 2013, it was the policy of the NY Police Department to conduct surveillance on mosques since that seemed to be the logical places for jihadists to be radicalized.   In April of this year the unit that was watching the mosques was dismantled and the surveillance was ended.   Personally, I think that was a dumb move…but then, I think the Mayor of New York, Bill DeBlasio is an idiot.   Like the president, he’s done enough dumb things that pages could be written about them, but he’s not going to change because of anything that’s said here.

Last week saw two more names placed on my Navy-buddy Taps list.  One I knew personally, having been with him on two cruises, and the other I knew only through e-mails.  Face-to-face or e-mails, it doesn’t make a difference, when they’re gone they’re gone and the loss is just as bad.  With that in mind, when my wife died, it struck me that there was a way now, to keep a presence even though you’re gone.  Technology being what it is, recordings into a computer can be preserved indefinitely, so I started to record stories and poems and just notes, like a journal but not on a daily basis.  Perhaps it will come to pass that they(my children) will put down their phones, pads, tablets, etc. and sit still long enough to listen to me.  Oh well, that might be a pie-in-the-sky wish.  Albert Einstein once said “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”  Alas and alack.

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired 

Sunday, November 9, 2014



What in the world are we coming to in this country?  Down in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a pretty nice town I understand, a 90 year old man was arrested for feeding hungry people.  From ABC News, by Christopher Donato, writing on November 6th, and his headline reads…90-Year-Old Man Charged With Feeding Homeless Says He Won't 'Give Up' ...and he says Every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. for the past 23 years, 90–year-old Arnold Abbott has been feeding the homeless at a public beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  On October 21, the City of Fort Lauderdale Commission passed an ordinance that banned public food sharing -- something that went into effect last week. Under the ordinance, organizations distributing food outdoors would have to provide portable toilets for use by workers and those being fed.   "We hope he feeds. He has a very valuable role in the community,” said Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler. "All we're saying is he can feed the next block over. He can feed at the church. We want them to be in safe secure settings. We wanted them to be in a sanitary matter. We them to have facilities available before and after."    On November 2, just days after the ordinance took effect, Abbott had handed out his third meal of the day when he was approached by police officers. He was cited for breaking the ordinance and given a notice that he must appear in court.   Abbott, a World War II veteran and civil rights activist, told The Associated Press that he has been serving the homeless for more than two decades in honor of his late wife. He has several programs, including a culinary school to train the homeless and help find them jobs in local kitchens.

"One of the police officers said, 'Drop that plate right now,' as if I were carrying a weapon," Abbott told ABC affiliate WPLG.   Abbott continued his tradition of feeding the homeless on a public beach Wednesday night when he was approached by officers again and his food operation was shut down.   But he plans on being back at the public beach, as usual, next Wednesday.    "I don’t plan to give up the beach,” he said.   The Fort Lauderdale Police told ABC News that Abbott will get his court subpoena in the mail and a judge will decide whether he will spend up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.   "Arnold thinks he can feed wherever he wants and the laws say differently. Despite the fact that he's a super nice guy and he's a gentleman and a kind soul we have to enforce the law,” Seiler said.   Although Abbott has been cited twice in less than a week, he has no plans to stop feeding the homeless, telling ABC News over the phone from his non-profit organization, Love Thy Neighbor, that the only alternative he has is to go to court.   Abbott sued the City of Fort Lauderdale in 1999 after they tried to stop him from feeding the homeless on a public beach. Abbott won the case three times in circuit court and twice in the court of appeals.   He was invited by a local church to feed the homeless in their parking lot this coming Sunday where he expects to feed up to 200 people. Abbott doesn’t believe he will receive any citations during this feed because he will be on private property.

Mr. Bumble had little use for judicial reasoning. In Dickens' Oliver Twist, he put it rather bluntly: "'If the law supposes that', said Mr. Bumble, 'the law is an ass — an idiot.'"  I quite agree, Mr. Bumble.  Just because something is the law, doesn’t make it right, fair or logical.  One only has to look at the “stuff” that’s come out of the White House in the past six years to understand that.   Here’s what Francis Bacon said about the law, "That laws were like cobwebs; where the small flies were caught, and the great break through."

Now, on a different subject…immigration.  A brief note…when my grandparents came here, with literally thousands of others, they waited in line.  First they waited in their home country, to get permission to emigrate to America.  Then they waited until they saved enough money to get on the boat.  Then, arriving in America, either broke or almost so, they scrimped and saved and made their way in the New World.   You can trace famous families of this country back to their immigrant roots and see how they worked to get ahead. 

Now contrast that to the Muslims that are being imported into this country.   They cannot wait to get on the welfare rolls, to suck at the government teat, to contribute nothing of value to the society in which they live and, they are “offended” at everything that takes place!   You can make all the excuses you want, for them, but they are not compatible with anything in the civilized world, and they’ll do anything, say anything, so long as it furthers the cause of Islam.   We don’t need that in a free(for now) country.
Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Election day comes and goes during this week and the course of the ship of state is set, but there’s a few things that have come to light recently that you should think about.  Not the least of which is massive voter fraud, probably in this election…and definitely in the last one.   Voting machines which automatically transferred a vote to the other side, voters who voted more than once, illegal aliens who voted and, of course the dead, and the cartoon characters.  Perhaps the most obvious was the case of  Jim Moynihan in Chicago…and who would EVER think that politics could go awry in that place?  Moynihan, a Republican, voted for himself in early voting and watched in amazement as the machine changed his vote to the Democrat.  He tried several other choices on the ballot only to have the same results…his vote was changed to the Democrat opponent.   If that isn’t investigated, and thoroughly, then we might as well go back to the paper ballots and have them counted by both sides simultaneously.

Being retired from the US Navy, there have been occasions when it was proper and authorized to wear the uniform again, and I did.  Now, with the recent flurry of terror attacks on uniformed personnel, it causes me, and a lot of others I’ll bet, to think twice about wearing the uniform.  One place in particular comes to mind immediately, and that is the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier at the National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.   When the terrorist shot and killed the soldier in Canada, he ran right up to him and shot him in the chest and, as we found out later, those soldiers carried rifles, but they had no ammunition with them to defend themselves or the monument.  Is that the case in the United States also?   Personally speaking, every American citizen should be armed now, because a so-called “lone wolf” type of attack happens very fast and, usually, without warning.    You should always be aware of your surroundings, the people nearby, and be prepared to defend yourself should it be necessary.  If the Department of Defense mandates that US Armed Forces personnel should not wear uniforms off the base, the tactic of terror will have done its job.

From time to time a news item makes me sit up, scratch my head and wonder how we got to this point, and this is one of those items.   In Baltimore, Maryland, a white family boarded a city bus and, for what reason we don’t know, had some words with the driver, a black female.   She apparently used her phone and arranged for a group of black youths to meet her bus at the next stop, with the instructions that they should take care of the whites when they exited the bus.  When the family disembarked the bus  the youths followed and began pepper spraying and beating all of them. The group got on and off the bus several times, all the while beating the family, in an attack that lasted at least 3 minutes. Sadly, the family also reports that the crowd on the bus was cheering on the attack.   The bus waited for the “gang” to get back on the bus before continuing.  The driver, and the black youths have been brought to trial but no word on what the outcome was.

Maybe you didn’t hear about this but Halloween was cancelled  in Newington, Connecticut.  Why was it cancelled, you may ask?  For the usual reason…it might “offend” some people who don’t celebrate it.   Parents say they got letters from the principals stating that since not everyone celebrates Halloween, it should not be celebrated.   I’ll give you three guesses as to who those people, who might be offended, were…and the first two don’t count.   Yes, it’s probably those people…the same ones who are so easily offended at everything that this country, and every other civilized country on earth, practice.   Those people, you know them as “the religion of peace”, when they are killing and maiming by the thousands in places where they’ve conquered, or terrorized, the local population.  Those are the people, most likely, that were offended by Halloween and caused it to be cancelled.   Now my question is, are we going to cancel Christmas too…because they might be offended at that?

Wake up America!    The United States is being converted, subverted, undermined, and sabotaged, and guess what…most people don’t know and don’t care!   This quote, from John F. Kennedy, should be read aloud before every session of both houses of the United States Congress…”Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”
Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired