Monday, October 28, 2013

America...and reality.

America...and reality. 
            If anyone doubts that we have a person(or persons) in the Spite House, that have no grasp on reality, they only have to listen to what he says.   While the rest of the country is backing away from the so-called "Affordable" health care program, the The Snake-Oil-Salesman-In-Chief continues to be delusional about his government-dictated health care scheme and he's more than willing to throw millions of Americans under the bus to salvage his ObamaCare disaster.   Barack Obama took to the airwaves on Monday, the 21st of October, to address the problems with his health care scheme... but he didn't apologize... he didn't say he was sorry... he didn't even have the courage to admit his government takeover of health care is a disaster.   Calling ObamaCare a "good product" that is "exceeding expectations," he repeatedly lauded the phantom accomplishments of his scheme to destroy our nation's health care system and transform our great nation.          Even House Speaker John Boehner took notice: "If the president is frustrated by the mounting failures of his health care law, it wasn't apparent today. Americans are looking for accountability, but what the president offered today was little more than self-congratulation. Either the president doesn't grasp the scale of the law's failures or he doesn't believe Americans deserve straight answers."   Lately, it's been difficult for me to face reality when it came to some things, but this is reality, folks, and reality bites!
            Have you been following the emasculation of our armed forces?   We are getting down to the point where we'll have to do what they did prior to our entrance into World War Two.   Back then, the army was SO badly equipped that troops used broomsticks for rifles, and automobiles for tanks!  We may be a technologically wonderful military, but if you don't have people that can comprehend that troops need to train, need to have current equipment, then we're going to be the most-easily defeated technologically wonderful military on earth.   Get rid of the bean-counter mentality in the military.   Stop firing anyone that disagrees with you.  Be aware that we are spiralling downward...maybe into oblivion.  There was a time, and it wasn't that long ago, when the United States was looked up to as the best country on, we are almost universally despised, distrusted and disrespected.   It doesn't take a genius to see that we're facing a harsh reality...but the current administration would have you believe that everything is hunky-dory...and that's not reality.  Maybe we should question what WE think is reality, as opposed to what the government wants us to believe is reality...and, by the way, this trip into Never-never Land has been going on for a long time...maybe 40 years in my estimation.
            Here's another bit of reality for you; there are thousands and thousands of miles of roads in this country that are in desperate shape.  Add to that the hundreds of bridges that need to be replaced and you're looking at a LOT of construction work...enough to keep tradesmen in this country working for years!   So, you may ask, why isn't it being done?  Why aren't the tradesmen hard at work?  One of the answers may be that we don't have ENOUGH skilled tradesmen because that sort of work has been outsourced for years, so nobody here is going into those trades.   My working background includes a lot of years as a carpenter and in the remodeling business, and based on that experience, I can tell you that technology has almost killed off the craftsmen.   That could be a good reason why, when you call for a person to fix something, or build something, it really costs an arm and a leg!  Supply and demand, that's what runs the world, believe it or not.  If the supply for a skilled craftsman is low, and the demand is can bet the charges will reflect that.   Ask the folks that live in either the tornado alley or the hurricane path...when they go to get supplies, you can be sure that the prices have gone up, and will continue to go up until the supplies are exhausted.   That, my friends, is reality.
            As I said, reality bites, and since most of the country is now resigned to their "fate", don't look for a resurgence in patriotism, military prowess, integrity in government...none of it.  Wake up America, reality is calling.

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