Sunday, February 22, 2015


THE MAN IN THE MIRROR...AND IT'S NOT MICHAEL JACKSON.   If there's one thing that can be said about the current occupant of the Oval Office, it's that he loves himself like no one else.  Who else would allow pictures, like the ones that were splashed all over the "fair and balanced" network, to get out to the public?   We see a man, so in love with himself that he smiles and makes foolish faces, along with using a "selfie stick" to take pictures of himself.   Now I grant you that most of us, when we're alone in a bathroom, probably make a face or two, maybe while we're shaving or combing our hair...but nothing like this buffoon!   This man(and I use that word very loosely) is the epitome of a petulant 5 year-old child who, if he doesn't get his way, wants to go home and take his stuff with him.   Because he's never participated in anything in the way of The American Experience he falls back on the teachings of his mentors...a few people that were Communists, Socialists, anti-colonialists and, probably anti-Semites.   He sat in a church for 20 years, listening to a virulent preacher and then claimed he never heard any of that.   What crap!

            The man in the mirror, as the rest of us have experienced, can lie to everyone but himself.   When you are alone and you look in the mirror, you see someone that you, and you alone, know intimately...every thought you've ever thought, every action you've ever taken, it's all there and you see it.   You can regret, you can take pride, in what you've done or thought...but you cannot undo what's been done.  If money could solve the world's ills, and we've thrown billions upon billions at the problems, they would have been solved...but it doesn't.   Sometimes it just takes the careful planning and execution of that plan before money is thrown at the trouble, and that works...sometimes.  

            A good example of a plan that hasn't worked is the War On Poverty.   Brought to life by then-President Lyndon Johnson, billions have been poured into that program and, if money could cure it, it would be cured...but we still have poverty in this country and more people on the dole from the federal government.   There are people, like me, who believe that was the ultimate goal from the make as many people dependent on the government as possible so they are controlled by the politicians they support.   Americans seem to have not just a short memory, but they are becoming increasingly dumb, by design...of course, that's just my opinion and I could be wrong, but I don't think I am.

            You want another example of billions of dollars down the toilet?   The federal government has spent quite a few bucks in the War On Drugs, and where has that gotten them?   Marijuana, as an example, is against the law according to the feds…but you can buy, raise, and sell it in several states.  Where’s the logic in that?   Medical professionals, and that’s not all of them, say that pot is a gateway drug, leading to wanting to get a stronger high, and so the buyers look for something else, and that something else, more often than not, turns out to be cocaine.   Cocaine is a major source of revenue in several countries, and they consider the US a major market for it, and it’s very profitable, which is why they take such risks to bring it in.

            Uncle Sam cannot be the world’s policeman, like he used to be.   Cuts in defense spending have made the United States weak.   A two-ocean Navy is out of the question, as is a standing Army big enough and smart enough to repel any potential invaders…and there are some that are seriously considering just that plan.   Reports from “anonymous sources”, but high up in the Department of Defense say that many of the new recruits cannot read or write coherently, and must undergo remedial training if they are to be of any use in the field or aboard ship.   No matter in which direction you look, disaster is right around the corner for the United States, but then, I’m an alarmist and everybody knows that.

            So, to the silly man in the mirror, I pose this question: when are you going to resign and let someone who is (a) an American, (b) not a narcissist, and (c) has some common sense, take the helm of the ship of state, steer away from the rocks and shoals and out into open water?   We are desperately in need of a clear-thinking patriot who take America out of the depths of despair and bring her back to the top of the heap.   What say you, the silly man in the mirror?

    Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired.

Sunday, February 15, 2015



           The dhimmi's(and you can look that up if you don't already know it) attitude about almost everything connected with Islam is that the barbarians represent a fanatical minority.  I hope you're sitting down because that, my friends, is a big fat lie...but as Joseph Goebbels once opined, if you tell a big lie often enough people will start to believe it.   So, when you hear a Muslim say that Islam is a religion of peace, just figure that they are practicing taqiyya and don't believe a word they say.   Islam says it is at war with the United States, but our dear leader in his I-live-in-my-own-little-world mentality will not accept that premise because he knows better.  There are, and have been signs along the road, that should have been noticed, but weren't.   You've probably read, or heard, Winston Churchill's estimation of what was then called Mohammedism, and it wasn't good, but it was accurate...and it was from 1895 I think.

           Our dear leader is delusional.  Period.   In addition to being incompetent, a liar, and a traitor, he really believes the BS that he spouts on a regular basis.   He has no head for governing but he's a great on-the-road campaigner.   He has no tact or finesse in dealing with foreign heads of state, but will bow down to those he believes to be his superiors.   How did a person like this get to be the leader of the free world, the most powerful man on earth?   The first election was, in my opinion, a social experiment, but there was no excuse for the second, unless you want to factor in mass voter fraud.   He will deal with Iran, secretly, and they are our sworn enemy, but he will show a hostility never before seen by an American government, to Israel, which used to be our staunchest ally.   He will send arms and money to a government in Egypt which was then headed by a key member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but will not name them as a terrorist organization...even though they have been called that by other Arab countries.

           There is a distinct difference between leading and leading-from-behind.   The former is exactly what it says and the latter is following.  Period.   His plan to fundamentally transform America was never questioned, and it really should have been because we HAVE been transformed, nearly completely, into a questionable first-rate power with a failing economy and a military that is stretched paper thin.   The imposter-in-chief is really nothing more than a community organizer who, by manipulation and deviousness, managed to glom onto the seat of power.   The power behind the throne, so to speak, has to be someone, or several someones, that have expressed a desire, a plan, a modus operandi, to bring down the United States because of some misguided thinking.

           Perhaps a word of caution here because it’s easy to become befuddled in one’s thinking.   As an example, two words: police state.   Given the recent spate of barbarous goings-on perpetrated by the so-called fanatic minority of “lone wolf” attacks both here and abroad, you would think that having armed police on every street would be a good thing, right?   On the other hand, given too much power, they could become something right out of the Gestapo handbook, and that would not be a good thing.  Now, let’s not say that our police forces are going in that direction, because I don’t think they are, or would.   True, there are, and have been, several instances where the Constitution and Bill Of Rights have been totally ignored, but in the main, we’re doing alright.

           Here’s two more words to consider: gun control.   Talk to any 2nd Amendment proponent and they will tell you that guns, by themselves, do not kill, and they don’t.   It’s when someone picks up that gun with a thought in mind to kill or injure one or more people that guns become dangerous.   On the other side of the coin, anti-gunners will say that whole premise is hogwash and that only the police and the armed forces should have guns.  Me?  I’m a 2nd Amendment guy and here’s why…when seconds count, the police are minutes(or more) away.   I carry a gun because a policeman is too heavy, and I carry because I’m too young to die and too old to take an ass-whupping.   Also, the anti-gunners strike me as not gun controllers, but total controllers…from womb to tomb.

           Our founding fathers, some of the most brilliant men of their, or any, time, had it right.   We don’t want a king, an emperor, a dictator or a caliph.   The president presides, the court interprets, and the congress makes the laws.   It might not be perfect, but it’s the next best thing to it and 40 miles ahead of whatever’s in 2nd place.   So, when you listen to the TV news, or read your daily paper, you can ask yourself “has the world gone completely mad” and how do you fit into that daily, ever-changing puzzle?   My Dad told me over and over again, you have to stand for something or you will fall for anything…and he was right.   Stand up for America…because she has stood up for you.        

           Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired.

Sunday, February 8, 2015



           Many years ago, at the beginning of the Johnson administration in 1964, there was a book called "None Dare Call It Treason" by John A. Stormer and when I read it so long ago it seemed that he was a madman.  Of course, then I was a stalwart Democrat and any thought outside of the party line was not just was heresy.   I think I should read it again, this time from the vantage point of history, and being a Republican, and a conservative.  You might question why both of those are included, and it's because being a Republican does not automatically make you a conservative any more than standing in a garage makes you a mechanic.  My political choices in the past several years have been conservative and most conservatives are Republicans...does that explain it?

           As a kid growing up in Brooklyn, New York, it wasn't apparent that my social status was any different from anyone else's in the neighborhood.  We all donated, we all worried, we all gave what we could, during the war.   When the war was over we all had a big block party and that's a memory I'll cherish to my dying day.   I seem to recall that, just in our building, which was a 4-story apartment building, we had displaced persons, or "DP's" from all over Europe.   There were Brits, Italians, Spaniards and yes, a couple of Germans who fled for the right reasons.   Their kids and I formed our little "gang" and hung out on the street corners...that is, until one or more of the mothers yelled out the window that it was getting dark and we had to come in...not just her kid, ALL of us.   My guess is that it isn't like that anymore, even in Brooklyn.

           Recollections of ten-cent movies, double-features at that, with the news, a cartoon and coming attractions, nickle candy bars and five cent bags of popcorn that you almost couldn't finish...but you did.   We learned all sorts of interesting things in to write what they now call cursive but what we called handwriting.  Geography was a subject that encompassed many things, among them where the place was, what the major products were, and the population, both in numbers and style.   There were music appreciation classes and while I never actually liked them, it was an introduction to things that I would later come to know and like.   The boys had shop classes where we learned the basics of about half-a-dozen trades and tried not to lose any vital parts of our bodies.   The girls had home economics, which covered a multitude of things besides cooking.

           We had the radio and a wonderful device it was too.   You'd listen to your favorite show, and you knew the exact time and day that it came on.   A season was a year long only broken by the Christmas holidays and then it was back to the adventures...The Shadow, The Inner Sanctum, I Love A Mystery, and many, many more.   The comedians were funny and there was never a dirty word that you heard.   I recall that many people who persisted in radio went on to become big stars in the movies and on that new thing...television.   Technicolor movies were rare, mostly musicals, although now and then there'd be an adventure movie.   We had Saturday, blessed Saturday!   In the mornings it was cartoons and in the afternoons it was the serials at the movies.  Our heroes, and we had many, were always in a tight spot that we just KNEW they couldn't get out of...but they did.

           All in all, recollections are good...and memories tend to obliterate the bad things, which is a good thing.  Ah yes, I remember it it was yesterday, but it was a long ago time and it will never be again.   I am SO glad that I lived in that time.