Thursday, October 3, 2013


I saw a cartoon the other day that just bowled me over with its honesty.  It was a picture of Attorney General Eric Holder, at a podium, with the seal of the Department of Justice in the background.  The caption read "The Department of Just-Us" which, of course, is exactly the way it works now.  He has lied to Congress, and been caught at it, and didn't even miss a night's sleep over it.   The DOJ, under Holder's direction, is suing the state of North Carolina over voting requirements.  It seems that the state wants to require a picture ID in order to vote.  Well, what is the problem here?  We have to have a picture ID to buy alcohol, to get a plane ticket, to buy a gun...just about anything, so what's gotten his back up?  I'll tell you.  He is claiming that its racial discrimination because black people can't get picture ID's,
The DOJ plans to ask a federal judge to place four provisions in North Carolina’s voting law under federal scrutiny for an indefinite period of time.   The suit would claim that the North Carolina statute violated Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act and would seek to have the state subject to federal pre-clearance before making "future voting-related changes."     Additionally, the DOJ suit also takes aim at the law's requirement that voters present government-issued identification at the polls in order to vote. The North Carolina state board of elections recently found that hundreds of thousands of registered voters — mostly the young, poor, elderly, or minorities — do not have a state-issued ID.   By the way, according to a North Carolina website, it only costs $10 to get a picture identification card.  I'm pretty sure that's within everybody's budget since it's a one-time charge.  Analysts wonder, however, why the administration did not take such “appropriately aggressive action” five years ago against efforts to hinder voting at Philadelphia polls by members of the New Black Panthers.   And while the new Black Panthers continue to go unpunished for intimidating voters at the polls, Attorney General Holder has targeted the June Supreme Court ruling that attempts to free specific states from selective scrutiny as “deeply flawed."
            How's this for a brilliant idea?  Let's have Muslim-free zones.  They'll be just like Sharia-controlled zones, only in reverse.  There will be package stores and bars, movie theatres, restaurants that serve pork products, and music will emanate from all sorts of places.  Women will wear mini-skirts, if their figures warrant it, and men will be clean-shaven for the most part and, most important, people will bathe on a regular basis.  Goats will not be objects of desire, inbreeding will be frowned upon and religious worship will be on a voluntary basis.   Headgear will consist of hats, baseball-style caps or other appropriate coverings, but will definitely not be a towel or sheet wrapped around the head.   Rape will be considered a heinous crime AGAINST  a women, not one perpetrated BY a woman, and certainly not requiring 4 male witnesses.  Testimony in court will have equal weight for men and women and, in cases of inheritance, women shall recieve their full share and not a half-share as under Sharia law.  Honor killings will be considered as murder and the killer shall get a fair trial, something that the victim certainly did not.   If, for any reason, Muslims see this proposal as being discriminatory, that would show that they are above-average in intelligence, but should stay out of the Muslim-free zones anyhow.  While no harm would come to a Muslim who happened to find himself or herself in a Muslim-free zone, they might be OFFENDED by the amount of freedom being bandied about.  Oh, wait a Muslim woman would be allowed out of the house unescorted, so we needn't worry about them.
            I'm not much of a movie fan, and very few make an impression on me...but I'll tell you one that did, and does.  It's called V For Vendetta and although it takes place in the United Kingdom, it could very well take place here...and might, if the people will just wake up and see what's happening to America.  Briefly, it's the story of an over-powering government...much like our current government, with a lot of Big Brother thrown in.  One man decides he's had enough and begins to harass the government, to the point where they notice him, and want him taken care of because he's about to spill the beans about Mr. Big, who is a really bad guy.  If you have not seen this movie, I suggest that you rent it or buy it...and watch it a couple of times.  It's brutal in spots, but it is not gratuitous brutality...just your ordinary brutality.
            If you read about some comments?
Larry Usoff, US Navy, Ret.

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