Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"America's Last Hurrah"

            Slowly.  Ever so slowly I'm coming to the idea that the president is a couple of cards short of a full deck.  He looks at the world through some sort of weird contraption that shows him that everything is white puffy clouds and blue skies...when, in fact, America has been made the laughing-stock of the world.  When he was asked about whether he was wrong, or everybody else was wrong...he said everybody else was wrong.  Does that strike you as a man that has a grasp of the situation at hand?   Dithering, and when he made a decision it was the wrong one, and that just piles on the concerns about his mental state.   In a taped interview he says a red line can't be crossed...but it is, and then he denies ever making the statement.  His overt, and covert, assistance to Muslim groups, many of whom have been identified as terror organizations with direct connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, tilts the balance to one side, and that side of the scale is pro-Muslim
            Muslims are in the government.  Many are in key positions, perhaps even advising the president.  Any flag officer who had any sort of a backbone has been forced out for one reason or another.  Those that are left are, probably, the cadre the president might count on, should an armed conflict break out inside the United States.   The big question in my mind is whether the armed forces would fight their countrymen.  As a backup army, so to speak, there are about 70 agencies that are armed, nearly as well as the military.  The president made mention of that army in a pre-election speech in 2008...and now he's creating that shadow army to go with the shadow government.   We are going to be leaving the battlefield in Afghanistan, and in my opinion, it will revert back to what it was, and we will have wasted lives, money, and materiel.   For what?
            I read somewhere that there's about 275 million guns in the hands of private citizens in this country...and that's a lot of people to speak up for the 2nd Amendment.   Still, the anti-gunners, most of whom have concealed permits or are protected by armed personnel, would have the public give up their weapons...make the whole country a gun-free zone.  Now I ask you, if you're a bad person looking to do some damage with a firearm, where are you going to go.  The obvious choice is to go where no one can shoot back at you, right?  The facts are plain...where gun ownership goes up, crimes go down.  The NYPD has just had their hands tied because they can't stop and frisk anyone, so Mr and Mrs Tourist are walking to their car and they get mugged.  They report it to the police with a full description and the cops say, "Oh yeah, we just saw him...but we can't stop him and frisk him to see if he's got your stuff on him."  Crime is steadily rising in NYC...and will continue to do so until somebody comes to their senses and reverses that stupid order.
            Money, money, money...that's the big sticking point in Congress, isn't it?   Maybe if the politicians get out of the way of free enterprise, do the right thing and abolish the IRS, crank up the pipeline and other revenue-generating ventures, our economy might quit dragging its feet and start walking briskly...before it's too late.  Listen, even as a private citizen, you and I can do things for the country, instead of to the country.  Make a pest out of yourself writing to your elected officials.  Make them understand that you don't want form letters back, you want answers to your questions, and then pepper them with questions about why they are/are not doing this or that.   If they don't want to do what you elected them to do, get them out of there in this next election.
            My friends, we may not be the big dog for much longer.  The next big dog that comes along will bite us in the neck and we'll be finished as a world power.  We owe everybody, and we don't make enough to pay it all back...ever.  We no longer have staunch allies, and going it alone is not an option for a weakened military.  Wake up and smell the coffee...that's all you may have left after the bad guys eat our lunch.
            Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired

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