Sunday, May 31, 2015


            Pick a day, any day, in the last few weeks and it’s been nothing but bad news in the media.  Of course, you’ll see less of it on the “alphabet” channels, but it’s there, if you really want to find out about it.   The horror that is Islam has its eye fixed on world peace and, according to the Quran the way that is achieved is by the world submitting to Islam…or being killed.   How is it that modern Muslims can follow the teachings of a warlord pedophile from the 7th Century, and think that those tenets apply to the modern world?   Yes, I can hear some among you out there saying that Christians had the Crusades, and you’d be right, but you’re forgetting(or never knew) that the Crusades were not initiated by the Christians but rather they were an answer to the Islamic massacres that were taking place in the muddled Middle East.
            Book after book after book has been written about the muddled Middle East, and nothing stands out like the near-impossibility of having any sort of peaceful side-by-side existence there.  It isn’t enough that Israel, the Jewish state, is in the middle of all of this, even those who profess to follow the teachings of Mohammed cannot get along with each other.  Tribal loyalties trump central governments every time, and you just have to watch television or read a newspaper(does anyone do that any more?) to see that it’s true.   Thousands of years of strife cannot, and will not, be settled in a decade, perhaps not in a century and certainly I will never live to see it.
            What I AM seeing now, through stealth jihad as well as with the sword, is the little bits and pieces of freedoms being whittled away in so-called civilized nations.  One only has to look at places like Sweden and France, perhaps England, to see what’s coming for us here in the United States.   For each little step forward that Islam takes, the western world takes a step backward…to the 7th Century.   Were the global caliphate to exist right now, the world would be, very quickly, transported back to that time.  By
looking the other way, by sanctioning a modest request by a Muslim individual or group, by bending or creating rules for that one cult alone, the rest of us are lining up, figuratively speaking, for the headsman.
            Wake up America!   The barbarians are at the gate…and we have useful idiots that are opening the gate and welcoming them.   ISIS, for all its desire to return to the world of the 7th Century, is using modern methods to accomplish some of its goals.  For example, they use social networking and decoys posing as gay men, to lure other gay men to a meeting and then they execute them.   Sodomy is against the Quran, or so we’re told, but it is practiced in secret with young boys as is bestiality with animals.   How does that square with the teachings?  Easy…because you can “adapt” the teachings for whatever heinous crime you want to commit.   Throwing a gay man off a tall building may only injure him to the point where he would wish to be dead…but the other method, tying them up and shooting them in the back of the head is quicker, and takes less effort for these savages.
            From time to time I’ll see a vehicle with a bumper sticker that spells “coexist” in the various religious symbols and I think to myself that this is one of those useful idiots.
Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister for the Nazis stated many times that if you tell a lie, especially a big one, eventually people will begin to believe it.   Useful idiots are a perfect example of this thinking.   An otherwise educated person, as well as an elementary school drop-out, will accept the premise that Islam is a religion of peace, if they hear that lie often enough…especially when it comes out of the mouths of people they respect.  First, it’s my belief that Islam is a cult, not a religion.  Second, the Quran says, very plainly (if you can find an unadulterated version) that peace can only be upon the earth when all have submitted to Islam, and you already know what Islam means, don’t you?  It means submission.   Third, a true believer of Islam can never be anything but what they are, a holier-than-thou person who would never question the reason for slitting anyone’s throat.
            So, while you’re watching a sports event, sipping your convoluted latte, or enjoying a film or music, keep in mind all of that goes away under Islam.   It goes away because you’ve been conquered, or you’ve lost your head…literally.   Wake up America!
Never open the gate any further, and deport all those who follow the teachings of Mohammed.
     Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired

Sunday, May 24, 2015


            The other day I watched a movie about Charles Lindbergh.  It struck me, as I watched, that he was an American, and he was a hero.  We have had many heroes in the 238 years, in the life time of my country.  You cannot go through a day without seeing something that was brought to light by an American...and speaking of light, we have Thomas Edison.   If you glance up at the blue sky you might see a silver airplane and, unless I'm mistaken, Americans were the first in powered, successful flight.  That would be the brothers Wright, from Ohio.  Although the powered automobile was first introduced in Germany by Carl Benz, it was an American, Henry Ford, that made the automobile a permanent part of America.  Someone could argue that some of the people that I consider heroes might have had some odd thoughts when it came to politics, and that's all well and good.  This country was founded on a difference of opinion about politics.
            America has been fortunate in one respect…whenever, in the past, the country has been in danger militarily, economically, even morally, a hero has come forward to help save it.  From George Washington to George Patton, when duty called, they answered.   Who will answer the call now, when our country is in such danger from within, from the very top?  Is there a hero, or several, that will answer the call to duty now?  I keep saying for America to wake up, but is it?
The papers are splattered with the latest gossip about sports figures, or who’s having a baby…out of wedlock.   What sort of person can call themselves an American who can forget about Benghazi, or the complete disregard for the rule of law which is now running rampant through the nation?
            Where is my hero, the one man or woman that can right the ship of state, and keep it from foundering?  Do we have any heroes left?  Of course we do, but they are becoming less and less visible.  There is a systematic decimation of my country going on and, other than writing and talking about it, my hands are tied.
Perhaps there is a hero still left, one person to whom duty, honor, country, still come before their personal lives.  We have had many brave Americans who went to war because their country needed them…and people like them are needed now.  One of my heroes was a Navy Lieutenant, who, when his ship was sunk, helped his shipmates to shore, even while he suffered a back injury.  You know who it was, don’t you?  John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who could have been one of the great ones.
            World War Two saw many of our top movie stars in the service of their country, and I don’t mean just making films for the troops.  We had major celebrities in harm’s way, and they were proud to do it.  Pat Tillman, who could
have stayed home, made lots of money, and been safe…instead chose to enlist, go to Afghanistan and fight for his country.  He died there.   Maybe this is just an old man wanting to preserve the America in which he grew up, and maybe this is just the last gasp for America…but I hope it isn’t.   No matter how many times it’s said, America is the land of the free because of the brave, that’s something that should not be forgotten. 
            Old men talk about the past because they have no future, and young men talk about the future because they have no past.  This was told to me many, many years ago and it’s only in the last few years that I’ve come to truly understand what that means.   It was my privilege to live in what was known as the greatest country in the world…the United States of America.  We led the world in this and that, we made this and that and made it better.  We pioneered, we progressed, we fed and protected the world.  What a wonderful country it was…and now…what?  Shall this noble experiment, as one person called us, disappear under some tinhorn dictator, or wannabe tyrant?  I sincerely hope not.
            I’ll close for now. I’m tired and my head aches from thinking…but don’t let that stop YOU from thinking.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

its about Baltimore.

Larry’s blog for May 18, 2015  This came to me from a listener, it's undated and I don't know where it came from but I think it's very interesting...its about Baltimore...    The cries of racism and white oppression ring hollow. It’s a tired storyline.        Facts are always inconvenient to race baiters with an agenda to extract more money from whites with a guilty conscience and the inability or unwillingness to speak the truth. Let’s examine some facts about good old Charm City, USA.     The fine citizens of this metropolis have not elected a Republican as mayor since 1963, before the War on Poverty began. That mayor’s 4 year term is the only interruption in Democrat rule since 1947. They have had Democrat control for 64 of the last 68 years, and sole control for the last 48 years straight.           Their mayor is black. Their previous mayor, Sheila Dixon, was black. She was convicted of embezzlement in 2010 and couldn’t finish her term. They had a white mayor (current Democratic Presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley) for eight years. The mayor before him was black.    Their City Council consists of 15 members. All fifteen are Democrats. The Council President is black. Democrats have had control of legislation in Baltimore for the last 50 years. Every program, policy, initiative, or school curriculum that exists in Baltimore was enacted by liberal Democrats.   The Police Commissioner is black. Approximately 50% of the police force is black.   The School Superintendent is black, along with the School Board. The district has an annual budget of $1.32 billion to teach 84,000 kids. The Baltimore school system ranks second among the nation’s 100 largest school districts in how much it spent per pupil at $15,700 per student. Only NYC spends more. Only two thirds of students graduate high school, despite this high level of spending.
        The average SAT scores of Baltimore City public school students are: 379 in Reading; 376 in Math; 381 in Writing. These are the scores of the best of the best in Baltimore schools who actually think they should get into college. The average scores in the country, which still suck, are around 500. Students with these scores have about a 15% chance of graduating college. This is the ROI you get after spending $188,000 per student over their 12 year academic career.  The population of Baltimore is 623,000 and 63% are black. Median household income is $41,000, with 24% living below the poverty line. The home ownership rate is 48%. The percentage of college graduates is 27%.   The population was 950,000 in 1950, so it has fallen by 35% in the last 65 years. The population was 24% black in 1950. Decades of liberal Democrat policies drove most of the white population out of the city.
        Baltimore’s violent crime rate is 370% higher than the U.S. rate. They have over 200 murders, 300 rapes, 3,600 robberies, 4,600 assaults, 7,800 burglaries, and 22,000 thefts per year. These are all 2 to 4 times the U.S. averages per 100,000 people.
        Over 35% of all Baltimore residents get food stamps. Over 85% of the kids get free breakfasts and lunches at school. More than 60% of Baltimore residents are receiving some form of government assistance.   Baltimore’s welfare paradise is paid for by outrageously high taxes. It’s income tax rate of 3.2% is on top of the state rate of 4.75%. It’s property tax rate is more than double the other counties in Maryland. The sales tax rate is 6%. Corporations pay an income tax rate of 8.25%.   The percentage of out of wedlock births to black women in Baltimore exceeds 72%. Baltimore and Detroit are the two cities with populations over 600,000 with the highest percentage of single parent households – 59% to 61%.   The reported unemployment rate for Baltimore is 8.2%, one of the highest in the country. In reality, 42% of the working age population is not working. Young black men between the ages of 20 and 24 have a reported unemployment rate of 37%. But in reality, it is north of 60%. The number of employees in 1990 totaled 475,000. Today they total 365,000, down 23%.   t doesn’t take a village to raze, burn, and loot a village. It just takes 50 years of liberal economic and social policies.    Ok folks, what other cities can you think of that are going down the tubes?   How about Detroit, Chicago,  or Oakland, for starters.   With the current Mayor in New York City you can expect things to go south there too.  Or, how about when blabbermouths like Michael Moore spew idiocy by saying the cops should be disarmed and there should be no-cop zones?
    Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired

Sunday, May 10, 2015


It’s a couple of weeks away as I write this, but too many people don’t, or won’t, understand the meaning behind Memorial Day.  I read somewhere that veterans from World War Two are dying at the rate of 1000 a day and, if that’s true, we are losing a national treasure.  Every veteran, of any hot war, returns home a changed person.   However they went into the service, and remember it’s all volunteer, they come back forever changed.   Pat Tillman, who is the only celebrity that I can name right now, went to war when he didn’t have to.   In World War Two, big name Hollywood stars went to war without being drafted.  Some everyday guys who were in the service, came back and became big stars.  Combat veterans, every single one of them, have stories that should be told, but mostly never are.   You cannot go anywhere in the United States, on any day, and not run into a veteran…whether you know he’s a veteran or not.  If you know a veteran, thank them for their service, because whatever they did, or sacrificed, allows the rest of us to live as we do.  They are, as a class, very close-mouthed about what they did, what they saw and how it affected them.  Now and then I see old movies on the TV about World War Two and think that there has to be a grain of truth in the story.  There were Army Air Corps(that’s what they called the Air Force then) commanding officers that surely agonized about sending hundreds of young men to fly into flak-filled skies over Europe.  The death rate of the combined groups that made up the 8th Air Force was nothing short of horrific.   The war in the Pacific was equally terrible, perhaps even more so because the enemy, the Japanese, had no problems being kamakazi pilots and flying to their death onto ships of the US Navy.  The Japanese army, and a lot of civilians had been taught that the Americans were barbarians and so they chose to fight to the last man.   Many civilians jumped off cliffs, with their children, rather than be captured by the Americans.  The island hopping strategy took a tremendous toll on Marines and soldiers charging onto a nearly-naked beach and facing killing zones of machine guns set up by the Japanese.   Throughout American history, the US Navy has taken care of business…from the shores of Tripoli where we sent a small detachment of Marines and quelled the Barbary Pirates, to the Strait of Hormuz where elements of our Navy keep the shipping lanes open.  Korea, which was my war, although I didn’t see combat, pitted American forces, sometimes in near freeze-to-death weather against a North Korean army and, by proxy but sometimes directly, a Chinese army of overwhelming odds and the US Eighth Army suffered a decisive defeat. The two Gulf wars, for whatever reason they were started, had US forces not only fighting a declared enemy but, for the first time, their own government which had installed some Rules For Engagement that put American forces at a disadvantage.  Although it was an important event, the killing of Osama Bin Laden, was mostly symbolic in its importance.   We are now engaged in a battle, albeit an undeclared war, with a shadowy enemy who could be right alongside an American trooper on any given day.  To this day, volunteer members of the armed forces face the possibility of green-on-blue attacks.   So, my friends, from World War One, which was supposed to be the war to end all wars, and from which we got troops that were gassed, that were introduced to mechanized warfare with the introduction of the tank, and going even further back, to our own war between the states…there is a reason, a very good reason, to observe Memorial Day.  Not for the automobile sales, not for the department store sales, and not for appliance sales…it is a day to memorialize our fallen, our wounded, our heroes, men and women who experienced horror and may never speak about it.   The last Monday in May is, and should be, recognized as a time to honor them.   Remember…all gave some, some gave all.
    Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired 

Sunday, May 3, 2015


MUSINGS... Now and again, Americans should look back at the past because, as George Santyana said, Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.World War II was the most destructive conflict in history. It cost more money, damaged more property, killed more people, and caused more far-reaching changes than any other war in history.  The wars following World War Two, while they might be just as violent, don’t compare in scope to The Big One.  In the late 1930’s the United States was about 17 down on the list of nations considered to be world powers.   At the end of the war we were the one and only superpower.   In the 1930s, the U.S. Army had only about 130,000 soldiers, making it the sixteenth largest force in the world, smaller than Czechoslovakia, Poland, Turkey, Spain, and Romania.  At one facility, Willow Run, it was said that they turned out a complete B-24 Liberator bomber every 55 minutes.   Between 1939 and 1945, the Allies dropped 3.4 million tons of bombs, which averaged to 27,700 tons per month.From 1940-1945, the U.S. defense budget increased form $1.9 billion to $59.8 billion.At the time of the Pearl Harbor attack, there were 96 ships anchored. During the attack, 18 were sunk or seriously damaged, including eight battleships. There were 2,402 American men killed and 1,280 injured. Three hundred and fifty aircraft were destroyed or damaged.  
                More than 650,000 Jeeps were built during WWII. American factories also produced 300,000 military aircraft; 89,000 tanks; 3 million machine guns; and 7 million rifles.   In 1944 alone, the United States manufactured 96,318 aircraft.   We made 60,973 tanks.  Rifles and carbines made during the war totaled 12,500,000.   Hollywood played its part, and not just by making movies, but providing real heroes.   Several famous actors were decorated during WWII. For example, Henry Fonda won a Bronze Star in the Pacific, Walter Matthau was awarded six battle stars while serving on a B-17, and David Niven was awarded the U.S. Legion of Merit.   Ernest Borgnine and Tony Curtis both served in the Navy and Jimmy Stewart and Clark Gable flew combat missions over Europe.   So…why am I telling you this?  Because, my friends, the United States is facing an enemy more heinous, more sinister, more barbaric, than the Nazis…and that’s saying something.
                Somebody sent me a picture of Ronald Reagan with the caption, “If I were still around IS-IS would be was-was.”   We’ve had several really good men in the Oval Office…men that knew what was needed and took the necessary action.   Sadly, what we have now is a person who’s devoted to denigrating the United States, reducing it to a second, or third-world, entity.   Because his agenda was carefully planned, even though he announced what he was going to do, and he moves in baby steps, the American public has been largely agreeable to whatever he proposes, and the feckless Congress goes along, seemingly more interested in their individual re-election, their party’s power and whatever else they can negotiate for themselves…instead of the security of the country in which they live and have sworn an oath to protect.
                In about the same time it took for the Obamacare website to get up and running…and it still isn’t running as good as Amazon or even H&R Block, the United States rose to become a world power, out-producing every other country, and contributed mightily to winning World War Two.   From a nation deep into a depression to the most powerful country on the face of the earth…ever, in about 6 years…the same number of years we’ve had an appeaser-in-chief in the White House.   Arthur Neville Chamberlain was a British Conservative politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from May 1937 to May 1940. Chamberlain is best known for his appeasement foreign policy, and in particular for his signing of the Munich Agreement in 1938, conceding the German speaking Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia to Germany.   Like Obama, Chamberlain took the word of a warmonger, and like Chamberlain, our country will suffer the consequences.
                There were several decisive battles, both in the European theater of operations and the Pacific.  The battle of Kasserine Pass in Tunisia, as an example, where our untested troops went up against seasoned German troops and  was significant as the first large-scale meeting of American and German forces in World War II, the relatively untested and poorly led American troops suffered heavy casualties and were pushed back over 50 mi from their positions west of Faid Pass in the initial days of the battle.In the aftermath, the U.S. Army instituted sweeping changes from unit-level organization to the replacing of commanders. When the same combatants next met, in some cases only weeks later, the U.S. forces were considerably more effective.The Siege of Bastogne was an engagement in December 1944 between American and German forces at the Belgian town of Bastogne, as part of the larger Battle of the Bulge.The siege lasted from December 20–27 when the besieged American forces were relieved by elements of General George Patton's Third Army.   In the Pacific, the island-hopping campaign raged, and several significant battles were fought.   The Battle of Guadalcanal and codenamed Operation Watchtower by Allied forces, was a military campaign fought between 7 August 1942 and 9 February 1943 on and around the island of Guadalcanal in the Pacific theatre of World War II. It was the first major offensive by Allied forces against the Empire of Japan.
                Guadalcanal marked the transition by the Allies from defensive operations to the strategic offensive in that theatre and the beginning of offensive operations, including the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, and Central Pacific campaigns.   There was the Marianas “turkey shoot”, so named because of the ratio of Japanese planes shot down as compared to Americans.   There was Saipan, Iwo Jima and Okinawa also, all with horrendous losses of American troops.   Australia, which was to have been the prize in the Japanese conquest plan, was never taken and I like to think it was because of our PT boats, one of which was commanded by a certain Navy LT named Kennedy.   Folks, I bring this up because our once-vaunted armed forces are not respected or feared anymore.   We are a paper tiger.