Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our President vs. the United States of America

Let me say, right off the bat, this is about several things that I think I understand...but that a lot of Americans do not.  We have a black president, and that is a good thing because it does show that it can be done.  On the other hand, the president is an incompetent, lying, probably foreign-born, idiot.  He has surrounded himself with people that think like he does...and he does not like the United States.  I believe that his Attorney General, Eric Holder, has no idea of what he's supposed to be doing because he's doing the opposite.  He was held in contempt of Congress and didn't lose 20 seconds sleep over it.  Granted, the current president inherited a couple of wars that may, or may not, have been warranted, I'll leave that to history...but he has made it all worse, much worse.  The general thinking in this administration is that they can lie to the public, about everything, and the public will buy it.  Congress has become so wussified that there aren't enough real patriots to make a difference, and that is obvious, because of the mess we're in.  Our Constitution was made inconsequential by Congress in their willingness to allow the president to sidestep it.
            Although I'm a Republican and a conservative, the problems that this country faces are not the fault of either party exclusively...and the problems are huge!  As a nation, we are laughed at, scorned, dismissed as a paper tiger...and it can't all be laid at the feet of this president, but he's a big part of it.  How far back do we have to look to find our America?  My guess is that we have to go back to somewhere around 1945 or 1946 when we were the top dog in the world and no one, but no one, would have dared to take us on!   Back then we had patriots, thousands of them, men and women that had fought for this country because it was the right thing to do.  The thinking then was that if it was good enough to live here, it was good enough to fight for.  Now?  No, I think the armed forces have been selectively emasculated for what purpose I don't know.  When this country goes to war, the armed forces don't wear a D or an R on their uniforms...they wear the flag of their country...and they wear it proudly.  The navy I served in was not as technologically great as it is now...but at least the sailors could read, write, and comprehend what they were doing.  My friends who have not retired, have sent me stories of members of their units going to remedial reading and writing classes!
            Service doesn't just mean the armed forces.  The so-called service industries, which used to be called "the crafts", like plumbing, electricians, carpenters, masons, and so on...are aging, and there's not enough young people going into those occupations to keep up.  That's one reason why your service-related bills are going up and up.  The upcoming generations have been lulled into thinking that computers will do it all, and, although they will do a lot, they will never do it all...when they break down, and they do, there will have to be a human capable of fixing them.  By the way, try getting a robot or a computer to build shelving, or fix a backed-up toilet.  While we're here on the subject of many do you estimate the Keystone pipeline would create?  That pipeline should be built for a couple really good reasons, not the least of which IS the jobs.
It's been estimated that, between the Keystone, the activity in the Dakotas, and whatever we can conjure up off shore, we could kick the Arab cartel right in the rear end.  The deliberate delaying of the pipeline, and that's what it is, baffles me, as to why the public doesn't wise up?  Remember, Obama is for Obama, first, last and always.
            Wake up America!
Larry Usoff, U.S.Navy, REt.

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