Saturday, April 26, 2014


That's a good way of saying something in which you have a strong belief, and maybe not having to define it or prove it to anyone.  My friends agree with me when they hear me say that I'm a simple guy...of course they mean it in a different way than I do, but that's alright.   Maybe it's just easier for me to say what's on my mind without any fanfare or 10-letter words.   Take, for example, the current president.   He's in a job that is way over his head and, perhaps, when he was campaigning (which he does very well) he never looked down the road to see what he might have to do, or say.   That seems to be a fault of his, along with other things, like lying.  Listeners to my radio show have heard the line, "if his lips are moving, he's lying" so often that they've come to believe it...and it didn't take much convincing either.   If it turns out that my estimate of him is wrong, the apology will be right up front...but it doesn't look as though I'm going to have to make that aplogy.
            Over and over, in every way, shape and form, this president is leading us down a path to oblivion at worst and a second-rate country, at best.  It's beyond my understanding why the American public lets what's happening, happen.   Here and there we hear a voice, but they are talking in a windstorm and they will not be heard by the rest of the people.   At this point maybe you should be asking yourself what you can do, and there is an answer for that question.  You find others of like mind, and band together and soon that one voice becomes many, and eventually it will be heard over the wind.   At no time in my 80 years have I ever felt so afraid...not for me, but for my kids and grandkids.  Never in my memory has there been a time when the country was being "transformed" into something that we fought so hard to defeat!  Call it what you will...socialism, communism, doesn't make any difference, because to a republic(which is what we are) they are all a threat.
            Recently there was a mention of the state of Illinois approving a $100
million “gift” to bring the state Obama’s library.  First, this is one of the most destitute states there is, and they would have to tax the people to get that library there.  Second, the idea that Obama has anything worthwhile to put in the library is just too stupid an idea to consider.  What would be in there…his dithering on every important issue?  His arrogance in pushing a healthcare program that is ruining the country?  His bailouts of major contributors to his elections?  Just what would be in there, since he is the worst president this country has ever had?        Oh, I know…there would be a big display of the two books he supposedly wrote, and other worthless trivia.
            Diversity appears to be the latest watchword for the left-leaning portion of this country which, when you think about it, is ironic.  Academia is almost all left-leaning and, God forbid, you would have a difference of opinion you would be called out, ostracized, and maybe banished from wherever you were.  Brandeis University recently rescinded the invitation of a former Muslim woman, because she would probably be speaking against the mindset of some who were “offended”.   Freedom of speech is one of, if not the most important parts of the makeup of this country and yet it is being squelched at every opportunity and with the consent of the governed!  Absolutely mind-boggling!!
            How about this…the IRS gave out millions of dollars in bonuses to a lot of employees, many of them being tax-dodgers themselves!  You, the hard-working,
tax-paying, American public, are giving bonuses to people that make YOU pay, but do not pay their own taxes!  Did you see the IRS going after them?  No!  It’s just one more example of this administration’s policy of don’t do as we do, do as we say.  The Justice Department looks the other way when any of their people do something wrong, and get caught doing it. 
            “I can make a firm pledge, under my plan; no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.”
                                                                             ---Barack Hussein Obama
            Now…are you fed-up enough to do something about it?

Sunday, April 20, 2014


More thoughts on napkins…
                        Is there not a dictionary in the entire Congress?  Do they not understand the meaning of “ethics”, “integrity” or “patriotism”?  Why is it that everything done in Congress has to be to enhance that person’s chances of getting re-elected, to elevate that person’s status in the party, or to demean a member of the opposite
party?  Why can’t something be done for the country, and the party be damned?
Is it too much to ask that members of Congress put country first?
            How is it that a former member of Congress can put together a bill of only 135 pages, and which would eliminate 75 THOUSAND pages of regulations?  The bill, as originally penned by John Linder and called THE FAIR TAX, is so
simple and FAIR that it boggles my mind why Congress never enacted this when it was first proposed?  Oh wait, the answer is coming to me…it greatly reduces the power of Congress to manipulate the tax code!
            This next little jot was written because the Defense Department is now
run by a man who would rubber-stamp just about anything the president suggested, including the reduction-in-forces that will weaken our already
bad military situation.  The United States used to be respected, and feared,
around the world…that is not the case anymore, and the fault can be laid right at the feet of the president.  Being morally strong is fine, but when danger approaches do you want to pray, or be able to defend yourself?
            It was in a Chinese restaurant when I penned this one.  The thought comes to me that America is debt to a country that, inevitably, is going to be our enemy, if they aren’t already.  What happens at that point when we owe our enemy this huge sum of money?  Do we just shrug our shoulders and say the heck with it?   Do we try to defeat them(a good idea) and then dismiss the debt?  Can we defeat them(probably not) without using nuclear weapons?  Would we, could we, be the instigator of a world nuclear war over what we owe to some other country?  My brain was awhirl with the thoughts…and then came the egg-drop soup.  
            We, the people, need a representative in Congress to sit in the gallery when Congress is in session, and whenever the member of Congress tells a
whopper, this person will stand up and yell “you’re a liar”.  If we could get that person to be authorized to say that, you’d see how quickly members of Congress would be checking their facts before making stupid utterances like they do now.
A prime example would have been when Harry Reid said that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for several years…that was a bald-faced lie, and Reid knew it when he said it…but nobody ever called him out on it.
            Eric Holder recently had a hearing in which he was reminded that he has been cited for contempt of Congress.  Louie Gohmert, of Texas said that being
held in contempt of Congress was apparently no big deal to the Attorney General, at which point Holder pointed to Gohmert and told him “you don’t want to go there”, which sounded like a threat to me.  Where does the AG come off threatening a member of Congress for speaking the truth?  Holder didn’t pay a
fine, didn’t spend a night in jail, didn’t even get a nasty look from anyone, so
what was the consequence?
            The members of Congress, the secretaries of the various armed forces and many others who are addressed as “the honorable” do NOT deserve that
title.  In my opinion there are very few, perhaps a dozen, that could be called honorable, and the rest of them are just hangers-on, political whores, and lackeys.  There is nothing honorable about the way this government treats the members of the armed forces…the very people they will depend on to defend them.  A person that has never served in the armed forces should not be allowed to be a secretary for a service.
            The recent shooting at Fort Hood is a crime.  It was murder, no matter what the reason.  The linking of the shooter to post-traumatic stress syndrome
or PTSD is also a crime.  That particular soldier was not in combat, as far as I know, and the ones that DO have PTSD are being treated, or should be.  As long as I am on the subject of Fort Hood, for the president to give lip-service to the soldiers, and then go to a fund-raising event is also a crime. 
            In the run-up to our entering WW2 we were like a 2-stroke motorcycle engine…but once we were IN the war, America changed into a 16-cylinder, 500 horsepower engine, revved up and running at 100 miles per hour.  We did it back then because America was in danger…well, folks, that’s exactly the situation today, but this time the danger is home-grown, but it’s just as perilous.  If we could do it then, can’t we do it now?  Can’t we ramp up the engine of America and get back on top?
            A man wearing a helmet defending his country should make more money than a man with a helmet defending a football, don’t you agree?
            That finishes up the napkin-notes, but there’s more to be found on my
radio show…      

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bits and pieces

Bits and pieces
The president should be called the conniver-in-chief for all the crap that he's pulled.  The American public, at least 51% of it put this person into the White House…not once, but twice!  Doesn’t anyone know that old saying,
“fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice, shame on me.”   Former president, Jimmy Carter recently said another thing that makes me think that he’s gone round the bend.  In an interview on April 3rd, he was heard to say “I think it would be inappropriate for the United States to try to block someone that Iran wanted to choose.”, when the issue of Iran’s potential ambassador to the UN came up.  It turns out that the candidate may have been one of the hostage-takers when Iran
stormed the American embassy in 1979.  Are you thinking, as I am, that our government has become wussified to the point of causing regurgitation?
            April 4th, Brianna Ehley, writing in the Fiscal Times, dropped this bomb…
The State Department has no idea what happened to $6 billion used to pay its contractors.   In a special “management alert” made public Thursday, the State Department’s Inspector General Steve Linick warned “significant financial risk and a lack of internal control at the department has led to billions of unaccounted dollars over the last six years.   The alert was just the latest example of the federal government’s continued struggle with oversight over its outside contractors.   How in the world do you lose $6 billion and not have a clue as to where it went?
            When I went to school, way back in the dark ages, we had a time during the day when we could catch up on our studies, or anything else.  Some of the smarter ones than me did their homework.  Now, having said that, how does a  school teacher presume to have the authority to tell a student, who is reading a bible during his “free time”, that bibles belong in church, not in school.  A teacher
at Highview Elementary School in Dearborn Heights took it upon herself to do just that.  To add to the situation, the boy’s mother says the school has been excessively placing her son in timeout and denying him lunch.  Here’s a thought; is it possible that the teacher was a Muslim?  Dearborn-istan
has a very large Muslim population.
            Back in October last year, 50 members of Congress told the president that they would not ratify the UN Arms Treaty.  What happened, because the treaty was approved, I believe.  This is part of an overall gun-control plan, and as I’ve said many times…it has nothing to do with guns, and all about control.  In any
country that has a tyrant for a leader, it cannot have an armed populace.  The
2nd Amendment is what protects us…or used to.   Those opposed to guns will
say that the 2nd amendment is only for certain types of guns, and only for a well-organized militia…but that simply isn’t the case.
            Europe, soon-to-be Eurabia, is caving in to Muslims in little pieces, but the total transformation should be completed by about 2030, according to a newspaper story from the UK.  Britain has caved in probably more than other countries, so it was no surprise to find out that Birmingham Metropolitan College
Is now allowing face-veils to be worn by Muslim students.  Another school in the UK first caved in and refused to serve any foods that were made with pork.  Then, just recently, they reversed that decision.  Prime Minister David Cameron, once a staunch supporter of Islam in the UK, is now having 2nd thoughts.Nevertheless, Muslims expect to have Eurabia in place in about 16 years, due to their rise in population.
            California, Massachusetts, Illinois, Connecticut, and New Jersey are the
worst states when it comes to solvency.  I wonder why that is?  Maybe it’s because they are suffering from what I call “the good-times syndrome”?  That is,
they thought the good times would never end…but they did, and now these are states that are close to being insolvent.  Only the federal government can think it
can dig itself out of a hole by digging that hole deeper, and I’m talking about them just up and printing more money.  There…that’ll fix it.  In the meantime, the economy sucks, we’re hollowing-out the armed forces, we’re trillions in debt, but the stupid people in the government keep on handing out money to people that
just plain don’t like us.  Oh, where is Milton Friedman when you really need him?
            As an example of wasted money, here’s this from Senator Coburn’s
annual Wastebook for 2012.  How about Moroccan pottery classes to the tune of
$27 million, or building robot squirrels $325 thousand?  There’s lots more, and the 2013 book isn’t available yet, as far as I know.  We are $17 trillion in debt,
with no good chance of ever getting out of that hole…but we’ll keep digging because the Congress can’t control spending right now.  Did you know that the
website for Obamacare cost $319 million…and doesn’t work all that well?  If you
buy anything from eBay or Amazon, there is a clear path for you to obtain your
purchase…not so with Obamacare.  Do you like pizza?  How about one that was
printed on a 3-D printer?  The feds paid right at $125 thousand to find out about that.
            America has been on a food binge for years and years.  That would be one explanation why we, as a population, are getting fatter every year.  Seats on airplanes and in movie theatres have been “enlarged” to handle the bigger rear-ends that get plopped into them.  Here’s something you might want to think about…Russia buys, or used to buy, a lot of wheat from us.  We pay them to
get our astronauts up to the International Space Station.  Why don’t we charge them the same amount for the wheat that they charge us for the ride?  In fact,
we probably feed a pretty good portion of the world, don’t we?   Should you
come down with diabetes or something else, not to worry because ObamaCare will cover them when you find work and sign up, or, when Iceland becomes a tropical paradise.
            When Jay Leno was still on TV, he used to do some interviews with people that he’d meet on the street…and the answers they gave, to the questions he’d ask, would make me wonder about the future of this country.
If the questions were about anything to do with the running of the country,
they didn’t have a clue…but ask them about sports, movies, who-just-got-married to-what-other-celebrity, and they were right there with the answer.  Our kids
are being dumbed down, and it’s deliberate.  The people that might pose a
military, or economical, threat in the future are raising a generation of kids
that will most likely beat us six ways from Sunday.
            Well, that cleaned up a bunch of napkins.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


FOR THE GREATER GOOD.   That argument has been used down through the centuries for all sorts of things, and most of them are bad.   When the individual becomes nothing more than a cipher, that is the beginning of the end of society.   In our own government, there are many examples of where a person is unknown except for a number...Social Security, the IRS, even at the checkout counter of a supermarket sometimes.   Eventually, if the de-personalization is allowed to continue, I could see a barcode being issued, maybe even tattooed on the body somewhere.  Maybe a microchip would be implanted under the skin in a place where it could be scanned easily.  That is scary to think about it, but when you know that governments, including ours, are thinking along those lines it makes you wonder, doesn't it?   Where do you go from there?
            Any religion worth its salt modifies itself, makes itself relevant to the times, so that members can see how it applies to modern life.  One religion, and I prefer to call it a cult, doesn’t see it that way.   They are not interested in the greater good.  They are not interested in modifying anything.  They are not interested in embracing anything new.   Islam is almost 1400 years old and they haven’t changed a word in their holy book, the Quran.   A pedophiliac warlord, saying he is the messenger of God, declares war on the rest of the world.  Anyone that isn’t
a Muslim is an infidel and the Quran says to kill them.
            There is no such thing as the greater good in Islam.  No matter what they tell you, so long as it furthers the cause of Islam, it’s permitted, and that includes lying to your face.  To a Muslim, a true Muslim, the greater good is the end result of whatever mayhem and violence they can do, and the people that get in the way…well it’s just too bad for them.  Take, for instance, this business of us giving up rights to the internet.   This is from Act For America, March 25 by Brigitte Gabriel, and she says…Once again President Obama is putting you and your family at risk by giving power to the United Nations (UN) to control the Internet and muzzle YOUR freedom of speech, putting you at a risk of legal action just for expressing YOUR view on the Internet!
            If you’re a politician in Washington, and you want to bury bad news, you release an announcement late on Friday afternoon.   On Friday, March 14th, at 3:30pm, the Obama administration announced that America was surrendering control to the UN over key aspects of the Internet (control that America had because we built it in the first place).   Unfortunately, the largest voting bloc in the UN is the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a Saudi-dominated bloc of 57 nations that has waged an aggressive campaign against free speech, freedom of the press and free expression.   For an American president to betray the American public, our founding fathers, our Constitution, and throw our freedom of speech at the feet of tyrants to decide what we can and cannot say under the threat of a law suit for hate crime is unconscionable – shameful – reckless and stretches the boundaries of betrayal.
Our founding fathers are turning in their graves!  They were a bunch of very intelligent men, dividing up the power in the government.  They could not, however, envision a man so incompetent, yet so daring, coupled with a legislature so blasé about the usurpation of power.  If we want something for the greater good of the country, we are going to have to get Congress to do their job and impeach, indict, and incarcerate the president.  At this point I am truly unsure of what our military will do when faced with a possible declaration of martial law.  The armed forces have been purged of a lot of high-echelon officers, many on trumped-up charges.  Maybe it is finally time to do what I’ve been suggesting, and that is to stick your head out the window and yell “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore.”  When did this country get cranial-rectal inversion?  
If you or I were involved in something that might be illegal, and the court issued a subpoena for you to produce something, and you didn’t…what do you think would happen?  That’s right, the court would issue a bench warrant, and you either produce what they asked for, or you go to jail and think about it.   Why are government employees not held to the same standards, and laws?  It seems to me that summonses and subpoenas mean nothing.  The recipients just ignore them and nothing happens to them.  Oh, they might get suspended from their job, with pay…and to me, that’s a vacation!
Here’s something you might want to think about…you can clasp your hands in prayer and ask that you be spared from whatever human peril threatens you and your family, or you can clasp your hands in the “teacup” position around the butt of a large-bore pistol or revolver.  I guarantee you that the latter position
will reap more benefits for you and your family than will prayer.  Prayer is wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but maybe your prayer is on a long list and the Almighty will get to you when he can.  In the meantime, while you’re potentially facing death, shoot that SOB!
Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired
Duty.  Honor.  Country.