Sunday, September 27, 2015


            If anyone tells you that evil doesn’t exist, you should look at them in utter shock and amazement.   Look around you, it’s all over.   It’s a big guy mugging a little guy, while others are recording the scene on their phones.  The people that are recording the event, as much as the mugger, are evil simply because they are aiding and abetting the crime.   It’s the soldier who takes advantage of his or her position and murders an innocent civilian…and it happens more than one might suspect.   It’s the cult that follows some rules that say it’s alright to perform the most heinous of acts.   It’s a group in white sheets lynching a man or woman whose skin color is not the same as theirs. 
Oh yes, evil exists and, to me, the personification of evil is the imposter in the White House.   In about 7 years he has, with help, just about toppled this country.   His agenda, I believe, calls for the destruction of the United States.  How else to explain the drastic reduction in the armed forces at the same time that our potential enemies are building up theirs?   Why would anyone willingly import tens of thousands of so-called refugees if there wasn’t a good reason for doing that…and it certainly wasn’t because he has a good heart.  His heart is as black as black can be and his actions prove that.
            I read somewhere that the face of Europe is changing…literally.   Demographics show that Muslims are outbreeding all other faiths in all the countries in Europe.   One might question a single report, or even two…but dozens of cities in Europe are telling that the population is slowly, but surely, swinging the other way.   If you didn’t know this it might scare you, but in the Quran it says(and I’m paraphrasing it) that since Islam is the greatest then everything that came before it must be destroyed…and they are destroying cultural treasures all over.   Imagine Paris, France, without the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, or Montmarte.   Imagine London, England without Buckingham Palace, the Royal Family or Piccadilly Circus.   Destroying something that means something to another culture…well, that’s evil in my book.
            Oh, there’s a conflict coming…you can bet your life on it.  Our former friends are now our potential enemies.   The old saying that “the South will rise again…” might be coming true because it seems that’s where most of the patriots are.   Certainly that’s where a lot of gun owners are and the figure that I heard was 300 million guns scattered across the country, mostly in the South.   This conflict won’t be anything like what has been seen before.   This will be brutal…way beyond anything that any Rules Of Engagement could imagine.   It could be white versus black, but I don’t think so.   It could be Southerners against Northerners, but I don’t think so.   It most likely will be savages against civilization…and you’d better pray that civilization wins.
            Old folks, like me, we’ve lived through periods where evil threatened the world, but was defeated.   The generations down from us, our kids and grandkids…well, to them that’s ancient history.   For some reason that I cannot fathom evil doesn’t exist for them.   It’s all smartphones, tablets, sports and celebrities that captures their interest.
You’ll excuse my sarcasm, but phones used to be telephones and they were all black and you had to dial them to reach anyone.  When they rang you didn’t know who was calling unless you picked it up.   Tablets?  Why, they were something you took because it was medicine.   No one is begrudging the kids their technology…far from it.  Maybe, just maybe, they might look up from their phones once in a while and see what is really going on in the world.
            Now and again there is a news story about goodness…they’re much rarer than the pieces about evil, but it sort of balances things out.   In Florida there was a boy that paid for a policeman’s breakfast and when he was asked why he did it he said it was because of all the good things that the police do.   The boy was white, the policeman was black.   There was the incident on the French train where a potential mass murder was thwarted.   If the reports are true, the Department of Homeland Security has prevented over a hundred events from happening…and many of them were not able to be done because a citizen saw something and said something.   That’s a good thing, so it’s tipping the scales into balance.
            America is a wonderful country, perhaps the most wonderful on earth, but we’re also naïve.   It takes something shocking to bring us back to reality.   In the early part of the 20th Century we entered into a foreign conflict and emerged as a growing power, something that the rest of the world had to recognize.   Pearl Harbor was our next wakeup call, and then it was September 11, 2001…and we faced the realization that evil existed and not only existed but was able to hurt us badly.   Wake up America, your country needs you…desperately.
    Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired

Sunday, September 20, 2015


            You’re walking into a movie theatre with some friends and all of a sudden you’re confronted by a man brandishing a gun.   For a split second you think it can’t be happening to you, but then the bullets strike you and your heart explodes and you die.
You don’t see that several others in the theatre also are shot, some killed and some wounded.  It’s pandemonium and the shooter is eventually subdued, and the police arrive along with first responders…but you don’t know anything about that because you’re dead.
            In the ensuing frantic moments following the shooting, everybody forms an opinion and some even voice that opinion.  “It was a lone wolf attack”…”He’s a foreigner”…”he’s Al-Queda”…”He’s ISIS”…”he must have come in with the refugees from”…and you can fill in the blanks on that one.  The point made here is that it doesn’t matter what you want to call the bad guys, and some women…they have the very same goal in mind…the terrorization of America, through acts of violence like the one described here.
            There are so many heads to this Medusa-like monster that killing the monster itself may be a long-term battle.    It’s simply not enough to kill one head at a time because two grow back in its place.   Small, surgical air strikes may be the administration’s preferred method of waging war, but that’s not going to cut it.  It doesn’t necessarily mean we have to put troops on hostile soil because we can surveille with drones…they’re not just for killing.   However, once a drone, or human intelligence, tells us where there’s a concentration of the bad guys, that location needs to be bombed until it’s nothing but broken rubble and sand.
            General Curtis LeMay of the Air Force once said that the enemy should be bombed back to the Stone Age, and that may be the one strategy that would work.   Yes, there are going to be innocent civilians killed, as there were in World War 2…
but it was the round-the-clock bombing by air forces that eventually brought Germany to its knees.   The 8th Air Force lost a tremendous amount of men during that offensive, but with the technology that we have today I believe that aircrew losses would be much less, if any, than during that period.
            Now, lest you think that all the bad guys come from the muddled Middle East, let’s clear that up.  North Korea, which has been a thorn in our side ever since the beginning of the Korean War in the 1950’s…and then there was North Vietnam in the 1970’s.   Those were avowed enemies…but what about our friends?   During WW2 China was a strong ally of ours against the Japanese and now we see them as a potential enemy, with them flexing their muscles now and then.   Russia, also a friend during that same era, began to move away from being our friend right after the war ended and now it is also flexing its muscles.   Even Cuba, 90 miles off the coast of Florida, is now an open country to us, even though nothing has changed there as far as the government’s policies.
            Now then, you ask yourself, who is the worst out of these countries?  I suggest that we, the United States, might be the worst since we have caved in, fumbled the ball, became ostrich-like with our head in the sand…use whatever cliché suits you.   We went from being the most powerful, the most feared, the most respected, to something very much like a declining power, headed into the trash heap of history.   In my book that makes us the worst.   For those of you that are of a certain age, and may have served in the armed forces of this country when it counted for something, you could be calling me all sorts of names right now…and I wouldn’t blame you.
            Sometimes the truth, unvarnished and transparent, can hurt…although you’ll never get that sort of information from this administration, or any administration.   The standard excuse is that the public would be frightened if they knew everything the government knew.   There would be panic in the streets.   Anarchy would take over.
All of that may be true but it strikes me that we don’t know much of the government’s secrets and we’re still scared!  Who’s the worst in that case…the public that, by and large doesn’t know and doesn’t care, or the government who does know…but still doesn’t care?
            Yeah…this is rambling, but sometimes during a ramble a glint of truth may pop out.   If something here piques your curiosity it’s incumbent on you to look into it and see if there’s any truth to what is being said, or if it’s just one guy’s ranting…which it might be.   Much information is spewed out every day and you should know which is true and which is not.  I leave you with the question “Who Is The Worst”?
     Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired

Sunday, September 13, 2015


            It’s getting to the point where life is cheap…in America.  We have sent our troops to other countries where life really IS cheap, and death is longed-for in the service of their Moon God…and now that mindset has come to America.   We have a faux preacher in the person of Louis Farrakhan who has made a nice living off the useful idiots that have bought his Nation Of Islam rhetoric, calling for the killing of “whitey”.   There are going to be some of those useful idiots who will take that to heart and go out and do just that…kill whitey, wherever they find them.   You should not be surprised when you hear about what seems to be a lone wolf, senseless, killing of a white person by a black person.   The mainstream media will tell you, if they tell you anything at all about it, that it’s an isolated incident, when it is really part of a concerted effort.   I think it’s interesting that in the Arabic language even before Muhammad, the word Slave/ Abd was - and still is - associated with BLACK AFRICANS.   The Arabs looked upon the Black people as inferior beings. Muhammadan Islam and the followers of the faith propagated the same image, so Farrakhan, being black would be classified as a slave, as I understand it.
            Imagine if you can a white mob chasing down a black person and beating that person to death.   The commotion would be reverberating around the world inside of a minute.   Why is it then, that we don’t hear of things like that?   Now I’ll hear from those that are going to recall the lynching of blacks in America…and I’ll grant you that was a terrible thing to have happened.   To the everlasting credit of America, we quit doing that, not because the law said so(which it did) but because it was the right thing to do.   America, finally, recognized that black, brown, tan, “yellow” people…all were human beings and it was not right and proper for one group to “own” another human being simply because of the color of their skin.
            One of the Democrats running for President said, in an interview, that all lives matter and he was booed and heckled to the point where he had to recant his statement.   Excuse me, but to us so-called enlightened people, please tell me which life is more important than the other?   There are instances, in a do-or-die situation where one life may be more important than the other, if that one life is yours, but other than that, aren’t all lives important?   We’ve had mass murders on scales that boggle the mind…think of Mao Tse Tung, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, and Adolph Hitler, just to name a few.  They slaughtered millions because they didn’t look like them, or worshipped something different, or thought about things differently.  
            We are captives, if you will, on a life-giving ball, hurtling through space.   To go out and deliberately try to eradicate one section of that captive population may set off a series of events that could trigger the end of the planet on which we live.   To call me a Pollyanna would be unkind, I think, because humanity might survive a catastrophe such as a nuclear war and the winter that would necessarily follow it.   People living today, accustomed to our creature comforts would not survive, while the most primordial among us probably would.   Think about that for a moment, because a moment might be all that you have in which to think…before the fireball or the shockwave takes your life.  
            We are all products of a long line of evolution…that’s my belief, and to think about that long line, billions of people being snuffed out in seconds does not make me think kindly about the current crop of lunatics running around with their various slogans.   We could, and should, return to some sort of sanity in what we say because people are listening…and some of those people are useful idiots who will turn and twist the right words into something that suits their particular need.   The Muslims will point to the Crusades as the reason for their barbaric actions.   Truth be known, the Crusades were in retaliation to Islamic raids and inroads into Europe, and they were not bashful about taking revenge…so that’s a wash as far as I’m concerned.
            So…whose life matters?   Is there ANYONE that is more important than anyone else?   Everyone that I can think of can be replaced by someone else with the same training, skills and knowledge…no one is indispensable.   Everyone is necessary because you never know what the person might have accomplished if they had been allowed to live.   Think about it.
     Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired

Sunday, September 6, 2015


            I recently read a piece where, by tracing their family’s histories back many, many years, it was discovered that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were related.  Someone once said that politics makes strange bedfellows and nothing could be stranger than that matchup.  Is that a kick in the head, or what?  How many people have used an online website or a genealogist to look into their family tree?  I tried but ran into a brick wall two generations back due to the different places lived and the variety of names used by my father’s family.   Back in the 1870’s records were not kept as accurately as they are now, so people moved, they changed their names and blended in with their new communities.
            Many times Barack Hussein Obama(love those American names) has been called clinically delusional by this commentator…but didn’t have a collection of videos such as these to prove my point.   If you’ll look at these, on YouTube, you’ll see what I mean.  It’s about one minute long and tells the tale for all the world to see.  He is definitely out of touch with reality…check it out: .
It’s a good thing that Pinocchio is not really a true story, because this guy’s nose would be about four feet long!
            A few years back there was this thing called the sequester, remember?  It was done, ostensibly, to save money…and they did this by closing open-air memorials, such as the Mt. Rushmore monument, the World War Two memorial, and others.   It also furloughed some non-essential federal workers who got their back pay when they returned to work.   So, did it save money?  I don’t think so.  “The sequester is not something that I've proposed,” Obama announced in his final 2012 presidential debate. “It is something that Congress has proposed.”   PolitiFact -- the Pulitzer Prize-winning project of the Tampa Bay Times that has essentially tracked all of the president’s major promises -- ruled Obama’s argument “mostly false.”   “It was Obama’s negotiating team that came up with the idea,” wrote PolitiFact.          The project finds that Obama has kept 241, or 45 percent, of his roughly 500 campaign promises, while breaking 118, or 22 percent, and compromising on roughly 25 percent. The remaining 8 percent are essentially still to be determined.
            Here’s another piece of humor…depending upon how you view it.   Back in December of 2013 Jason Kissner had this to say in The American Thinker…President Obama's personal data is "not in particular government data bases" so his identity cannot be verified. And this according to White House sources. Huh? What kind of data? And what kind of president cannot have his identity verified. And this little disclosure comes just as Americans are turning off the news to an extent that makes the classic "Friday afternoon data dump" look like publicity-seeking.   You go to apply for a credit card, they want to know everything about you, right up until your breakfast that morning.   Presidential nominees are not vetted as far as I can determine, and that’s a puzzle.   We handed over the reins of the most powerful country in the world to a person whose work-record could only produce being a community organizer.   To his credit he blatantly told the world that he was going to fundamentally transform America…but he neglected to tell us into what?
            My tastes don’t usually run to wrestling but when it was announced that Jon Stewart was going to be in the ring with a professional wrestler, that struck me as funny and something that shouldn’t be missed.   The mis-match was not what I was expecting however…Stewart is shown hitting John Cena with a chair, whereupon Cena picked him up, whirled him around a couple of times and then body-slammed him to the ring floor.
Even if you’re schooled in how to take a hit, a chair to the stomach has got to be annoying to say the least.   Stewart never moved from the mat, unless the video was cut short.   Cena seems to have been the wrestling’s industry Captain America, rating high in almost every poll for wrestlers.
            There was a musical called “A funny thing happened on the way to the forum”, taking place in old Rome.   We have it in our film library so we showed it the other night, and what do you know…not much has changed in the several centuries since that farce is supposed to have taken place, to our present government which is really a burlesque of what government should be.   By the way, I’m old enough to have seen burlesque in theatres and it was funny intentionally.   This government is laughable, without meaning to be, and it’s hurting America.   Wake up America, your country needs you, and it’s no laughing matter any more.
            Finally, two quick items that make me laugh when I see the commercials.  One is the Willow Curve, which is supposed to alleviate the pain and, possibly, the need for knee replacement.  It looks like a kid’s toy with a lot of blinking lights.   The other one is Emu Oil which is supposed to be some sort of pain-killer, but makes me think that they have to squeeze emus to get the oil out of them.  Humor, like beauty, is in the eye and ear of the beholder, eh?