Monday, October 21, 2013

WHAT HAPPENED? Some random thoughts.

 What happened?  Some random thoughts.
            Suppose the chief justice, John Roberts, had not cast his vote the way he did, on Obamacare.  Would we have the mess that this law has created?  Now, the question in my mind is...what do you suppose was the argument given to Roberts, that made him vote the way he did.  Someone once told me that it was a good thing to be in the middle on discussions…sort of straddling the fence.  Then, another person spoke up and said that if you straddle the fence you probably will get something up your butt.  Sounds logical to me.
            Even though, as a US Senator, the president was against things that he’s now FOR, people don’t seem to understand that…I wonder why that is?  Could it be that the “cool factor” overcomes all sorts of logic and integrity, and blinds some people to the obvious faults of the occupant of the Spite House?  At no time in my memory can I recall this country ever being against most of the things that made it great…oh wait, it’s not the country, it’s the administration.   The current occupant of the Spite House, is an incompetent, petulant, thin-skinned, narcissistic, lying, probably foreign-born, puppet, being manipulated in order to bring this country to its knees...and between apathy and ignorance, he will succeed.  THIS AIN’T MY AMERICA!
            What are they teaching in our schools today?  Obviously, geography, history, and penmanship are not being taught because if you ask college kids today about history they give you a blank stare.  Ask them to write something and you’ll get a printed message, sometimes with nonsensical abbreviations, because that’s what they use on texting!  Is it any wonder that our country is sinking to the level of a second, maybe even a third-tier, nation?  Cursive writing, which we old folks called handwriting or penmanship, isn’t being taught in a lot of American schools…and that’s sad, believe me.  Nothing is more welcome, at least to me, than a hand-written note of thanks or condolence.
            There’s something stupid going on in this country…well, actually there’s a lot of stupid things going on in this country, but a “trans-gendered” bathroom, where boys and girls use the same facility, in a high school, is just going beyond any sort of reason.  Political correctness is ruining this country!  Florence High School, in Florence, Colorado is allowing boys, who claim they are trans-gendered, to use the girls facilities, and the boy says his rights trump their privacy!  Where are the parents in this?  Where are the school officials in this?
Where is the common sense in this?  THIS AIN’T MY AMERICA!
            There seems to be an awful lot of high-echelon military officers that, for reasons unknown, have suddenly lost their minds and commit acts for which they get fired.  It strikes me as odd, because the ones that are left are sycophants to His Eminence, the president, the Muslim-in-chief, The Imposter, The Petulant Child.   General Martin Dempsey, as I’ve said before, is a derriere-osculator of the first magnitude, more intent on keeping his job than keeping the country safe.  He would, I believe, fire every flag-rank officer that wouldn’t go along with all that the current occupant of The Spite House would ask.             
            The FBI, which officially stands for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, should be called the Fink Battalion of Idiots.  In his book INFILTRATION by Paul Sperry, he details the absolute failure of the FBI to prevent the tragedy of 9/11.
When you read the account of how they fumbled, covered up, and ignored, you cannot help but be outraged…and then to let the head honchos get away with a clean bill of health, that’s adding insult to injury.  As a matter of fact, there’s a bunch of people that have caused this country to get a black eye, and that’s the least of it…and none have been fired, much less go to jail, where some of them belong! 
            So, what are YOU going to do about the mess that we’re in?  If you read these blogs, let me know and comment…otherwise they’re going to stop.
            Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired.      

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