Saturday, February 6, 2016


A while ago this country became infected…not with a disease…but with a group of ideologues who have promoted everything that you can think of to take down our society.   It has become much worse since Barack Hussein Obama, became President.   Many thought  he would promote good race relations but Mr. Obama and members of his administration have done everything to encourage division and hostility between whites and blacks.   He has teamed up with Al Sharpton, one of the biggest race-baiters in the country, who constantly lies and stirs controversy for his own financial gain.  
Unfortunately, the Democrat party has allowed itself to be involved with these lying, arrogant, devious, vicious, people.   They want to take over everything in our lives, but when they take over, they ruin whatever they touch.   Now they’re pushing the so-called victimization of African-Americans by whites and white privilege.   How stupid is that?   Consider the Baltimore situation.   Why the rioting, plundering, burning, and destruction of a black neighborhood and black businesses?   Why are these ignorant rioters destroying their own people’s homes, and businesses?   Why are they blaming everything on white people?   Baltimore is 72% black, and has been run by black Democrats for over 50 years.   41% of the police are black, and the chief of police is also black…the mayor is black, as is the state attorney, and most city council members.
The mobs chant anti-white slogans because Al Sharpton told them that blacks are not part of the power structure, so they’re not racists…only whites are racists.   This is totally ridiculous.   In Baltimore the blacks are the power structure and what have they done to make life better for the black people living there?   Nothing.  
Robert Woodson, an African-American man who is the founder and president of The Center For Neighborhood Enterprise says “The solution to poverty begins in the neighborhoods and the people affected by it.   I tell people, what is your solution?   If all whites, tomorrow, were to move to Canada and Europe, tell me how it would affect the black-on-black crime rate, how would it affect the out-of-wedlock births, how would it affect the spread of Aids?   What I’m saying to black America is we must stop victimization.”    Woodson’s organization goes into low-income communities and seeks out leaders and moral mentors to help solve the problems they understand so well.   Mr. Woodson noted that government anti-poverty programs have made poor people a commodity for a professional class of providers.   He said that most of the money spent on poverty in America does not go to the poor but to those who need poor people for their own existence.   He said there is currently no incentive to reduce poverty.  
The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, found it necessary to rant and rave about racial discrimination that she claims to have suffered in her lifetime, when she gave the commencement address, last Spring, at Tuskegee University.   Her false stories about this issue were surely intended to bring about racial hostility.   Unfortunately, the racial divide along with race hatred that exists is encouraged by Barack Hussein Obama, Michelle Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, former Attorney General Eric Holder and the new Attorney General, Loretta Lynch.   The purpose in encouraging these destructive attitudes and behaviors is to maintain power.  
This bunch is clearly not following the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who protested peacefully, and urged blacks to work hard and become reputable members of society.   Unlike this group of divisive hate-mongering individuals, who want a race war, Dr. King worked to bring about peace and harmony between the races.   It would be something wonderful if the black community would look back and heed Dr. King’s advice, when he said people should be judged by their character and not by the color of their skin.

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