Tuesday, February 16, 2016


            Depending upon the person that is speaking, there are 5 to 11 million illegal aliens in our country.  So, let’s examine something.  Right away, the word illegal means that you have done something against the law…adding the word alien, and that’s not the outer-space aliens that may or may not exist, means that you are from another country.  Put them together and you have people that have come here from another country and didn’t take the usual method of immigration…that process has been in place for about 200 years and seems to work very well.   Legally, the United States admits about 1 million people a year, according to one of the candidates for President.
            Why do people want to come here, legally that is?   For them, the American Dream is alive and well.   Most come from countries that are less advanced, possibly with more sickness, maybe they are fleeing a ruthless regime or terrorists…there are any number of reasons.  The most important thing is that the greatest majority of them want to be Americans in every way.   They learn the language, adhere to the culture and customs, and work towards becoming American citizens.   To be sure, many of them, while becoming Americans, retain their own culture, and that’s fine.  We’ve always been a nation of diversity.   It’s when that diversity rises up in a manner that is repugnant to the rest of the people that we should take notice.
            Let’s look at the various religious factions in the United States.   Overwhelmingly it is Christian and all of the other religions are much smaller parts of the overall picture.   What do they all have in common…except one?   With the exception of Islam, all of these other faiths seem to be in agreement that love is stronger than hate, that heinous crimes are just that, heinous…and that life is very precious.   Contrast that with the cult of Islam.   For the true believer, death brings them to paradise.   For the true believer, lying to achieve a goal that will further the cause of Islam is condoned.   For the true believer, all other people are infidels and have only three choices…convert, pay a tax just to stay alive, or be killed.
            There is another, entirely different load of crap that the public is being fed.  The current occupant of the White House professes to be a Christian.  I believe he is a Muslim and adding up all of the things he, or his administration, has done to make it easier for them would surely point that out.   When our potential enemies are building up their armed forces, he is decimating ours.   When our friends look to the United States for leadership, the leader is nowhere to be found…oh wait, you can find him on the golf course.   Taken as a total, I believe that he has committed treasonous acts, and if not treasonable, at the very least, impeachable.  Why has he not been impeached, indicted and incarcerated?   Somehow he has managed to do an end run around Congress(which wasn’t that hard to do) and ignore our sacred documents, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights…and the Supreme Court has let it all slide.
            Retired Lt. Colonel Peters was “furloughed” for two weeks for calling BHO a “pussy” on television.   I don’t understand that because BHO IS a pussy.  He strikes me as a made-up person, manipulated from sometime in the past…maybe from High School, when someone approached him and said they could make him President.  Whenever he takes a picture doing something that ordinary people do, he’s showing off his pussification.   This, by itself, wouldn’t be anything to write home about except for the fact that he’s tried to prove himself on the world stage as a strongman.   He’s not a strongman…he is more likely to be a scarecrow type, operating without a brain and filled with straw.   He could be a cowardly lion, without the courage of his own convictions, if he even has any.   Making threats without backing them up doesn’t show leadership or strength…and the other countries around the world have taken note of that.   They know what he is, so why is he still in office?
            Here’s another place we can cut out the crap…our elections.   Whether they are local(and I’ve heard that all politics are local) or nationwide, there are a few things about elections that are crappy and should be stopped.   For starters, election campaigns should not be more than three months long.  Period.   If a candidate says that he or she is going to do this or that, and they don’t within the first year of their taking office, they should automatically be removed from that office and not allowed to run again for eight years.  Speaking of years, federal offices should have term limits and that includes any and all federal agencies, departments, etc.   If there’s not a law against foreign contributions to a campaign, there should be.   No campaign contribution over one hundred dollars from anyone, and families should be considered as one person.  No corporate contributions.
            Another area full of crap is the InFernal Revenue Service(and that’s “service” like what a bull does to a cow)…but that’s another story…and we’ll get to it, you can bet.
    Larry Usoff US Navy Retired   amafrog@att.net   http://larryusoffusn.blogspot.com/

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