Saturday, September 24, 2016


          There are very few things that I keep on my mind because they get written down.   My father used to tell me that anything written down is permanent and that it could be used against you at some point in the future…and he was right.   The problem, if you want to call it that, is that it works both ways…something written can be used in your defense, as well as against you.   You might have thought one way when you were younger, and then as you got older your values may have changed.  Thoughts cannot be interpreted, and words can be, both ways.  I like words and especially words that people much smarter than I am, have used.   Quotes from those kinds of people are almost always better than anything I could have said…so I use them.   Not everything is a good quote, and some are better than others, but if they get your point across then that’s what matters.   Let’s look at a few things that have been on my mind and maybe there’s a quote about them.
          The flag, the pledge, and the vision
Recently in a small town in Oklahoma, Owasso to be exact, the police refused to allow the American flag in the football stadium.  They were acting on orders from school officials and students were made to put the flags back in their vehicles.  This happened on the same day that, in South Carolina, another high school said that American flags were not welcome at the football game.   Folks, they would have to put me in jail before I would NOT bring an American flag to a game, if I so desired.   On the face of it you might think that it’s an insignificant event, but stack it alongside the other things that are going on, which demean the flag, the armed forces and our country, and it’s a really big deal.   I daresay that we’re on a slippery slope and we’re wearing very slick shoes.   
Back in May, at a Trump rally, his people were told not to sing the national anthem.   The excuse given was that there wasn’t enough time, and Trump responded that yes, there was time, and brought out Sherry Wilkins to sing it.   At a softball game in Louisiana the story was the same…not enough time to sing the Star Spangled Banner, so the fans started singing it and the game was held up for a brief time.   In April at, of all places, the 911 Memorial, some children from a middle school in North Carolina were told they could not sing the national anthem there.   The guards said they needed a permit.   A spokesperson for the memorial said that the situation could have been handled in a more gentle manner.   Let’s suppose, for a moment, that you wanted to visit the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.   This is a place where many tourists go.   Would it be against the rules somehow, if a class of children, visibly impressed, started singing the Star Spangled Banner?   It very well might be…and that’s wrong.
The United States Ninth Circuit Court recently ruled that a teacher cannot lead the Pledge Of Allegiance because the court ruled that reciting this phrase is a violation of the alleged Constitutional separation of church and state.   So, if the teacher doesn’t lead them, can the students say it by themselves?   That question has yet to be raised as a test case.  When I went to school, we said the Pledge Of Allegiance every morning, but the phrase “under God” was not in it then.  Looking at this in a simplistic manner, the pledge is for the flag, so if the phrase offends you, remain silent for that part, and say the rest of it.  The largest group of faiths in the country are lumped together as “Christian”, but they don’t have exclusive rights to God, so the phrase could apply to everyone…except atheists and Muslims, that is. 
There have been several incidents involving a person wearing a uniform…and it could have been a member of the armed forces, a law enforcement person, even a firefighter.  
There have been recent events where members of a police department were refused service…in restaurants, in WalMart and I believe one was in a donut shop, but I couldn’t trace that one.   The point here is that some people simply do not understand that the police, the fire department or the military, are not their enemies.  If something happens in their city, they’re most likely to call upon these uniformed personnel to come to their aid.   Consider what has taken place in some locales in this country…police and firefighters are afraid to go to the aid of the caller because it might be an ambush.   In Europe they are even more involved than we are because they have entire neighborhoods that are off-limits to “infidels”.   We are only a few years behind Europe, believe me, and we’re gaining fast.   When law and order go out the window, do you want to know what comes in?  Anarchy, that’s what comes in…fighting in the streets, and neighborhoods being carved up and placed under the protection of the local strongman.
When you listen or watch the news you won’t hear a lot of this stuff because they have a vested interest in keeping it from you.  Until the news is so bad that they just cannot avoid saying something, and that will be couched in the softest of terms, you will think everything is just hunky-dory.   There is dirty work afoot in this country and the sooner the population understands what is happening, the better off they will be.  Forewarned is forearmed, as the saying goes.   As far back as 2006, an author was writing about how he thought the world was going…and re-reading that book today it amazes me to see just how accurate his thinking was.   George Orwell, when he wrote 1984, had no idea how close he was coming to the truth of things.  Since he died in 1950, his book has been examined and re-examined to check on his predictions…which are becoming realities at a dizzying pace.   There are always visionaries among us…Thomas Jefferson was one of the greats and both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution are testaments to that vision.
This quote, by Winston Churchill, was during World War Two, but it could easily apply to the United States now.  “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.”
C’mon America, wake up…your country needs you…desperately.

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