Sunday, April 20, 2014


More thoughts on napkins…
                        Is there not a dictionary in the entire Congress?  Do they not understand the meaning of “ethics”, “integrity” or “patriotism”?  Why is it that everything done in Congress has to be to enhance that person’s chances of getting re-elected, to elevate that person’s status in the party, or to demean a member of the opposite
party?  Why can’t something be done for the country, and the party be damned?
Is it too much to ask that members of Congress put country first?
            How is it that a former member of Congress can put together a bill of only 135 pages, and which would eliminate 75 THOUSAND pages of regulations?  The bill, as originally penned by John Linder and called THE FAIR TAX, is so
simple and FAIR that it boggles my mind why Congress never enacted this when it was first proposed?  Oh wait, the answer is coming to me…it greatly reduces the power of Congress to manipulate the tax code!
            This next little jot was written because the Defense Department is now
run by a man who would rubber-stamp just about anything the president suggested, including the reduction-in-forces that will weaken our already
bad military situation.  The United States used to be respected, and feared,
around the world…that is not the case anymore, and the fault can be laid right at the feet of the president.  Being morally strong is fine, but when danger approaches do you want to pray, or be able to defend yourself?
            It was in a Chinese restaurant when I penned this one.  The thought comes to me that America is debt to a country that, inevitably, is going to be our enemy, if they aren’t already.  What happens at that point when we owe our enemy this huge sum of money?  Do we just shrug our shoulders and say the heck with it?   Do we try to defeat them(a good idea) and then dismiss the debt?  Can we defeat them(probably not) without using nuclear weapons?  Would we, could we, be the instigator of a world nuclear war over what we owe to some other country?  My brain was awhirl with the thoughts…and then came the egg-drop soup.  
            We, the people, need a representative in Congress to sit in the gallery when Congress is in session, and whenever the member of Congress tells a
whopper, this person will stand up and yell “you’re a liar”.  If we could get that person to be authorized to say that, you’d see how quickly members of Congress would be checking their facts before making stupid utterances like they do now.
A prime example would have been when Harry Reid said that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for several years…that was a bald-faced lie, and Reid knew it when he said it…but nobody ever called him out on it.
            Eric Holder recently had a hearing in which he was reminded that he has been cited for contempt of Congress.  Louie Gohmert, of Texas said that being
held in contempt of Congress was apparently no big deal to the Attorney General, at which point Holder pointed to Gohmert and told him “you don’t want to go there”, which sounded like a threat to me.  Where does the AG come off threatening a member of Congress for speaking the truth?  Holder didn’t pay a
fine, didn’t spend a night in jail, didn’t even get a nasty look from anyone, so
what was the consequence?
            The members of Congress, the secretaries of the various armed forces and many others who are addressed as “the honorable” do NOT deserve that
title.  In my opinion there are very few, perhaps a dozen, that could be called honorable, and the rest of them are just hangers-on, political whores, and lackeys.  There is nothing honorable about the way this government treats the members of the armed forces…the very people they will depend on to defend them.  A person that has never served in the armed forces should not be allowed to be a secretary for a service.
            The recent shooting at Fort Hood is a crime.  It was murder, no matter what the reason.  The linking of the shooter to post-traumatic stress syndrome
or PTSD is also a crime.  That particular soldier was not in combat, as far as I know, and the ones that DO have PTSD are being treated, or should be.  As long as I am on the subject of Fort Hood, for the president to give lip-service to the soldiers, and then go to a fund-raising event is also a crime. 
            In the run-up to our entering WW2 we were like a 2-stroke motorcycle engine…but once we were IN the war, America changed into a 16-cylinder, 500 horsepower engine, revved up and running at 100 miles per hour.  We did it back then because America was in danger…well, folks, that’s exactly the situation today, but this time the danger is home-grown, but it’s just as perilous.  If we could do it then, can’t we do it now?  Can’t we ramp up the engine of America and get back on top?
            A man wearing a helmet defending his country should make more money than a man with a helmet defending a football, don’t you agree?
            That finishes up the napkin-notes, but there’s more to be found on my
radio show…      

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