Sunday, April 6, 2014


FOR THE GREATER GOOD.   That argument has been used down through the centuries for all sorts of things, and most of them are bad.   When the individual becomes nothing more than a cipher, that is the beginning of the end of society.   In our own government, there are many examples of where a person is unknown except for a number...Social Security, the IRS, even at the checkout counter of a supermarket sometimes.   Eventually, if the de-personalization is allowed to continue, I could see a barcode being issued, maybe even tattooed on the body somewhere.  Maybe a microchip would be implanted under the skin in a place where it could be scanned easily.  That is scary to think about it, but when you know that governments, including ours, are thinking along those lines it makes you wonder, doesn't it?   Where do you go from there?
            Any religion worth its salt modifies itself, makes itself relevant to the times, so that members can see how it applies to modern life.  One religion, and I prefer to call it a cult, doesn’t see it that way.   They are not interested in the greater good.  They are not interested in modifying anything.  They are not interested in embracing anything new.   Islam is almost 1400 years old and they haven’t changed a word in their holy book, the Quran.   A pedophiliac warlord, saying he is the messenger of God, declares war on the rest of the world.  Anyone that isn’t
a Muslim is an infidel and the Quran says to kill them.
            There is no such thing as the greater good in Islam.  No matter what they tell you, so long as it furthers the cause of Islam, it’s permitted, and that includes lying to your face.  To a Muslim, a true Muslim, the greater good is the end result of whatever mayhem and violence they can do, and the people that get in the way…well it’s just too bad for them.  Take, for instance, this business of us giving up rights to the internet.   This is from Act For America, March 25 by Brigitte Gabriel, and she says…Once again President Obama is putting you and your family at risk by giving power to the United Nations (UN) to control the Internet and muzzle YOUR freedom of speech, putting you at a risk of legal action just for expressing YOUR view on the Internet!
            If you’re a politician in Washington, and you want to bury bad news, you release an announcement late on Friday afternoon.   On Friday, March 14th, at 3:30pm, the Obama administration announced that America was surrendering control to the UN over key aspects of the Internet (control that America had because we built it in the first place).   Unfortunately, the largest voting bloc in the UN is the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a Saudi-dominated bloc of 57 nations that has waged an aggressive campaign against free speech, freedom of the press and free expression.   For an American president to betray the American public, our founding fathers, our Constitution, and throw our freedom of speech at the feet of tyrants to decide what we can and cannot say under the threat of a law suit for hate crime is unconscionable – shameful – reckless and stretches the boundaries of betrayal.
Our founding fathers are turning in their graves!  They were a bunch of very intelligent men, dividing up the power in the government.  They could not, however, envision a man so incompetent, yet so daring, coupled with a legislature so blasé about the usurpation of power.  If we want something for the greater good of the country, we are going to have to get Congress to do their job and impeach, indict, and incarcerate the president.  At this point I am truly unsure of what our military will do when faced with a possible declaration of martial law.  The armed forces have been purged of a lot of high-echelon officers, many on trumped-up charges.  Maybe it is finally time to do what I’ve been suggesting, and that is to stick your head out the window and yell “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore.”  When did this country get cranial-rectal inversion?  
If you or I were involved in something that might be illegal, and the court issued a subpoena for you to produce something, and you didn’t…what do you think would happen?  That’s right, the court would issue a bench warrant, and you either produce what they asked for, or you go to jail and think about it.   Why are government employees not held to the same standards, and laws?  It seems to me that summonses and subpoenas mean nothing.  The recipients just ignore them and nothing happens to them.  Oh, they might get suspended from their job, with pay…and to me, that’s a vacation!
Here’s something you might want to think about…you can clasp your hands in prayer and ask that you be spared from whatever human peril threatens you and your family, or you can clasp your hands in the “teacup” position around the butt of a large-bore pistol or revolver.  I guarantee you that the latter position
will reap more benefits for you and your family than will prayer.  Prayer is wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but maybe your prayer is on a long list and the Almighty will get to you when he can.  In the meantime, while you’re potentially facing death, shoot that SOB!
Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired
Duty.  Honor.  Country.


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