Sunday, March 16, 2014


The Wussification Of America by Larry Usoff           
The wussification of's well underway and it's dangerous for the future of this country.  My father gave me a pocketknife when I was about 7 or 8, and told me that a gentleman always had a pocketknife, to clean his fingernails if necessary.  I used that knife for years and years, and kept my fingernails clean, along with cutting string, whittling things that never turned out like I wanted, and, once, giving me a little extra smack-power when I had it in my rolled-up fist.  Not once, in all the years that I had that knife, did I ever think of using it as a weapon...not once.  I still carry a pocket knife.
            Sports was never my thing, but it certainly does generate a lot of interest among men, and in the context of this conversation, it's a good thing.  I'd prefer that there was more interest in things like math and science, but that's a whole other story.  Sports figures today are taking the place of the gladiators of the past.  They are what we want to be, and we live through them vicariously.  Perhaps we should look at the spectators rather than the gladiators, or sports figures.  The majority of the people do not participate except by watching, and except for a shout now and then, there's little physical activity on our part.   Special olympics are of particular interest to me because it represents a fighting spirit in people, people that, according to some, should only be vegetables.
            If you've never been to a special olympics, you should go.  The contestants are there to win, and they try very, very hard.  That fighting spirit that these folks show is being diminished, systematically, in normal athletes.  There are games without scores, because the idea that everyone gets a chance to play, rather than the idea of winning, is primary.  While I don't advocate playing sports without the proper gear, it does seem that saying that tackling in football should be eliminated due
to the amount of injuries.  Sports, by their nature, are pretty much rough-and-tumble and injuries are going to happen.  Perhaps a shorter professional sports-life is the answer.  A professional athlete might want to consider a 10 year, or shorter, time in the game.
            The military has openly gay men and women serving and right now I'm going to say that I've served with gay men, and never had a problem with them.  I knew they were gay, they knew I was straight, and that was that.  Women in the military...well, that's another burr under my saddle.  There's no getting around the fact that women cannot perform physical tasks as well as men.  In areas where women might be captured, they may, and probably will, suffer torture, sexual attacks, and even death.  And before you say anything, yes, men are captured, tortured and killed also...but women are considered prizes because the enemy can figure that our men will try even harder to set them free.   If there is no chance of close combat, yes, let the women serve.
            With the openly gay service personnel, has come another quirk.  There are elements of the military that I believe have been asked if, should the need arise, would they shoot fellow Americans, on American soil?   The patriots, as I term them, have said no, and they are quietly discharged, brought up on phony charges, and outright forced out of their careers.   Another element, and this one I'm really strong on, is Muslims serving in the armed forces.  Because I've done some studying of the Quran it strikes me that A TRUE MUSLIM can never have allegiance to anything or anyone, but Islam, Mohammed and Allah.   The current administration is, in my opinion, a strong supporter of Islam, and that's bad for America...and the world.  Muslims practice taqiyya, which is lying to infidels so long as it furthers the cause of
Islam.   We cannot simply turn our backs on the facts, and continue to wussify Americans.
            War, by definition, is a conflict carried on by force of arms, as between nations or between parties within a nation; warfare, as by land, sea, or air.   In war, people are hurt and killed.   I understand that, but what I don't understand is the wussified rules of engagement that our people face, and which places them at a great disadvantage.   I don't understand the wussification of our country by cutting the armed forces down to the point where it places our nation and our people, in great jeopardy.   This wussification started a long time ago, but the current administration has made it into a science almost.   We must regain our fighting spirit.   We have to find the minutemen inside of us, and prepare for whatever is coming...which I think is right around the corner, but I could be wrong.
            Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired
            Duty.  Honor.  Country.

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