Monday, March 10, 2014


            I CRY FOR AMERICA! These days it's becoming easier and easier for me to cry...and I suppose some folks might look at that as a sign of weakness, but it's not.  I cry for my beloved country, for the America in which I grew up, and for which I was willing to lay down my life should that need arise.   It came as a surprise to me that, in many schools across the country, elementary and high schools, the history of this country is not taught, or if it is, the truth has been perverted and in some places it is gone completely.   If you know me at all, whether personally, or through whatever medium we meet, you know that the word patriot has a strong meaning for me, and sad to say, it does not have that same meaning for more people than not.  For a reason that I truly do not understand, we are allowing, and in some cases, helping the government to become everything to us, as one person told me the government wants to control us from womb to tomb.  That's not the America in which I grew up, and it's certainly not the America I want for my children and grandchildren to know.
            It's simply beyond my understanding that this country, the one that saved the world...twice, is willing to see it become a second-rate, maybe even a third-rate power, with little or no influence in the world.  It certainly doesn't help that we have a weak government, determined to decimate the armed forces to the level where, should a situation arise, we may not be able to defend our own country.   Our country used to be able to stave off any thoughts of an enemy invasion because we were separated by an ocean on either end.   That advantage is gone, giving us a possible 30 minutes if one of the potential enemies launches an intercontinental ballistic missile.  Maybe they'll just bring the parts for a hydrogen or atomic bomb into the country in a suitcase, or shipped-in in one of the hundreds of crates unloaded at many of our ports.  The ports are under-staffed when it comes to the same time we have an unemployment problem.
            That unemployment problem also affects our manufacturing facilities, and I have to admit that part of that is because robotics have taken over a lot of the jobs.  Nevertheless, a person that wants to earn a living wage can find
employment in several fields, mostly dealing with security.  As an example, we recently had a successful attack made on a power station and it was not a random act.  It was carried out by people who knew what they were doing, and I suspect that it was a trial run for something larger to come later.  Security at these power stations is going to have to be beefed up and I cannot think of better people to do this than our veterans.  They are familiar with weapons, they know organization and they are disciplined...and they are loyal.  That, loyalty, seems to be a disappearing characteristic in public figures.  If the sight of armed security personnel might disturb you, think about what they may
be keeping from happening.
            What is happening in our schools?  Does any student today, in the middle grades all the way through college, know how to do long division...without a calculator?   Is handwriting, which is called cursive writing, on the way out because the teachers cannot write legibly enough to teach it?  When I went to school we learned something that was called civics.  We learned what, where, and sometimes how, a country functioned.  We learned history about our country and others because the world was then becoming intertwined.   America was the place that most of the rest of the world wanted to be like.  No president in my memory ever apologized for America...not when we saved the rest of the world from being crushed under a foreign heel.   In our history we have had some dark chapters, and we have acknowledged them...but we cannot be continuously apologizing for 200 year old crimes. 
            The person who is the president now should never have been elected, much less re-elected.  He is an incompetent charlatan.  Had Romney been elected I believe we would be on the road to recovery and the Russians would not be giving us, and the rest of the world, the one-finger salute.  How many people now would like to take back their vote and bring this country up from the depths to which it’s been brought?  I wish it were so, but it isn’t and we have to console ourselves with a potential impeachment of the incompetent.
            America I cry for you.  I cry for my children, and their children, because ignorance and apathy are exhibited all over the country, and those ignorant and apathetic people make no excuses for being that way.  Goodbye America, I have loved you all my life.

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