Thursday, August 1, 2013


            Wake up a nation we have to stand up, hitch up our big-boy pants and tell the world that we are back!  Of course, that's going to be difficult with the sniveling, incompetent, buffoon we have leading this country...and where is he leading us?  Down the road to oblivion, that's where, but of course, that's only my opinion and I have been wrong.  I think it was in 1941, when I thought I was wrong, but I was wrong.   As an American, and I like to think I'm a patriot, it sickens me to know that one person could bring down a country, MY country, in such a short time.  If the president has the best interests of this country at heart, he would do the honorable thing and resign, and take Joe "Shotgun" Biden with him.  There are any number of people, men, women, white, black and of every political stripe, that could do a better job than what the president is doing.
            Let's have some plain talk when we talk about people.  Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan are, in my opinion, professional black victims and if they had to actually do some sort of work, they wouldn't stand a chance in the working world.  The attorney general, Eric Holder lied to Congress, and got away with it.  Then Secretary of Defense Panetta lied to Congress when he said that troops are never sent anywhere until the situation is known...that is just plain BS.  The re-election of the president trumped any truth about Benghazi.  The IRS is an outlaw agency, which answers to no one, apparently, and it should be abolished.   General Martin Dempsey is more politician than general, and is a disgrace to the uniform he wears.  The big man at the National Security Agency, Mr. Clapper, is not just a liar, he's an idiot.  The president talks about phoney this and phoney that...he is the biggest phoney in the country!   Political correctness is BS, and we need to understand that.
            I will take every opportunity to tell people that I retired from our Navy, because I'm proud of that service and, at the time, I was proud of my country.  Not as much any more.  This country used to manufacture products that could proudly bear the words "Made In The USA", and it's damned difficult to find many things like that anymore.  Sure, we still make sox and underwear, but I think 99% of the electronics in use in this country, including those used by the government, are made in a foreign country!  I even read something that the government was buying American flags from China!  Are we nuts altogether?  Buying our country's flag from another country?  I drive a Ford truck because, as far as I know, it's still made in this country, but I cannot say that for the others of the former "big three".  I went to buy a can of tomatoes the other day and looked to see if it was a product of this country...and it wasn't, so I didn't buy it.
            Now, lest you think this is a right-wing nutcase saying this stuff...well, you may be right, but if it is going to take nutcases to get this country back on track, then that's what I am.  My political affiliation changed when the president won the nomination back in 2008, but this is no longer a right or left problem, this is a national problem, actually a national disgrace.  This country, MY country, is being sold down the river and the majority of the population either doesn't care or isn't smart enough to care, and THAT is another disgrace, the apathy and ignorance of the people.  So, at the risk of repeating myself, and perhaps insulting someone...wake up dummies, America needs you, NOW!

Larry Usoff, U.S Navy, Retired

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