Friday, June 14, 2013

The Voice of the American People II

.  In the past year or so, there have been several stories in the news about people wanting to fly the American flag...and not being able to.  Listen, this IS America, at least for the time being and we have the right and the obligation to fly the flag.  Sure, there might be restrictions on the size of the flag, but let's get it out there every day.  We are being taken over by a foreign government, and if you think that's not true you haven't been paying attention.  The imposter in the White House is gathering power, side-stepping the Constitution, ignoring the Congress and doing everything that he can to ease this country into being a Muslim state, with him as the local Caliph.  Again, I have to chide the public, at least that part of it that re-elected the're being led down the path to slavery, and if that's too strong a word for you, think of yourselves as indentured servants.  You won't own anything, you'll be working for whatever they want to give you, and sometimes that won't be enough to have any decent sort of life.  Just look at any country that is now under Islamic control and you'll see countries that are mostly backward, divided among themselves according to religion or caste or economic status, quite reluctant to allow modernity to take place.
            Islam is not, by any means, compatible with anything in the western world.  Islam is violent, and its adherents believe that violence is not just alright, but that it is condoned because it's in the Quran, and the Quran is perfect, and the words of Mohammed are perfect, and you cannot improve on perfection, right?   The Muslim-in-chief, the imposter in the White House has propsed bringing in more Muslims, some from Syria, some from Somalia.  Really?  Do we need these kinds of leeches draining off the benefits that rightfully should be for citizens?  My answer is a resounding no!  We do not need more refugees or bandits or leeches in this country, especially from countries that we KNOW hate the United States, and that would do us harm if we'd let them...and the current administration seems to want exactly that. 
            We have domestic problems that seem to be cropping up on an almost daily basis.  The corruption appears to be rampant in the government, and I believe, but can't prove, that it comes right from the top...the very top.  No one gets fired, they get paid vacations, or they get a promotion, or are hidden away in someplace where the public will never hear from them again.  The imposter says for us to trust him, in the midst of the biggest scandals, and this writer believes that if the president's lips are moving, he's lying.  If push comes to shove, where will YOU stand?  You might want to think about that, because the government certainly has laid their plans out.   There must be a reason that they bought billions of bullets, the kind that do the most damage to the human body.  There must be a reason that they bought a couple of thousand of armored vehicles, while the war in Afghanistan is coming to an end.  There must be a reason that they bought several thousand fully-automatic AR-15 rifles, the same kind that they don't want the public to own.  Think about it, and wake up America.
Larry Usoff, USN, Ret.

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