Monday, June 17, 2013


Mr and Mrs America...listen to this.  Suppose you woke up one morning, and while you were having breakfast and watching the news on TV, the announcer said that as of today there would be no more gay people, no more Jews, no more Christians, no more Buddhists, all dogs were going to be killed, music was banned, alcoholic prohibition was back, certain types of clothing could not be worn or bought, women had no rights, and the truth was what you were told, not what you believed.  From this day forward, killing of children for minor infractions, such as dating the wrong person, or having pre-marital sex, would be condoned.  Rape victims would be stoned to death.  A woman could not go out in public unless she was with a male member of her family.  Heavy taxes would be required of all people not of a certain religious group and that group has violence and world domination as its goal and will brook no interference in obtaining that goal.  That, my friends, is America under Islamic rule...and it's my belief that we are headed in that direction because of the stupidity of the public in allowing and furthering encroachment by that cult, into the American system.  Anyone that seriously watches the political scene, as I do, has to admit that our federal government is soft on Islam, and that's for a purpose, folks, and that purpose is to establish sharia law in this country.  Our government is under a coup of its own making, and you and I are somewhat complicit in that because we don't, or won't, recognize the creep of Islam in this country.  We continue to make easements for Muslims, when those same people make no allowances for any other group, for any other reason.  In Europe there are no-go areas of big cities because the local governments there cannot enforce the law because they fear the Muslims.  We are going down that same road, whether you want to admit it or not.  Have you closed your eyes to what's happening to our country?  Every day, almost, it seems that a new scandal comes out of Washington and I personally believe that they are all linked directly to the imposter in the White House, and that he is doing them in order to ease us into becoming a caliphate...and him as a local or regional caliph!  I can imagine the groans and moans out there when you read this...but, just look around and look with clear eyes and you'll see that it IS happening.  If you believe as I do, tell your friends, and let's see if we can do something positive about putting the country back on the right path.
Larry Usoff, U.S.N., RET.

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