Sunday, March 27, 2016


            I didn’t see anything about this in the American media, except in a Conservative blog, but it was covered in full by the Daily Mail, in the United Kingdom.
            Remember the blocked road in Arizona, the one that led to where Donald Trump was to give a speech?  It was blocked by people and vehicles and the TV helicopters were all over the place but you didn’t get the real story.  Oh sure, people have a right to dissent, to disagree, to hold signs and placards…but they don’t have a right to block a road.  When the law came in and started clearing the place they found one of the young ladies, a Jacinta Gonzalez, had tied herself to a door of a vehicle blocking the road.  Gonzalez, who is originally from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico was in protest against the anti-immigrant views that Trump has spoken out about while on the campaign trail.  It isn’t known, at least by me, if she is in the United States legally or not.  Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said that Gonzalez along with Michael Cassidy and Stephany Laughlin, who goes by the name of Ben, were arrested for a charge of blocking a public road.   As Cassidy and Laughlin were released around 1 AM on Sunday, Gonzalez claims that she was put on an ICE 'hold' instead of released on her own accord.   
Gonzalez is a 2011 recipient of the Soros Justice Fellowship and graduated from Wesleyan University.   Gonzalez, was a lead organizer of the Congress of Day Laborers with the New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice.   In 2011 she was awarded the Soros Justice Fellowship, which grants between $58,000 to $110,000 to individuals to undertake projects that advance reform, catalyze change on a range of issues facing the criminal justice system in the US and spur debate.  The Wesleyan University graduate is a recipient of the New Voices Fellowship, and has also studied at the School of International Training in Durban, South Africa, and the Universidade Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela, according to Open Society Foundations.   So here we have the long arm of George Soros inserting itself, once again, into a political situation.   Lookee here, folks, this is NOT how the First Amendment works, or is supposed to work.
Way back in 2011, Holland began to take serious notice of the changing face of the country.  A new integration bill, which Dutch Interior Minister Piet Hein Donner presented to parliament on June 16, 2011 reads: "The government shares the social dissatisfaction over the multicultural society model and plans to shift priority to the values of the Dutch people. In the new integration system, the values of the Dutch society play a central role. With this change, the government steps away from the model of a multicultural society."   ."   The government will introduce new legislation that outlaws forced marriages and will also impose tougher measures against Muslim immigrants who lower their chances of employment by the way they dress. More specifically, the government will impose a ban on face-covering Islamic burqas as of January 1, 2013.   Holland has done that whole liberal thing and realized - maybe too late - that creating a nation of tribes will kill the nation itself. Imagine that folks…they actually had to pass a bill to keep Dutch values.   Fast forward to August 4, 2015, in the American Thinker and what are you seeing?   Immigrants will be required to learn the Dutch language and no exceptions to obedience to Dutch law will be allowed for followers of sharia.  In addition, the government will stop subsidizing Muslims and making special criteria for their employment...and will ban the burqa: The government will also stop offering special subsidies for Muslim immigrants because, according to Donner, "it is not the government's job to integrate immigrants." The government will introduce new legislation that outlaws forced marriages and will also impose tougher measures against Muslim immigrants who lower their chances of employment by the way they dress.  Has it gotten any better in Holland…Germany…or Sweden…or France…or Belgium, or anywhere in Europe?   The answer is no.  It has gotten worse, and will continue to get worse unless, and until, drastic measures are taken.
America is on the horizon for these barbarians.  Make no mistake about that.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is just blowing smoke into your nether regions, and for many Americans, that’s where their heads are.   You have to wake up to the facts, and even if you ignore the facts they are still facts.  One of those facts is that these savages have world domination as their goal and they will try to achieve it by any means necessary.   If that means “by the sword” or by stealth jihad, they are going to keep trying.   Another fact is that we, the United States, have to regain not only economic power, but also the prestige of a mighty Armed Forces.   No American should have to look over their shoulder all the time to see if someone is coming at them with an axe.
Lookee here…we have a chance to make it morning in America again, to be that shining city on the hill…but it’s going to take people with spines and testicles to do what is necessary.   Wake up America, your country needs you…desperately.

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