Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What the hell is going on here?

            Many different federal agencies, as well as some other media outlets and blogs, are saying(and proving) that there are jihadi training camps in the United States.   If you are of a certain age, you might remember the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War Two…and in retrospect it was wrong.  We had complete records of those people because they had been in the US for years, sometimes for generations, and we knew they were alright…but panic overcame logic in that event.

            With jihadi training camps it is an entirely different thing.  They have sworn allegiance to the Moon God, and to their holy book…and that book tells them to act in a manner that the rest of the civilized world finds absolutely repulsive.   No other cult, and that’s what Islam is, no other cult calls for a world-wide domination with three choices for those that are not followers…you can convert, you can pay the jiszya(tax) or you can die.  Period.

            Today we have technology to surveille these training camps.  We have the ability to prove that they are subversive…that they pose a clear and present danger to the United States.  We already know the lengths to which they will go to make their presence and aims, known.  We know that from the shootings, stabbings, beheadings, burnings and mass executions along with the organized rapes, what their ultimate goal is…so why are we not doing anything about it?

            Is there a reason, or a person, that we can point to and say this is why we’re not pursuing this evil within our borders?   If you watch the lamestream media, or listen to the “alphabet” news you will hear what they want you to hear or see…which is pushing the agenda of the administration.   Yeah…I recommend Fox News because it’s as truthful as anything you’re likely to find and it tells me about things that the others do not.  Is it completely, 100% right 100% of the time?  No…but what they say is 100% better than what is spewed out of the others.  

            I’ve asked a couple of law enforcement people around where I am, about these training camps…and the answers they give are startling, to say the least.  They say that the places are private property, mostly zoned for hunting and so there’s very few, if any, restrictions on what can go on there.   Raiding parties are strictly forbidden and getting a person to infiltrate is practically impossible.  This is a place where, if you’re not known by at least three people, you don’t get in and if you do, you might never get out…alive.

Long-range surveillance, I’m told, shows military-style training and weapons, as well as surplus military equipment like armored personnel carriers and the like.

            If push comes to shove, as it very well might, and these vermin move out of their protected areas and start making trouble around the country, the odds are stacked against them.   If you estimate 1 million jihadis in the United States, that’s 1 against a potential 330 million, and about the same number of guns(or more).  Snipers, man your guns and prepare for urban warfare!   Urban warfare is not quite the same as what was done in World War Two, until the troops actually got in/on the continent of Europe, and it certainly was not the type of warfare in Korea, Vietnam or the first Gulf war. 

            Things began to change with the second Gulf war, and continue on in that manner today.  Perhaps a big change in the ROE(rule of engagement) would make a difference in Afghanistan, and you can bet Americans fighting on their own soil would not adhere to ANY ROE’s.   Personally, and I’m no military strategist, I recommend a policy of take-no-prisoners if they are in the homeland.   We know all about the United States so there would be no information of any worth to be gained by questioning them, and they prefer death to life…and we should accommodate them every chance we get.

Prisoners require certain care under the Geneva Convention(which they don’t follow, by the way) and it means that troops have to be away from the battles.

            This Old Alarmist believes that in the not-too-distant future the uncivilized barbarians of Islam WILL be confronting the civilized “Western” world in a massive effort…sort of a do-or-die thing, like the kamikazis of Japan in the Pacific war.  At that time, Americans will have the opportunity to eliminate the worst scourge on the world’s stage since The Plague.   In fact, one could think of Islam AS a plague and you eliminate the disease or the disease eliminates you…take your choice.

            As a start, look up the training camps and see if one is in your area and ask the law enforcement people what they are doing about them…and good luck.

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