Sunday, July 19, 2015


I’m not a political expert.  I didn’t stay at a motel chain and pretend that I am one, but I do have an opinion.   On the Confederate flag…that’s one of those 15 minutes of fame things.   The people who see nothing wrong with it, you stand over here, and the people that see that it represents hate, you stand over there.   This is the way it’s been and I’ll bet a steak dinner that this is the way it’s going to remain.  Oh sure, one side or the other may gain or lose a few people but by and large it will remain as I’ve described it.   In the market place you have(or had) a choice…you could buy a Confederate flag or not.   Now, due to mass hysteria, that choice has been taken away.
            Another non-story is anything concerning that pipsqueak, Ariana Grande.   Just tell her that if she dislikes this country so much, get the hell out and find another that suits her.   As a matter of fact, nothing about celebrities is of interest when compared to national defense.   The main character in Fiddler On The Roof observes that if you’re rich they think you know, and that’s nowhere near being true.   If you listen to some of these celebrities they sound like idiotic children, complete with bad grammar.
            The sworn enemy of the United States (and no, I’m not talking about the President this time), is patiently waiting for us to implode.   The story goes that a high-echelon Imam said that the west has watches, while Islam has the calendar.   Another interpretation of that means that if something takes one hundred years to accomplish, they will take the time to get it done.   So, if you’re assigning priorities, the safety of the country should be number one…because if that fails, everything else doesn’t matter.  In our dealings with Iran we have Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum in charge.   While Iran’s top guys are yelling “Death To America” and “Death To Israel” we’re giving away the farm and allowing them to continue on the path to obtaining a nuclear weapon…or several…while declaring that climate change is the biggest threat.
            Now a few words about that San Francisco murder recently.    He’s in San Francisco because it’s a sanctuary city and, if you don’t know what that is, a sanctuary city is a term given to a city in the United States or Canada that follows certain practices that protect Illegal immigration.   The term generally applies to cities that do not allow municipal funds or resources to be used to enforce federal immigration laws, usually by not allowing police or municipal employees to inquire about an individual's immigration status.   The recent murder of a woman in San Francisco, by an illegal alien(who had been deported 5 times and had a rap sheet a mile long) was a good example.  He chose San Francisco because it IS a sanctuary city.   Since there were eyewitnesses, and he has confessed to the shooting, there is no need for a trial.  Take him to the back of the jail, he can either kneel or stand, and you put one large-caliber bullet in the back of his head.  Period.  No long drawn-out trial, no feeding and taking care of him, and definitely no chance he’ll ever do that, or anything else, ever again.
            In another instance of a non-story, the changing of team names.  The other day, president Obama demonstrated the ability of a president to issue an executive order, regardless of how beleaguered he happens to be. Or, apparently, regardless of how little sense it makes.   He said in a speech ..."How can we hope to secure the blessings of democracy on foreign lands if the bombs we drop on them have hurtful, outmoded names," said the president. "Therefore I have issued an executive order, effective immediately, changing the name of the Tomahawk Cruise Missile to the Freedom Missile."   I find that rather curious. The United States Navy owns roughly 3,500 Tomahawk cruise missiles of all types. Their combined worth is $2.6 billion. The Navy estimates that "rebranding" these missiles will cost nearly $3.5 million.   So, my friends and fellow citizens, you now understand one more reason why your taxes are so high in this great land of ours. But I am still wondering something. I really do not understand how the name of the bomb is gonna matter to someone when we drop it on them.   They ain't gonna like it much no matter what we call the damn thing.   Oh well, I'm not the president…but if I was things would be different!  Why is it, I wonder, that it takes a national tragedy to pull us together?   Another thing that I find curious and that is that the United States doesn’t ordinarily make the first strike.  That, in itself, could be fatal, or nearly so.
    Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired

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