Sunday, September 21, 2014


          There have been several stories recently, about the poor condition of our roads and bridges.  Didn't the government throw out 800 BILLION dollars to fix them, about 3 or 4 years ago?  I don't know about you, but that's a huge amount of money to me...and the roads and bridges are still not fixed?  So, how about somebody in the bookkeeping field telling me where all that money went.   Now the government, the president actually, wants to give out another huge amount of money to do the big fix on roads and bridges.   Am I the only one that thinks we are spending ourselves into bankruptcy?   It was Uncle Joe Biden, I believe, that said we had to spend more money to get ourselves out of the fix we were in...and that hasn't worked, has it?  What, if anything, that this administration has proposed, has worked out the way it was supposed to?  Of course, there is a school of thought that it's working out EXACTLY as planned...we ARE headed in a downward spiral, and we WERE told that America was going to be fundamentally changed.
          Another group of people, and this one includes me, believes(but cannot prove) that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court made his decision on the healthcare law based on a death threat on him and his family.   There have been several attempts at bring a court case against the president, based on the belief
and their evidence, that he was not American-born and therefore could not have been eligible to be president.  A person, ANY person, brought up in an atmosphere of thuggery, is going to operate that way.  The president was never exposed to the American experience as a child, a teen or at any point in his adult life.  He is an outsider, believing in heavy-handed methods as practiced by Chicago hoods in the last century.  Any judge, at any level, who fears for his or her life, as well as that of their family is not going to do anything stupid, and that includes continuing action on a case against the president.
          The current president has made it crytal clear that if he cannot get Congress to do what he wants, he'll do it by Executive Order.  Does it matter that he skirts the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?  Apparently not.  There is no hue and cry coming from the public about these little chunks of our freedom that the president is cutting away.  He may not have written more EO's than any other president, but that doesn't matter because the ones that he HAS written are the ones that are hurting us.  His so-called advisors, if you put them all together in a darkened room, wouldn't have enough common sense to switch on the light.   This administration has one of the worst, if not THE worst group of advisors ever.  They either don't tell the president anything(he finds out things by reading newspapers and watching TV) or they DO tell him and he doesn't understand what he's been told.   Either way, this president doesn't instill confidence in my mind, or in the minds of people around the world, apparently.   Various members of the administration have lied to Congress but not one of them has lost their job.  Instead they are moved to someplace where
the press cannot get to them, or they go on extended administrative leave.  That last one, if you think about it, is a paid vacation.
          America...the America in which I grew up and the one for which I served in the armed forces, is on very shaky ground.  This administration has deliberately, and systematically, attacked the American Dream, the armed forces, and just about anything it puts its hand on.  The president is a person who believes in things that are exactly opposite of what America is, was, and should be.  He says one thing out of one side of his mouth, and says something completely different out of the other side of his mouth, and does exactly opposite of what he just told you he was going to do.  I've said this before...if the president's lips are moving, he's lying.
          This administration, and in particular, this president has made up so many things, and failed to carry them through, except where it benefits him or his cronies.  With the midterm elections coming up, patriotic Americans will go to the polls and, after they show a photo ID, will be able to vote.  Will they vote for the status quo, which is taking the United States in a downward spiral, or will they change the majority in Congress and give us a chance to bring back the ship of state to the previous, and prosperous, course. 

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