Sunday, May 4, 2014


Harry Reid, Go Back To Nevada
            Mr. Reid you are not good for this country, or your constituents.   You are nasty and divisive, and you lie on a regular basis.   You have lost the right to be called honorable because you have made a mockery of the US Senate, and have not done one thing to enhance the lives of Americans.   You have managed to accumulate great wealth, for yourself, while pushing policies that have taken the middle class down.   You know nothing of civility, or leadership, and have become the dictator of the Senate.   You have demonstrated that the United States Constitution means nothing to you.   Unfortunately, you have become mean-spirited and viciously attack political opponents on a regular basis with outrageous, untruthful, statements.   You have the audacity to stand on the floor of the United States Senate and blast conservative donors, while ignoring the questionable antics of liberal donors.   You were elected to better conditions for the people of Nevada, but you have chosen to selfishly take care of your wants and are a major player in assisting the Obama administration in advancing their socialist ideology.   You have been doing this by lying, demonizing opponents, and ignoring rules and the law.   Shame on you, Harry Reid.  Go back to Nevada, leave Washington, and do no more harm.   Sir, it seems that you have forgotten a very important concept…you work for us, the American people.  We do not work for you!

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  1. Why do the dolts in Nevada keep electing him?