Sunday, February 16, 2014


            Where are your heads, people?  In some dark place?   Do you not see and understand what this president is doing to you, to this country?   The longer we allow him to "rule" the less freedoms we're going to have.  If you need to actually have someone kick in your door and hold your family at gunpoint, just wait, because it has already happened, in this country, by police departments, sometimes with, sometimes without, warrants.  When this president was a candidate he said he was going to fundamentally change the country...and he's getting away with it because the American people, in general, don't know and don't care what's happening, just as long as they can watch sports, hear the latest gossip about some two-bit celebrity, and get some free stuff from the government.  That free stuff that Joe Blow is getting is being paid for by someone ain't free, not by a long shot.
            This president said he's got a pen and a phone, huh?  My suggestion is to take that writing implement, along with that electronic messaging device and insert them into an orifice where the sun could not possibly shine.   He has some nerve, saying that there isn't a smidgen of corruption in the IRS!   He complains about the middle class getting the shaft and he's the one pushing the shaft!   He talks about uniting the people but he's managed to compartmentalize them into little cubbies so it's easier to deal with them.   Once you hang a handle on a group, you can talk all sorts of trash about it.   Divide and conquer, that's his methodology and, as I said before, it's working because the people that elected him, the un-educated, the under-educated, and the just plain stupid, will follow him because he's giving them the stuff!
            This country should be ashamed of itself for the way it treats its veterans.   The backlog in the VA hospitals, outpatient clinics and therapy units is nothing short of criminal.   Listen folks, and this is right from the heart...if you allow your armed forces to become weak, some country is going to take a shot at us...and we might not come out on top.  Remember that because our military, technologically second-to-none, is being purged, hollowed-out, and wussified to the point where they might be ineffective.   Picture yourself in a burqa if you're a woman, and oh yes, you'll be on a par with cattle as far as rights and priveliges.  If you're a man, you'll be slightly better off, but for the least bit of "blasphemy" and heads(yours among them) will roll.   America is a great nation, but it's being led by a man for whom the American Experience is just a phrase.   He wants to bring in "loose" terrorists, which means they could be compared to a petty criminal.  Being a "loose" terrorist is like being a little bit ain't gonna happen.
            Recently, Lurch…I mean Kerry, told Israel that it was all their fault.  In an area where there are perhaps 100 million people that despise Israel, this tiny nation of less than 10 million is the only democratic island in a sea of hate.  The
Middle East is an old, tribal, familial, labyrinth and no Johnny-come-lately like
Lurch is going to make any significant changes.  Democracy, as it is practiced in the US, is a foreign concept to the Middle East, and we should aid our friends, and cut off funds to those that are not.  When I say friends that should not be taken to mean those countries that have to be bought to be our friends.  We can
no longer undertake the job of being the world’s policeman…at least not until
we can turn this country around, win back the trust of our friends, and kickstart
the economy.  In that regard I suggest the federal government set a good example by buying only those good that are produced in the United States.
            As of this writing, you heard about the link-up between the IRS and the Treasury about leaning on those individuals and groups that were trying to get their tax-free status, right?           Was anyone fired?  Was anyone demoted?  Was anyone responding to the various subpoenas sent out by the committees that were investigating these scandals?  The answer is no.  I’ve said this before, if you or I were subpoenaed by almost any court in the country, and we didn’t show up…there would be a bench warrant issued and we’d be picked up and thrown in jail.  Why is it that the same laws do not apply to these people in Washington?   Years ago I learned a legal term called subpoena duces tecum, and the added two words, as it was explained to me, meant bring everything you’ve got that pertains to this case.  
            We don’t have anyone in this country that is legally above the law, but if we continue to allow them to think they are, they will be!   Recently, the man-who-would-be-king did another illegal action by another delay in the implementation of that piece of crap called Obamacare.  Wake up America!  

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