Sunday, January 12, 2014


            It occurs to me that Washington is getting dumber by the day.  All three branches of the government seem to be completely unaware of the meaning of words which the rest of us understand very well.  Let me give you some words that I don't think they know anything about; accountability, honesty, integrity, loyalty, transparency, and I could go on and on, but you get the idea.   The president lies, the attorney general lies, various members of the IRS lie, various members of BATF lie, members of congress lie...but nobody goes to jail, nobody pays a fine...actually nobody pays any attention to the law!  I should qualify that because if it's something that the president wants, and he can't get congress to go along with him, he just writes an executive order and, voila, it's a law!  His laws...he makes very sure that they are followed, to the letter!  His laws, as far as I can determine, are all designed to bring this country down to the level of a second or third-rate nation, and the sheeple are going along with it.
            Laws are written with so many references that it would boggle the mind of the average person, trying to go back and forth between the law and all the various references...even lawyers have problems reading the laws.  That morass of mindlessness, the so-called affordable health care, is not affordable, the president doesn't give a rodent's rear end about health for the people so long as HIS health program is good.  We had the best health care system in the world before this skinny lawyer and wannabe dictator forced his stupidity on the people.  He told us, five days before the election, that he was fundamentally going to change the United States...and he didn't tell us that we were going to change into a has-been country.  The people that elected him, twice, are uneducated, under-educated, or downright stupid.  Oh wait, I left out the people who had a guilt complex because they believe that a black man HAD to be elected so that we could show the world that we're no longer a country with a racial divide.  That, my friends, is a crock.
            We no longer have the edge that we once had, being oceans away from any potential enemies.  Now, a country halfway around the world can launch a missile headed for a target in the United States and, at best, we'll have a 30 minute "window" in which to try to save ourselves...and what can you do in 30 minutes?  With his hatred for this country, and the constant purging of the military's higher echelons, the skinny wannabe dictator in the Oval Office has put us in an unentable position.  He puts people in places of power and prestige that believe the same way he does, and that's criminal in my opinion.  John Kerry, who is really Lurch come back to life, says he's not stupid, but he signed a document with Iran and gave away the farm.  What does he not understand about the word STRENGTH?   He needs to understand that taqiiya(lying to infidels to further the cause of Islam) is an art with the Iranian diplomats.   They snookered him and made him smile about it.
            Do you get the idea that I'm fed up with this government, and that includes just about every faction, every department, every agency, and both sides of the aisle.  We need to clean house, and fast, or that skinny wannabe dictator WILL have changed us completely.  Stick your head out the window and yell at the top of your lungs, "I'm mad as hell and I won't take it any more!"
Larry Usoff, U.S. Navy, Ret.

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